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  1. This is stetching the old memory by 30 odd years. My 1st Corolla, '75 KE35 with a 3K-H in it, had that timing cover with the breather. The hose went back to a valve thingy at the back of the head where it branched out into two. One to the rocker and one went back under the floor. When the 5K went in, the timing case had no breather, so we just cut the hose and glued it to the back of the timing cover with no issues in operation. Eventually it was removed altogether...
  2. From what Ive seen, FWD engines/gearboxes seem really well supported - 4 odd mounts (front, rear, left & right) over a short distance. A lot better than our old K engines with 3 over a third of the length of the car. Guess there is a lot less chance for bending/misalignment
  3. Think the chrome vents were on the early KE3#'s. Might have been only on the "import" models.......
  4. Even then they are noisey. Used an old Facet brand electric pump and moved it three times to make it bearible.
  5. Dunno, got my last one nearly 20 years ago....... First port of call would be a Toyota wrecker
  6. 5k, throw a decent cam in it (ignore every one that says you need to go to solid lifters, keep it hydaulic), up the compession and give the ports a going over. A set of extractors and a 2 inch exhaust, and change the carby to what ever tickles your fancy and go have fun.
  7. Motorsport aint changed in the 15 years since i hung up my helmet then.....
  8. Always used to support the circlip with a hose clamp. Always had a spare circlip ready to go on the clutch cable just in case though. Vaguely remember my KE35 having a support for the clutch cable
  9. Well it's been a shit year or so now. The missus is still recovering from her stroke 14 months or so ago and is not been given permission to work or drive yet. Work care ain't paying anything and the union seems to be doing SFA. Haven't heard from them for 6 months. Now I may not have a job at the end of the year as I work at s single franchise Holden dealership. All I have been told is what you hear in the news, which is more than what Holden has told us. Even the DP is in the dark. Anyone know of any spare part/service advisor jobs in Central VIC?????
  10. I'd be checking your wheel alignment first. Darting around over bumps could be a sign of excessive toe out in the front end. Toe out may be causing your tyre wear as well.
  11. This is my opinion but why stuff around changing heads, rockers, cams etc Get your existing cam reground to whatever specs you want, port match the head to the manifolds or get it ported if you want, add decent carburation/exhaust and go have fun. This is what I did with one of my 5ks - Wade 169 grind cam, 3k-b carbs, extractors and 2" exhaust (plus a few other things 😉 ). This engine would spin to over 7500rpm all event with bursts to over 8000rpm where the tacho stopped. Without the issue of adjusting valves all the time.
  12. Ran 225/60R13 on a 6" rim on the rear of my KE35 with only a lip roll. Had no rubbing issues at all. The biggest I got under the rear of a KE20 was a 205.
  13. Thought the only adjustment was toe and castor.
  14. Watch project binky on YouTube. One of the recent episodes they modded a Celica sump. May give some ideas.
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