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  1. Hi Guys, I got some nissan bluebird TRX 15 inch rims for my ke70. Have found that the 195 tyres are rubbing against the strut. I gather the solution will be wheel spacers. Has anyone encoutered this combo before? Its a track car, safety is key cheers
  2. New gaskets for a 3k

    I recommend you use a good amount of sealant on the sump gasket, cause they can leak badly
  3. KE55 Build Thread

    Enjoy your project. 5ks are great
  4. Rebuilt 4k won't turn over

    Can you rotate the engine with a ratchet and socket on the crank pulley bolt freely?
  5. 5K Head Identification

    Those intake valves appear larger than the standard 36mm in the photo
  6. 5K Head Identification

    I'm no id expert, but out of interest, you said it has flat tops. so the head is a twin squish 5k?
  7. Cheapest k engine parts you will ever see

    Some 5k blocks jeremy
  8. Any update on how this project is going Hayden?
  9. Electronic Distributor

    Suggest you tell your daughter to be mindful of leaving the key in the reds position, with the engine not running. This is known to damage points, and quite often forgotten about these days.
  10. Electronic Distributor

    Please don't upset me... Liking the sound of this, but in a suitable box though. Well I definitely need one for the next engine. Squeezed my 4k for all the bang for buck mods, maintaining street driveability and 98 fuel. Now i need to plan swapping that gear over into an 83mm bored out 5k block
  11. Electronic Distributor

    Can you bring some 5k blocks over then
  12. 5K build help request

    You should be ok with the used pushrods. yes, they are flat tappets. Cam break in proceedure seems good. The reground cam should have a specific lube applied that the cam grinder sends you. i ran mine for about 12 minutes at about 2000rpm, was all good
  13. Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    Nice progress! Glad to hear it goes good. I donot t run softmounts on my twin webers at all. Also use bolts from carb to manifold and not studs as I am limited with space to the strut tower
  14. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Torque Settings?

    Yeah go see sheldon at rush automotive. He is the k series king!
  15. AE82 4age lack of power

    I was playing with one recently that was sluggish. I found the cat was blocked and the igniton timing was retarded. I would also check that the tvis valves are shut under 4000ish rpm and opening after wards On a car of this age, I would flush the fuel injectors, change the fuel filter and clean out the throttle body (carby cleaner). This is more updating the maintenance than fixing issues. It's common there will be gunk between the throttle butterfly and the housing, reducing air flow at idle.