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  1. you should beadroll some alloy diamond pattern door trims!
  2. Trutrac went in and helped with an 11.7
  3. ran a 12.04 @ 118 mph with the diff single pegging haha. ill finish the other car off then put a true track in, new clutch, the g4 storm link ecu and try again.
  4. didnt quite make as much as i thought but 54rwhp over last time should still be noticeable. idle sounds cool too
  5. well I'm glad youre happy with your performance springs as thats what i have got now haha! so now its running and ready to go for a tune. as long as i can get work off this week its all booked in and good to go. compression tested and came up sweeeet at 155psi across the board when at running temp
  6. thanks for the offer mate id love to go for a lap in it. unfortunately I'm in perth though. so it went on the dyno and fell on its face at 6000rpm. we think either soft valve springs or ignition is letting it down. so i got 270 degree camtechs performance valve springs crane hi6 and lx92 coil ported manifold with a 70mm throttlebody (free off a mate so i figured why not) motor and box came out again to fix a few leaks and do the manifold. now just need to put it all back together and get it back on the dyno. also going to coble together a catchcan.
  7. cheers its nearly ready just got to finish tidying up the wiring and a few other small items to address before the tune on thursday. going to have to pull my finger out as i need to pop away for work for a night as well. i actually had a heavy dig through your thread of how much you had to modify the tunnel to fit the jatco in, as i hope to go auto in this at some point. i have one on the shelf with a 3000 stall and a b&m shifter
  8. faultless motoring since running the 12, but the clutch was a bit torched so finally thought it was time to replace it. while the motor was out to do the clutch i fitted a powertune twin scroll manifold with 2 38mm tial mvs gates topped with a gt3076. 82 rear the old intercooler piping was absolutely terrible. the guy i used was an apprentice fabricator. you can see ho he didnt have the right size tube for the iac so he just welded a nut on and rounded it off. i bought a welder a while back and have been teaching myself to tig stainless on my other car that I'm building. so i thought it was a good opportunity to make new pipework. spent the last week and a half making a bunch of stuff, first off i had to modify the dump and make new screamer pipes. it was quite tight getting a 3 inch dump and 2 x 1.5 inch screamers, ensuring there was as much distance to the idler arm as possible. got the dump wrapped in titanium heat wrap, came out very nice in the end. next was new 2.5" cooler piping and a 3" intake. the old intake setup consisted of a 90 degree bend, small pod and no bov so it suffered from reverberation stalling. basically when you jump off the throttle abruptly the air coming back thru the turbo causes the afm to get some hectic signals and it dumps fuel in and stalls. so to remedy this ive made the intake as long as possible with a few 90 degree bends and a 25mm bov port thats hidden and points towards the turbo/away from the z32 afm. on the plus side, air filter now sits behind the headlight. down side - gotta shift the battery. here you can see the bov port behind the intake throttlebody side piping, also with bov port hidden underneath. i have a turbosmart kompact plumb back to use, or if i want the zutututu ill just chuck a bung over the ports and you wont be able to see them. then made a new hardline to the heater core around the back of the motor as the rubber hose was looking tired. excuse the absolute mess next step is to replace the lower rad hose with stainless as its currently 2 hoses joined together. then shift the battery and neaten up the wiring because it bugs the shit out of me. after that it will be time to fire it up and go in for a tune. stock cams will limit the power, I'm guessing it will go 315 ish rwhp. i have also made a couple other things that i will post up once its out of the shed.
  9. nope. the hoppers kit is the only bolt on job. pug you need xt130's.
  10. How did this pan out with testing mate ?
  11. Ahah I don't even have a video. I think a mate took one I'll ask him to send it to me. He said it wasn't great so don't expect much
  12. Finally got it into the 12s. Now time to focus on my other project.
  13. Hit up ke conversions man, as far as I'm aware he is always looking for pedalboxes.
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