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  1. Twin SU PCV

    I wouldn't need vacuum for the cover breather to work with the catch can? I just have the classic small filter on top and seems to work fine, the can would just catch the engine juice and still supply the motor with fresh air, with one like this. I'll be running the PCV like you did in the diagram. just without the can, AltezzaClub gave me the info I needed to set up that.
  2. Twin SU PCV

    You absolute legend! i'll take my manifold to the machinist and get 2 ports tapped, (cheers for the offer of the drill and bit) I'm going to run 2 ports like you did. Cheers heaps. this makes it a lot easier!
  3. Twin SU PCV

    I see, so running the catch can runs fine, how would I hook the brake booster up? Altezza said about T'ing it in. What's your thoughts? Also. Is this how you would hook the can up? Sorry about all the questions. I haven't had much luck with searching, and I don't want to cook my newly aquired 5k haha
  4. Twin SU PCV

    Mint, I'll order a catch can soon
  5. Twin SU PCV

    But isn't that the rocker breather and not the PCV? I thought that was for the port more to the front in the middle, where as the PCV is further back
  6. Twin SU PCV

    Cheers for the reply Parrot, There is actually no way I can put it into the air cleaner, (unless I build an airbox). I'll be running trumpets, so I guess i'll run a catch can.
  7. Twin SU PCV

    G'day fellas, I've recently picked up a 5k and twin SU carbs. I have stripped the carbs down and cleaned them up. However, I can't see how the PCV hose will have it's run off. What way are they normally hooked up? A catch can? (AltezzaClub? I've read how you set up yours, but I couldn't see the vavle) Cheers!
  8. Craig

    Hey mate, This guy is selling some mint door cards
  9. I'm New Here - KE20 2 Door

    Hey! Wasn't this one for sale on here a few months back? Looks mint man
  10. SloRolla's Slow Ke30

    I've been stock piling parts recently, Picked up this 5k with a bunch of goodies for only $600! (Cheers Gavin you legend) Then I picked up these matched twin SU carbs with the full K series kit for $250 delivered. Sweet! Not sure if I want to go normal air filter or trumpets with socks. The plan is, in the new year to strip the engine bay, fix some minor rust and paint it. Then source a 5 speed and enjoy it
  11. What Grinds My Gears.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel Dave, there was a 5k and 5 speed for $500 on gumtree a few months back, I said i'd buy it 30 mins after the ad was put up. I said about 5 times i'm happy to deposit and pick it up on saturday (this was on Thursday). He said it was fine and he'd hold it for me, saturday morning 5 mins before leaving to pick it up. I message him to confirm times. And he'd sold it a day before. It's disgusting how people don't care about trust and being a top bloke. I hope you can find one that's worth it
  12. pics and vids of some engine functions

    wow, those are some creative ideas. Goes to show how strong these K motors are, even in the toughest situations they're still kicking! Onya Jeremy. Plus that jeep sounds like a duck flapping in water ;)
  13. Ke70Daves New Euro Toy

    I'm running Michelin XM Energy 2, 150 each and they're noticeably better than the others I was running
  14. Johnny Mac's Ke35 Coupe

    I've only seen ke55 bonnets with the te37 bonnets
  15. I spent about a year half looking for a 5k, finally found one for $600 with some new bits and with a weber!