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  1. Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    Nice progress! Glad to hear it goes good. I donot t run softmounts on my twin webers at all. Also use bolts from carb to manifold and not studs as I am limited with space to the strut tower
  2. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Torque Settings?

    Yeah go see sheldon at rush automotive. He is the k series king!
  3. AE82 4age lack of power

    I was playing with one recently that was sluggish. I found the cat was blocked and the igniton timing was retarded. I would also check that the tvis valves are shut under 4000ish rpm and opening after wards On a car of this age, I would flush the fuel injectors, change the fuel filter and clean out the throttle body (carby cleaner). This is more updating the maintenance than fixing issues. It's common there will be gunk between the throttle butterfly and the housing, reducing air flow at idle.
  4. webber 40dcoe jet size ?

    I would run 28mm venturies and have done so with the same setup (was a solex carb)
  5. Ebgine run on caused by advanced timing?

    Run on can be the carby shut off solenoid not working, typically
  6. What starts out as a cheap/free 4k, can end up costing a few grand when you get carried away building a track engine
  7. Ive managed to get 3 x 4k engines in the last 18 months in exchange for alcohol! In Sydney, most guys do the 4age conversion. 5ks seem hard to get here. Ive enquired at a couple of forklift shops and nothing avail. I would love a 5k block.
  8. Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    Sounds like you have progressed towards where you need to be..well done May I also suggest you get a wideband. I have a bosh o2 sensor kit and autogage guage. Checked against the dyno air fuel ratio metre and surprisingly it was on the money accurate
  9. Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    30mm chokes are pretty small for a 1600 bud. I think you would need to be in the 34-36mm range. I run 32mm on my 1300cc 4k
  10. 4kc Twin DCOE weber jetting

    If i can make a suggestion, if you are going to spend the money and time setting up twins, you may as well do other engine mods like a reground cam, increased compression and cylinder head porting to make it worthwhile. twins on a stock motor wont yield a great deal of power increase
  11. Hi Mac I plan to take my ke70 out there before the end of the year. Have some more work to do first. Done a few wakefield days since starting the build
  12. 1981te72 track car for sale

    Hey hollis it seems you are in the americas the bulk of members here are in australia.
  13. aftermarket aisan carby on ebay

    An ovehaul kit should sort it all out. i have a spare ke70 one if you need it
  14. 5K build help request

    You mean Esa? Seems that page has been up for a while. I wonder if he still has all those bits available?
  15. What's the quickest 1/4 mile time with a 3k

    Ive ran a 12.9 in my S14. That weighs 1240 kg sounds like more fun in a sub 800 kg Corolla!