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  1. what turbo are you using?
  2. I had 28mm chokes on my old flogged out 4k. Only mod was a head skim. worked well, it was a sideraught solex so different jetting. Made 50hp at the wheels
  3. I just had some 15x7s made for my ke70. chose plus 12s which sit inside the guard, as plus 8s were cause the guards to rub the tyre going around the track
  4. There is heaps of adjustment in the rockers. I decked my head to go from stock 32ish cc to 26cc. Flat top pistons and cam with 11.5 mm lift. Used all stock gear
  5. Sounds like you are onto something with water in the fuel. Matches the symptoms too. Maybe try cranking it over with the fuel line pointed into a clear glass jar, and see what it looks like
  6. Go see Sheldon at rush automotive in Oamaru. He's the man
  7. Hi Goose, There are a few cam grinders in both aus and NZ that have a list of 3k profiles available, pending on your use and goals. Heavy duty valve springs are a good idea, as your new re-ground cam will probably have more valve lift, and if you want to rev it will support high rpm operations. Increasing your compression ratio will definitely wake it up. Wether you work with decking your head or getting another, will end up with the same result. I would suggest at least 10:1 compression ratio. Both vavle springs and head decking can be looked after by an engine machinist. While you are there, try getting the bores oversized to increase the capacity, as you can't beat cubes. Genuine toyota gasket kits will be your best option, as aftermarket head gaskets, rear main seals and sump gaskets can cause issues. This company has pistons etc http://www.precisionintl.com/Engine.aspx?ID=1728&EID=13084 I have started a Facebook page on performance k series engines https://www.facebook.com/groups/231132903963672/requests/?notif_id=1520517331304944&notif_t=group_r2j&ref=notif
  8. Wow that's a bit different. You would never expect that engine to be under the bonnet enjoy!
  9. Cool Jasper Yeah a complete exhaust will help your cause. can't get an accurate measurement of performance with just headers on these
  10. We have success! Wohoo! Well done. How is it comparing?? Nice torque gain?
  11. yeah pretty much. They will know what is going on once the seller sends in their notice of disposal
  12. I bought the car in my avatar from Adelaide, and live in nsw. you can drive around on SA rego, but will need a blue slip when it lapses in nsw. if you join an affiliated club, you can go on historical registration which is only $75 per annum for 60 days (log booked)
  13. I think most end up running the 4k flywheel, than the larger 5k unit. So you have the circlip on the cable adjuster, the circlip installed in the gearbox bellohousing, and the clutch fork has the return spring hooked up? Its also important to have the right pressure plate deck height, which can be shimmed between the flywheel and the pressure plate, in the bolt holes.
  14. I'm in sydney, so a bit far from what I hear is "hipster city" Brunswick But, you essentially want to disable the ignition (e.g. remove coil lead) and crank it over for oil pressure first. Try crank it till the oil light goes out. If that is taking too long, just crank it many times and check you have oil in the top of the engine. You then want to check your oil dipstick level, as you have likely filled up your oil filter by now. After that's all good, you reconnect your ignition and turn your carby idle speed screw in the 'idle fast' direction. Kick her over, and keep the revs up for a good 10 mins while the cam runs in. You can also jam a piece of cardboard under the throttle stop so you can walk away. You want the idle speed at about 3000rpm. If you havent already bought engine oil, go buy some running in oil that has a zinc content. I have been using Penrite oils myself.
  15. Nice! all sprinters look great in red
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