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  1. Looks sweet as man! What kind of TLC does it need?
  2. Just a guess, but whatever works man, just grab one from an Silvia or something. Some people have used Commodore rads for it.
  3. looking good dude!
  4. The cancel works like a charm! I just got them because they were cheap and look better (personally) to a cannon or droopy. And in like 3 years when I build a cammed 5k or 4AGE it'll sound a little better :D
  5. Just a small update while I'm getting the funds for bigger things. I managed to snag a set of 2" blast pipes brand new for $75 and should arrive on Friday or tomorrow. Also got an old wheel from our RV tarago and thought it looked good. However, it'll need a re-trim and clean up.
  6. Dude, exact same colour as mine! Good score I'm sure you'll love it
  7. While you're at it, put some mower blades on the bottom of it
  8. This is gonna be a good one! Are 25s common in the UK?
  9. dumped on 14s with a hang hook, JDM stickers in the middle of the rear window and a huge 12" bubble shifter. Don't forget the -8 camber and a rising sun sticker over one of your rear view mirrors.
  10. Where'd you get those Hayashi centre caps!
  11. Cheers bro, it's gonna be pretty slow progress cause of $$$.
  12. Cheers mate
  13. That is true, my bad.
  14. fuel solenoid sounds like the issue, had the same problem. ended up being the fuse blowing resulting in no power to the solenoid. Have you gotten a volt meter to it?