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  1. Ran cut down Holden Kingswood V8 springs for a very short time. Way too stiff for the standard struts. Hard to steer with both front wheels off the ground....... But the springs were the rightish diameter and I had them already
  2. coln72

    5K Head Identification

    Had an import 5k with flat tops as standard, looked like it had never been apart
  3. coln72

    Ke30 Engine swap daily driver

    Factory twins should also be on the list but can be hard to find.
  4. coln72

    Ke30 Engine swap daily driver

    Low budget + easy + KE30 = 5K. Noticable increase in torque and it is a bolt in
  5. coln72

    Rolla Attention

    Sounds like a similar car has been reported hooning/involved in criminal activity/etc in the area and it's the princesses bad luck to own something the same era/color/make. Remember having the police knock on the door when I was a kid wanting to inspect the old mans Monaro as a similar car had been involved in a hit and run.
  6. coln72

    Ke30 tyre width

    225/60r13 went under a KE35 after we lipped the guards. Could go bigger with the right offset rims as I remember that there was still clearance to the inner guards.
  7. coln72

    What Grinds My Gears.

    Dealing with alcohol interlock customers. Not even installing them yet and I am getting pissed off with them. Seriously, DO NOT ʞ©$ɟING DRINK DRIVE. Do not sook and whinge to me about why it is bullshit that I have to get an interlock fitted. IT IS YOUR FAULT, suck it up and move on. It could be my wife and 5 kids that you drive through while you are driving pissed.
  8. coln72

    Nasty exhaust discharge

    Depends on driving type too. Stop/go driving makes it worse.
  9. coln72

    my new car

    See a sign writer to replace the missing section of strip events.
  10. coln72

    5K build help request

    Lifters pumping up. Never had that happen, and my 5k would see 7500 rpm plus most of the time.
  11. coln72

    5K build help request

    Just my 2 cents worth, but why do people insist on going to solid lifters........ A lot of mixing and matching parts for little or no gain in performance, with the added maintenance issues. And don't tell me that you need to do a solid conversion so you can run a cam or pull big revs. Been there done that with hydraulic lifters.
  12. coln72

    New small capacity turbo engines

    Go ok. Some issues with oil coolers, thermostats and water leaks. Shitty exhaust manifold design, manifold is part of the turbo housing.
  13. coln72

    Cam shaft recommendations

    Loved the Wade 169 grind I had in my 5K
  14. Or you are revving the absolute crap out of it.........
  15. coln72

    How do electric fuel pumps work for a 3K?

    Sucked that I never got my hands on the brand new, never been fired 3K that the local school had in their workshop..... :(