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  1. My 5k had some sort of pump on the rhs of yhe engine so brackets are around that could be adapted. I'll try and get a rough measurment of a Cruze compressor at work for you Actually, OEX list a rebuilt compressor and clutch in their catledog for a KE30/35 Part number crd6093 & cxx003
  2. coln72

    HELP NEEDED for KP36 Diff.

    Can you run a taller wheel/tyre combo....?
  3. coln72

    SR20DET ke70 question.

    Yeah, early Astra's have an electric power steer pump which is not computer controlled, so easy to use. I'm also in the drive it and see camp. Used to run 235's on the front of my HZ ute without power steer and it was fine. In fact I took the power steering off that car.
  4. coln72


    Thought i knew their faces....
  5. coln72

    Celica Gt4 Into Mini

    Wasnt expecting so soon. And no "twitching and taping" wires.....good enough for Jayco
  6. coln72

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Thats what the radio is for ;) Something like that. Took it off after having to suck fuel through the line on the side of the road to re prime the pump. Got old real soon. don't know if it would work better mounted under the tank.
  7. coln72

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Tried a Holley Red pump once in the engine bay. Didn't like sucking much. Would stop randomly but was soooooo much quieter.
  8. coln72

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Thats what the radio is for ;)
  9. coln72

    Distributorless 5K Engine

    Used "Facet" type fuel pumps on both my rollas with no issues. Had one hard mounted under the parcel shelf, but got moved very quickly. Soft mounted under boot floor in the end.
  10. I had a six piece exhuast gasket on a 202 once. ...... thanks to shitty cheap extractors.
  11. coln72

    The "Beige hornet" boat project.

    Need to bring it up here to see if we can skull drag a few reddies out of Cairn Curran ;)
  12. coln72

    If I Only Knew Then...

    Yeah, kicking myself over all of the ke20and 25's I got for less than $100, stripped and crushed. Gave away a Ke26 four door wagon for nothing that would been an easy rebuild, just needed a tail light. Only ever seen a handful of them since...... Even my old HZ ute. In family since new. Straight and rust free and unmolested. With original purchase receipts and less than 60k on it back in the 90's couldn't afford the fuel - $100+ per week just to get to work. Didn't even crack $3000 for it.
  13. Ran cut down Holden Kingswood V8 springs for a very short time. Way too stiff for the standard struts. Hard to steer with both front wheels off the ground....... But the springs were the rightish diameter and I had them already