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  1. 5k swap was so good I did it to two rollas. Went from holding 100kmh in 4th up a steep local hill with a 3k to accelerating up it on 5th gear with the 5k. With the competition car a cammed 5k was close to 3 seconds quicker around the local autocross track than the 3k.
  2. Well its official. Worked my first day in a Toyota dealership (after they took over the Holden dealer I worked for). can't wsit to sniff around the spareparts deptartment for some early KE bits Hell I found a genuine VL rear muffler and fuel sender unit in our clean up.......
  3. Had a job working in a mineral sand suppliers lab testing sand. 6 months of that and I had no finger nails/skin left on my hands
  4. Got some 3000 grit wet/dry here at work that will help 😉 If you see it, grab some "Purple" metal polish. Guys with alloy bullbars love it. Ps. don't do the timing cover, it will Iook so good that you will start looking for the next thing to polish.. .. I even filed the casting marks and sanded/polished the inlet manifold.
  5. Then around a million hours polishing with Autosol......
  6. Only if your car has knock sensors and can tune itself to suit the fuel. Or with the rolla you may be able to bump the timing up a bit. Some say that 98 has additives that can clean your fuel system .....
  7. Very old school but I was running 185/65r13 fronts and 205/60r13 rears on my '75 KE35 without mods. The 225/60r13's needed a lip massage 😉
  8. From memory, ke20 are a we bit different to Ke30. Cracked a pair in the KE20 club car and only had Ke30 ones in the shed. Had to enlarge the top of the strut tower and relocate 1 stud a pooftenth to make them fit.
  9. Doing a driving course a while ago and the instructor jumped into my car to drive it. I watched her put the car into gear, let the clutch out clutch back in, check for first gear etc. After a couple of goes at trying to take off, she asked what was going on. I told her to turn the engine on, its only the electric fan vibrating the car.
  10. This is stetching the old memory by 30 odd years. My 1st Corolla, '75 KE35 with a 3K-H in it, had that timing cover with the breather. The hose went back to a valve thingy at the back of the head where it branched out into two. One to the rocker and one went back under the floor. When the 5K went in, the timing case had no breather, so we just cut the hose and glued it to the back of the timing cover with no issues in operation. Eventually it was removed altogether...
  11. From what Ive seen, FWD engines/gearboxes seem really well supported - 4 odd mounts (front, rear, left & right) over a short distance. A lot better than our old K engines with 3 over a third of the length of the car. Guess there is a lot less chance for bending/misalignment
  12. Think the chrome vents were on the early KE3#'s. Might have been only on the "import" models.......
  13. Even then they are noisey. Used an old Facet brand electric pump and moved it three times to make it bearible.
  14. Dunno, got my last one nearly 20 years ago....... First port of call would be a Toyota wrecker
  15. 5k, throw a decent cam in it (ignore every one that says you need to go to solid lifters, keep it hydaulic), up the compession and give the ports a going over. A set of extractors and a 2 inch exhaust, and change the carby to what ever tickles your fancy and go have fun.
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