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  1. Do you happen to remember the spcs of your 5k? building one for my ke70 and aiming for about 100hp and be daily drivable
  2. Also has anyone had any luck finding a toyota genuine 5k head gasket, as I asked previously also I've had no luck with headbolts for the motor so...as I'm out of options, time to get some ARP stuff, I know the part numbers for head studs, Thanks RainWarriorDregs But anyone know if they would have bolts which fit, Later I'll post up all the specs of the bolt, length, thread, taper, diameter etc. Cheers all
  3. Well, I honestly wouldn't though of that, I feel like a moron now, Thanks for the suggestion
  4. That cam is much hotter than the one I plan to run, Camtech CT003-517(a), 274/274 adv, 218@50, 442 valve lift, main reason is that I wanted the nice LSA of 110 degrees (because good for street ability...and less inlet reversion and relatively smooth...not very lumpy) I'm doing a ridiculous amount of headwork so (at least the thought process) that the limiting factor of power is the camshaft choice not the head like most k-motors (biggest problem in 5k's and 7k's imo) plus a good head can help carry power of a cam further than expected. I do need to find a good tuner for Weber carbs, unfortunately there are not many in my area of victoria or they are hard to find also of course dizzy will be re-curved but I forgot the place where someone recommended me to go near where I am so that sucks
  5. I know this place has been silent for a while, but how did you get the timing belt to the crank (and from the old camshaft) any pics?
  6. What are your cam specs, I know generally the more duration the higher c/r you can run also anything else you did to avoid detonation, mainly because I'm using hypereutectic pistons and detonation is bad for them...really bad
  7. Also looking for some new hydraulic lifters as well Guys at Camtech doing the cam grind recommended some new ones, so again if anyone knows where to get some, let me know
  8. Hello all Sorry I have not been able to make progress on the motor as I'm currently going through mid-year exams at uni...F**K anyways, I'm trying to find a slightly bigger valves for the motor, I've spoken to head2head in clayton and We've figured out a plan for the head (porting etc.) and now i'm on the lookout for some valve Sizes I'm looking for: - Intake: 37 or 37.5x100x8mm (stock size is 36x100x8mm) - Exhaust 30 or 30.5x100x8mm (Stock size is 29x100x8mm) I'm not wanting any bigger as the motor is not being raced full time or that often...otherwise I'd go up by 3mm each side...I'd prefer 1mm bigger both side since the motor will be street driven...plus no need to fit new valve seats, both sides can go up by 1.5mm max without new seats So If anyone knows where to get valves of these sizes made new or what car they come from, I'd love to know also headwork involves, porting intake to about 10-15% bigger than 3-KB head, enlarging exhaust ports (also polish for flow), valves will be skimmed so greater and smoother flow, deshroud the valves again aid flow, remove sharp edges on head in combustion chamber (Improve swirl for better burn), 3 or 4 angle valve cut so again aid flow, head will be shaved to increase compression, aiming for static 10:1 c/r, but looking at the cam specs (duration) and since I want it to run on 98 octane fuel, we might be able to get away with and stay safe with 10.3:1 compression (I'm aware some v8 (400cui smallblock chev from blueprint engines) guys seem to run 10.3:1 compression fine on 98 so I'm hoping we can be fine with that.
  9. true but I still want to rev the balls out of it come motorkhana and club events I chose 5k because it was a good compromise of my favourite attributes of 4-7k's good torque, but can take some good revs and top-end
  10. Damn, $700 I'm thinking getting some made locally may be cheaper for your situation (considering mine set me back $210 including courier delivery) I can see why the extra low and mid-range torque would be good for your 4k, this actually was why I looked for a 5k and build it up, try get some better torque in the mid-range, plus more potential for max torque.
  11. Yea I know what you mean, If I could find them I'd go 4-2-1 headers (I've heard they are good at scavenging or kinda put a vacuum effect to help draw out exhaust gas from cylinders), As far a I remember there was 1 person making them in Malaysia I think, I saw on the Facebook group, but can't remember the rest, but they were 4-2-1 extractors, can't remember if they were even length though
  12. Here are the headers...they won't be blue for long, taking them to modern plating in oakleigh to high temp stirling (chrome) coat them I measured the primaries where it just goes from square to round, so might no be best measurement, but was 35mm with the vernier calipers Actual listing (and assuming measured at around where my thumb is) states 38mm Here is a link to specs http://www.hurricane.com.au/hurricane/products_main.php?txt1=Headers / Manifolds / Turbo Exhausts&txt2=Headers / Extractors&txt3=TOYOTA&txt4=COROLLA &txt5=4 CYL&lvl1=1&lvl2=5&lvl3=29&lvl4=169&lvl5=1694# and its part no. HU077ST
  13. Toyo T1R's can be found at reasonable costs, nothing near $200 each http://mswt.com.au/tyres/195-50-15-toyo-t1r-82v-clearance-special/TOMS0985 anyways more parts arrived...Hurricane headers extractors...here to extract power at the speed of revs lolol
  14. I never was aiming for 100kw, I meant 100hp, I don't know why but I always prefer measuring via horsepower not Kw, true these cars don't NEED heaps of power, but if you have the opportunity there are many who would WANT heaps of power Me I like finding a balance of power, handling and comfort (but easily sacrificial), When the car is done, I'll be bloody stoked...also once motor is done I need to get new wheels and tyres...15x7 (+12 offset) Performance Superlites with 195/50R15 TOYO T1R tyres (never did like stretched tyres and will not suit the handling mods). Also a slight body mods...AeroKraft rear lip and Madhouse Front lip, It will look subtle (nothing extreme) but will have a nice cool factor.
  15. awesome, nice work with your 4k, I'm guessing thats rear wheel horsepower Well at least I have some Idea what to aim for let's see how I can do with 200ish more cc and admittedly a decent bit more dosh...I'm building the thing to last Also another development...finally got my k-50 gearbox out of the bloody shed so I can put that on...future plans are an AE86 LSD disc brake, rear axle/diff so i can put some 4.2 gears, not so much better for freeways but now I have an k-50 to make up for it a bit, I want the thing quick and nippy, but won't end up very fast but fast enough Also doing full suspension overhaul on the car...30mm 'low' king springs, adjustable panhard rod, new SuperPro Bushings for (swaybar, LCA's, Upper and Lower Trailing arms,, panhard rod and Steering rack), Signature Swaybar 19mm, New AJPS ball joints...(Still looking for AE86 JDM struts do can do a brake upgrade), brand new exhaust system (got a sexy new MagnaFlow Muffler, 2x18' inch resonator, hurricane headers extractors...my current ones have cracked)
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