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  1. Ran 225/60R13 on a 6" rim on the rear of my KE35 with only a lip roll. Had no rubbing issues at all. The biggest I got under the rear of a KE20 was a 205.
  2. Thought the only adjustment was toe and castor.
  3. Watch project binky on YouTube. One of the recent episodes they modded a Celica sump. May give some ideas.
  4. Well work cover are being a bunch of pricks. After constantly rejecting the missus certificate of capacity, forcing a 2 hr drive back to the hospital after being fucked around on the phone. Eventually went back to the ward and got it sorted out. Then, even though the claim is supposed to be completed in 30 odd days, work cares doctor isn't available until August.......and now the claim has been rejected after a couple of interviews. Hello union......
  5. Not just the aftermarket. A major manufacture I work for as a parts manager has two different parts listed under the same part number......
  6. Don't know where you are but try Wheels in Ballarat. Huge range of second hand wheels there.
  7. Also tried to accuse us of cancelling the booking and wanted to keep our money......
  8. Company behind the website is Agoda. After nasty emails through PayPal and to their "customer" service people finally got a refund. Company tried to offer us vouchers then they wanted our credit card details or a license details and bank account details to get a refund because they couldn't refund through PayPal......
  9. Booking and paying for accommodation online. Arriving and then being told that we are over booked...... Then basically being screwed by the booking agent. Found replacement accom myself and now being stuffed around on a refund......
  10. Feel for you. Not knowing is the worst when it comes to a loved ones health. And it feels at times docs are guessing. Yeah, can't believe that I've been here for 13 years!!!! And yep Towe001, was on Oldcorollas before this. Making me feel old......
  11. Well, Just got a call from the missus. SHE IS COMING HOME TOMORROW
  12. Well, the missus ain't home yet but has been moved to Bendigo. Only 45 min down the road now....😀
  13. Sucks that rehab wasnt closer than 2.5 hours away...... She is handling most of rehab well. Still nauseous and balance is an issue atm, but I'll take that over what it was like last month.
  14. The missus finally out of Hospital and into rehab. One step closer......
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