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  1. why is every one going for more than 2'' with a k motor?
  2. did some one say they had a ke36 or 38?
  3. very nice and gool luck, is it lowerd or just sags?
  4. edit i have desided not to be so stubern towards the tips for going a 7ke setup so if you have one give me a shout
  5. SOLD, please lock or delete mods :)
  6. yep its the 3rd engine thats been in it :) should be good soon as he has brought some new gaskets
  7. mine found at www.weedguru.com munchies gran chipmunk
  8. toms car isnt gay, its just a datto
  9. casey


    autho they would look nice painted a dark color or some thing like haloquin?
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