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  1. Cheers for the reply Taz, I've been using this as a guide piston ring clearance: Ring End Gap: Top compression ring 0.10-0.28mmLower compression Ring: 0.15-0.30mmOil ring: 0.2-0.7mmRing clearance in groove:Top compression ring: 0.03mm-0.07mmLower compression ring: 0.09-0.06mm not sure if that's good or not, what kind of gapping would you recommend? yeah I've seen those, I might have to resort to them. Or else scab around work and see what I can get. Cheers fellas
  2. Hey guys! So while i'm building my 5k, I have gotten to the point of putting the pistons in. I'm using 40 thou over and rings to suit. However, when I compress them with the tool, it doesn't compress right round equally. and so when I try and lighty tap them into the cylinder they instantly bind. Is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong? I've gapped them to their spec. (Everything is well lubed up and this is how I do it at work and no problems) Cheers!
  3. Dude that's baller, looks tops!
  4. I had a great time at my first Toyota Nationals. Everyone was super friendly and a really good time! In other news, I got my new carbs. I think they're stunning! I also bought a 5 speed that is currently sitting at my grandmothers place ready to be picked up!
  5. I've got some custom ones basically the same, however. I haven't got the brake line clamp thing on the strut, how well does it sit down that low? because my thread for the coils goes quite a way down
  6. I swear you fellas have the best fun
  7. So I got a pretty good deal on a parts car, all this for the amout of $0!!!
  8. current situation, been cleaning up the head to get it off to the machinist, and carbs are being rebuilt in the next few weeks I also got some front coilovers for a steal, if anyone wants some ke70 camber-tops I've got some to sell.
  9. Yeah the oil worked wonders, Made it quite easy to get out
  10. Hey Banjo, and everyone. I finally got it out. It was my turn at welding so don't mind the horrendous welds, but I was strong enough to crack it.
  11. Hey there Banjo, unfortunately I haven't had time to get the bolt out as of yet, but. I think i'm going to heat the bottom of the block a little then weld a nut or 2 on the top and hopefully be able to crack it that way
  12. Hey again banjo! Thanks for the reply once again I thought of welding a few nuts onto it and using a socket, but as you said. I don't want to risk it snapping into the block, as it seems pretty damn stuck. Cheers man!
  13. Cheers Banjo, I can't thank you enough. I'll use that guide when putting it back on!! I kept letting it sit in Wd-40 then flushing it and doing it again. After about 6 hours, my dad and I gently tapped one end of the head as we chocked the other end (making sure not to scare it) amazing how that little bit of metal can make me go insane :^)
  14. Thanks for the info Banjo, it is actually one of the front ones that was stuck, all the others were quite easy and had a nice "craack" as I undid them, however, we this this one was destined to snap as it didn't have any give. all the bolts have good looking washers, and I agree the head bolts are different lengths. and as soon as I get it off it'll go to the machining place, I don't wanna dance with death. I'm swapping the head with someone for a worked one so I want to keep it alright. Cheers again
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