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  1. Closest thing I've found to off the shelf. Other than that what Dave said :)
  2. Yeah a k40/50 fits to a 7k :) How long it will last due to the increase in torque I don't know. Edit: 5ks fit to the stock box.
  3. Pretty sure, you're wanting a K50 not a T50. They are also becoming quite hard to find for a good price.
  4. Have you got an early model ke30 diff? (Banjo style) Cheers
  5. Little bit of progress over the past month or so, mainly just getting the funds. I also put on the blast pipes I got, (just on the end of the stock set up until I get a full 2") Also, I got some Kings Super Lows, however, I need some shorter stroke shocks to keep them captive. Any recommendations?
  6. Yeah cheers man, at this point in time $450 is a bit of a stretch. Focusing on a few other bits and pieces first.
  7. Have you checked the alternator, coil and resistor?
  8. Agreed, NRMA is my goto. However, their dealings with modified cars are pretty average i've heard
  9. tbh, there's a reason you've been looking for weeks. the trim wasn't bolted on like all the others so they have fallen off in the past
  10. 20 minutes
  11. You probably already know this, but that cheap boss kit that's on it is the same one I had on my 30, the lining up for the horn pin thing is horrible and doesn't work.
  12. Looks sweet as man! What kind of TLC does it need?
  13. Get a Stout!
  14. Just a guess, but whatever works man, just grab one from an Silvia or something. Some people have used Commodore rads for it.
  15. looking good dude!