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  1. Thanks for the reply mate! It definitely has 12v to the coil +ve while cracking, triple checked this today. The colours in mine aren't all the same, but it follows the same setup. I've been testing 12v and continuity all day and I'm sure it's wired the same as your diagrams above. I'm leaning towards a faulty coil? As I can't get it to arc at all. I found a guy nearby selling a bigport coil and igniter for $45, I'll try pick it up next week. I appreciate the photos you've sent through so far. If you have any other valuable info/photos, it'll be greatly appreciated! might even help someone else 10 years from now.. lol.
  2. Hi All, I'm coming to the end of my 4AGE bigport swap into an AE71 & I have no spark to the plugs. I've tried connecting a spark plug to the ignition coil directly with a lead, then holding near a ground but no arc. I'm thinking the coil or ignition assembly is bad/wired incorrectly? The ignition coil has a black/orange wire that gets 12v on "run" and "start". The only other wires going to the coil come from the ignition assembly. Below is what I've checked so far. - Coil +ve has 12v when key is in "run" position - Coil -ve has 12v when key is in "run" position (is this correct?) - Coil primary resistance is around 1 - Coil secondary resistance is around 13 - Continuity from IGT and IGF ECU Pins to igniter assembly plug - ECU gets starter signal - Igniter assembly case is earthed I don't know anyone with a 4AGE, so can't test their ECU/coil/ignition assembly etc Does anyone have any ideas on where to go next? If anyone is located in Brisbane/Gold Coast I'd be happy to pay for your time to look into it. I've got some photos of how my ignition coil/assembly is wired.
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some advice on how to connect an AE86 fuel pump to the hard lines in my AE71? I purchased a stock fuel AE86 fuel pump and can't work out what adapters/fittings I need to connect the sender hard line at the back of the car. I've just purchased a Raceworks Female An-8 To Barb 3/8In... I was then planning on using an adapter to get the hose down the hard line size... I'm not confident this is the best approach though. What have you guys done in the past?
  4. Good idea, I didn't think of looking there. I'll swing by next weekend. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Not necessarily a weight problem I'm trying to solve. The heater lines behind the firewall are already broken, in my scenario keeping heat for winter or registration purposes isn't required so I don't want to spend time/money fixing them. I'm simply just looking to cover the holes to keep the engine bay tidy. 🙂
  6. Hey guys, I’m looking to remove the heater/AC lines from my 1984 AE71. What has everyone done to blank off the holes after removing them? The copper heater pipes have already snapped so I’m not planning on using heat again. AC not necessary either. I was thinking about welding a plate over the top but my welding ability won’t present the nicest 😂. I’ve seen some people use rubber grommets, is there a specific car that people are taking them from? I’ll go to my local wrecker and look around. Just trying to find something that looks relatively tidy.
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