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  1. R31 Diff Into Ke70

    Reviving a dead thread, just wondering if this would work for a ke70 wagon? cheers
  2. KE70 ignition barrel stuck

    alright so i fixed the issue. For future reference: In order to move it out of the lock position, normally you'd press the button on top of the column nut with the barrel removed, you can't. so you need to really jam the key into the hole ( ;) ) and turn with a fair amount of force. that should break through. After that you're sailing just don't put it back in lock.
  3. KE70 ignition barrel stuck

    it doesn't feel like the sort of issue oil would fix.
  4. KE70 ignition barrel stuck

    i don't want to gunk up my barrel. maybe as a last resort
  5. KE70 ignition barrel stuck

    Hey guys, ive had a look around the forum and online and can't really find an answer I removed the ignition barrel just out of curiosity and it cycled though acc-start quite easily.But when i moved the key to the :"lock" position it became fully jammed. No matter how hard i try turn it, it wont move at all and i can't reinstall it unless it's in "ACC". Do you guys have any advice that i can try to get it unstuck? cheers guys