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  1. Hi All thanks everyone, I’ll try all of the above and get back with what worked for me ASAP cheers max666
  2. Hi all 1983 ke70 1.3 4k Engine. the fuel gauge is erratic, when I fill up the gauge reads 3/4 never reads full and if there’s roughly 1/2 tank it will sometimes read nearly empty. Is this an issue with the Ke? Appreciate any help. cheers Max
  3. Hi Banjo thanks for all your input, even though that’s all above my skill level at the moment, you made it sound very interesting and doable in the future. thanks again Cheers Max
  4. Hi All i want to start getting together some parts for an upgrade to the ke70. my question is what’s the best way to go in changing out the stock brakes and any suggestions on how to go about it , parts I need and where I can get them. if there’s a suitable bolt one option out there as I don’t really want to change out the whole front end. Thanks for any information. max666
  5. Thanks for your reply and information. i had a chance to do it over this afternoon with no distractions and I gapped the valves really close, and to my relief it ran like a new one. So one again, thankyou corolla gurus for the input . cheers Max666
  6. Hi All just an update on my valve clearance problem. i started from scratch and adjusted all the intake and exhaust clearances , put everything back together and to my frustration I still have the loud tapping noise. i noticed that one of the rocker arms was very loose if that makes a difference to anyone..... thanks again
  7. Hi yeah I did all the process correct except the revolution on cycinder 3 to tbc and I think I loosed the lock nut and did something to the rocker arm ....
  8. Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a go tomorrow. I think what I did was I didn’t do a full revolution to TDC after adjusting cyclinder 2 . hope I making sense cheers max666
  9. Hi All so I decided to do some maintenance on the sons Ke70 with a 4k in it, and I had a go at the valve clearance, according to the manual I have are correct, intake 0.20 exhaust 0.30 but when I put everything back together, I now have a loud taping from under the rocker cover. i must have adjusted something incorrectly (no: 3 cylinder I think) i may not have turned the motor 360” to do the valve clearance, on that one, just can’t remember. any help would be appreciated. And if I drive it, will I damage anything? ( I’m not my sons favourite at the moment) cheers Max
  10. It has a c18det transplant and upgraded breaks a suspension as I know to this point. sorry forgot to mention the modes
  11. Hi Rolla Gurus ive found a ke70 that I like but it’s had mods done and steet driven and registered but has no Cert for it. is it leagal? and can I get one done? Bascally what’s the process of getting one ? has anyone here gone through with the process and who do I talk to? thanks for any information cheers Max666
  12. I All thank for everyone’s help, I got the old girl running again, it was the timing, way out! My mistake, it was a case of it ain’t broke. cheers Max
  13. Hi All id like to hear anyone's thoughts on a 4Y transplant in a ke70. Has anyone done it, mainly as a civil daily driver. Any input greatly appreciated. cheers Max666
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