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  1. We’re finally beginning to get back into doing some work on the cars. First priority is getting my ke30 club car going. Today Rob and I managed to tidy up some wiring in the engine bay and remove the majority of some very hard cracked paint and rust from the bootlid. Obviously there’s still a lot more work to be done, including some more much dreaded sanding tomorrow, but we’re making progress. forgot to take a pic of the bootlid before I started, but this pic is after hours of scraping and sanding :/ it looked like dry cracked mud prior!
  2. So this isn’t high on the priority list atm as we’ve got a few dozen other things to sort out on other things first, but I’m just trying to figure this out so I can plan/save for it. I currently have a ke36 that has a very rusty section of chassis under the engine. I’m after any advice/experience any members have with either repairing this themselves or a ballpark figure of how much a panel beater would charge if I was to go that route. As much info as possible would be great. thanks
  3. Up for sale is my 3K 1975 ke36 windowed panel van. As you can see she's had a bender - instead of hitting a roo end 2011 went through a barbed wire fence instead. All panels are still with it, just need to be straightened and touched/up painted. Got a new l/h (I think, it's been too long) fender, as the old one cracked when I tried to repair it. Has been unregistered for a few years, was last started about a month ago. As you can see it needs some rust repairs, which we've been trying to get to for some time now. Rust on chassis needs to be plated and welded. Comes as is, where is. Will need a trailer. Located in Orange, NSW. Would like it gone before 14th August 2015. If you have any questions please ask and either rob or myself will endeavour to get back to you ASAP. $1000 ono
  4. Whereabouts are you? Interested in the bonnet - what colour is it?
  5. Located in Orange NSW I am selling my 1980 ke55. Rolling shell, some rust, would make a good project or club car. Includes everything you see, as is. Will include wheels and reinstall diff. Will include 2x front seats and steering wheel. Will also include a spare windscreen and two spare rear doors. Also included is the engine in seperate pic. Wanting $300.
  6. just a thought - would something have made it run lean enough to burn exhaust valves on that trip? might be worth checking the o2 sensors out? probably just horrible petrol. Robert.
  7. I thought something seemed a little odd when I was looking at it last: we have a ke36 panelvan, with a two reservoir master cylinder, both reservoirs mounted on the master cylinder. the way the brake lines are hooked up, the rear (secondary) circuit is closest to the booster, and the front (primary) circuit is the further of the two away. looking at the other corolla with working brakes, the front (primary) is hooked up closer to the booster, and the rear (secondary) is the further of the two away, although it is a ke55 master cylinder (square reservoir).... reading on the internet, I'm under the impression that the front should always be the closest to the brake booster - which is what I thought in the first place. it all *looks* factory on the ke36, but on a car that old, anything could be possible. just seeking some verification of whether this is normal or not from some other ke30/ke36 owners. Robert.
  8. Haha thanks :) So the machine put a helicoil kit through the oil pick up, it actually has thread and all the same size bolts now :) All of that went back on last night, and we put a coat of heat proof paint on the sump. Trying to get the grey paint off the rocker cover so I can polish it up and make it look a little nicer. Unfortunately we have to wait until Friday to put the clutch and flywheel back on and bung it back in - the rear main seal we got was apparently the wrong one and we have to wait until tomorrow when they get it in. Also took the leaking heatercore out last night. It's not the heatercore that's leaking like a mofo but, it's the pipes going into it :bash:
  9. That frigging coke zero banner ad that shows up on the top of some of rollaclub's pages!!! As soon as you accidentally move your mouse over it to get to the url bar it opens up and won't stop opening up and playing no matter how many times you hit the 'x' How f*cking annoying!!
  10. I'm currently unemployed... being a uni student sucks - I'm competing with thousands of other people for jobs >| - so I have no money. As soon as I have spare money, I'm going straight to a panelbeaters and getting them to fix the entire front right chassis rail and surround, as when we pulled the engine out you can see just how bad the rust is :bash: Thanks for the heads up :)
  11. Haha don't have any spare money/time for that Keith :P Yeah, I've mentioned offhandedly quite a few times "oh, there's a very nice 4K on the ground over there, why don't we just whack that in?" Didn't work lol So, Rob had a "scheduled breakdown" last night, so we didn't get a heap done last night. Basically, measured the crank journals, which were all within spec. (yay!), and then whacked the bearings in and attempted to install the rear main seal, but it appears to be the wrong one. Also, Rob cleaned up the oil pick up at work the other day and discovered it's been pulled apart before, has three different size bolts and the threads are rooted, so I'll be taking that down to the engineering shop today for some helicoils and new bolts.
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