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  1. I know all about oil getting flung to one side of the motor.....
  2. am I missing something or is that a pump for the dry sump set up.0
  3. Nothing as exciting as that in my history. Started, like all my mates in Corollas. Had the above KE35 in many many states of tune. As mentioned, swapped it for a HZ ute. The Corolla was used by the old man as a trade in on a Patrol. Traded the HZ in on an ED Futura as the ute was killing me with fuel costs and the missus hated the ute. Then purchased a new VY Berlina wagon, with lots of options. Loved that car but needed to offload it when bubs no. 4 came along. Now on my 2nd Carnival - great cars. Also in the mix have been a couple if Ford Festivas and a KE20 club car. Not counting all of the wrecks bought to keep the KE20 alive.
  4. wasn't bad for rust, but it was resprayed a custom red after an accident. My uncle refused to paint it the original colour he hated it that much...... In the end I swapped it for a HZ ute (owned from new by my grandfather had 60000km on it). Wish I still had both.
  5. I had her older sister also 5k and 5 speed
  6. unless you run coil overs there isn't enough room in a KE20 strut tower to get any camber adjustment
  7. it's running a tribute livery. It's based on a privateer that received a little support from Toyota. I do have the name of the driver some where. It's running a 2TG with twin Webber's etc. through a Bluebird diff with discs. It's running tonight in the Nissan Night Moves around Heathcote.
  8. This car arrived at work today. Apparently we are sponsoring it. Brought back a lot of memories throwing my KE35 at trees
  9. it's not if it was you need to get in line - behind me 😛
  10. was running 235s on the front of my HZ without power steering. Maybe the younger generations aren't as tough as we were (or maybe smarter) 😉
  11. sorry about the original post. Don't know what happened there. Wouldn't let me edit it either......
  12. Hi all  Trying to source brakes for works '66 KE10 auto display car. All my sources have come up blank for shoes, wheel cylinders and a master cylinder. What sources are people using?
  13. Like the look of 13's as well but as Altezzaclub mentioned decent sized tyres are hard to find.
  14. have had the pin in the selector shaft break during an event locking me in 2nd. pulled the shifter and tried to fit a splitpin but dropped it into the box 😞 ended up scrapping that gearbox.
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