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  1. Best off grabbing the high beam trigger direct from the headlights and mount the relays close to the battery. Basically you just use the 85 and 86 pins to control the relay turning on via high beam. interrupt it with a switch so you can also turn it off when you don't need them (how aftermarket spotlights are legally are required to be wired)
  2. Member Name - Medicine_Man (Justin) Area - Bracken Ridge Daily Drive - 2009 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab (V6) Projects - Yellow KE70 Corolla, Blue AE86 Sprinter
  3. yeah, as long as it is 4mm 7 core you should be fine. Trailer plug should take the load fine!
  4. My old 4K in my KE70 had the tighe 104 grind, was very nice to drive!
  5. Very much enjoyed driving your car the other week, makes me miss driving my corolla. The torque is just unbelievable and makes it so easy to drive, then when you feed it some throttle it just wants to go! And yes, Next generation of rollaclub could not wait, my daughter decided to come 3 weeks early. I am sure you are in for a lot of changes just like us. If you need any tips on the baby we are already learning a lot so don't be afraid to call!
  6. You need a relay with 2 x 87 terminals, if it has 87 and 87a it is a change over relay with a normaly closed and normally open contact. you can run a single pair of driving lights off one relay with no dramas.
  7. Congrats, when is the baby due? Casey is due June 14th.
  8. As far as i am aware there are no issues with float bowl when upriting.. the intake manifolds are a copy from new zealand. sheldon on does a kit. though my engine mounts and adaptor plate were genuine items from yahoo auctions japan.
  9. Today I got to cutting the rest of the rust out and welding in the big patch from the cut from teddys old roof..
  10. The adaptor plate is not tapered, its just a flat plate. Kit gives you more clearance between the head and the strut tower. Basics of it is new engine mounts, adaptor plate and manifolds..
  11. Joys of fixing rust :) Nice project by the way!
  12. Must feel good to have a fresh coat of paint on it. Makes me a bit jealous.. So much work to do on mine :(
  13. Today I made a patch for the big rust hole in the passenger rear window opening and welded it in. Yay for some progress! The silicone bronze welding wire makes it so much easier to grind back the welds..
  14. Friday afternoon after work I managed to knock back the rest of the roof and gave it a quick hit of etch primer. Also finished tidying up around the window openings with some rust converter.
  15. Due to the fact the Corolla sat outside in the weather at the last place it wasn't helping things much. I moved to a new house at the end of last year which now has a shed where I can work on the Corolla once again. I started by knocking back the paint on the roof on one side when I had some spare afternoons. Just gave it a quick hit of etch primer till I can get a chance to repair all the damage the vandals did to it.. Over christmas I ripped out most of the interior and the rear window to expose the rust that I will have to tackle. Turns out there is also rust in the front window opening that needs to be fixed too. Lucky I managed to get a corner roof cut from Teddys old white KE70 before it went to the dump so I can use it as a patch. Archie the dog was keen to be a supervisor and make sure the interior was adequately removed ready to start repairs on the rear window opening..