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  1. What’s the difference between 3k,4K and 5k rockers? Is it the height? would I need to get my cam reground to suit solid lifters?
  2. I decided to get o dish piston and use my 3k head. can i use 5k lifters and pushrods with the 3k head ?
  3. Should i use O dish pistons to get a higher compression? Can i even use a O dish piston in a D dish engine?
  4. The engine has D dish pistons The 5k had a blown head gasket. I haven't found any cracks in the head. The 3k head is in a working car. I haven't removed it yet.
  5. I'll be painting it myself. yeah i'll try some test pots.
  6. I'm rebuilding my 5k engine I have 3k head and a 5k head. What is the best to use on a 5k? I have heard that the 3k head has higher compression but is it a better head? Would i be better modifying my 5k head?
  7. I've decided to repaint my 1974 ke20 corolla after it was in a car accident. Does anyone know what this color is?
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