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  1. Parts for ke55

    Gumtree, eBay, Facebook, or just go to wreckers really
  2. SloRolla's Slow Ke30

    A snap from ToyotaFest! I got the fender mirrors a week or two before the show It was my first event and I loved every minute! A guy there was selling some roof racks so I picked them up, and I think they look great! And I also got my Ps! First time, and the corolla took me on the test and got me 95% of my hours!
  3. K40 or k50 gearbox

    Where are you located? A guy was selling a few in Melbourne
  4. KE30-KE55

    Welcome! I'm sure you'll love the car. Is it a ke30? If so, they came with the 3K engine. But both ke3*/5* all came with the k40 gearbox, so the gearbox you have is fine :)
  5. Nathan's Daily Ke70 Project

    Dynamic D shaped steelies
  6. Ke30 strut and hub conversion

    To be honest, most wheels that are on the market you can find in 4x114.3 these days. If not, you'll find a copy that's almost the same :)
  7. Ke30 strut and hub conversion

    No real reason unless you want bigger power and need a bigger rear diff. For the rear Hilux axles work
  8. Centre console into ke30

  9. WTB set of ma61 wheels

    A guy is selling a set for $400 in QLD. Just a heads up :)
  10. Decent trolley jack?

    I'm running a $100 from Aldi. ;)
  11. SloRolla's Slow Ke30

    Managed to put the front springs in and I'm very happy with the out come :) I also got a lip from eBay, however it sat like junk so we shaved it down to sides and now wraps around nicely.
  12. K Series Engine Test Bed

    That's actually sick!
  13. KE70 Stock Air Filter Replacement

    3k's run an early type carby which is a bit different that the 4k one. Just find another air box from a ke70, there are quite a few wrecking around. Or else, you can just use a RamFlo type :)
  14. WTB KE 30 coilovers Closest thing I've found to off the shelf. Other than that what Dave said :)
  15. 4K to 7K

    Yeah a k40/50 fits to a 7k :) How long it will last due to the increase in torque I don't know. Edit: 5ks fit to the stock box.