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  1. Hey hollis it seems you are in the americas the bulk of members here are in australia.
  2. An ovehaul kit should sort it all out. i have a spare ke70 one if you need it
  3. You mean Esa? Seems that page has been up for a while. I wonder if he still has all those bits available?
  4. Ive ran a 12.9 in my S14. That weighs 1240 kg sounds like more fun in a sub 800 kg Corolla!
  5. Should go well
  6. The adjustable pulley is to dial in the cam. Most engine rebuilders will recommend doing this on any non factory cam. k series valves have 8mm stems, 100mm length. Intakes 36mm head and exhaust 29mm Datsun are 8mm stems but the length is longer. With a ground cam and adjustable rockers, some guys get away with installing them and having enough adjustment. Others shim up the rocker shaft posts, like joshua matthews did on here. In australia Datsuns are common and cheap, hence a cheap upgrade. In Europe your machine shop might have say vw or bmw valves for example that work out cheaper for you. Valve stem thickness variations can be overcome by using different guides and retainers. Alternatively your machine shop might get some aftermarket valve like a manley or ferra, which is what mine is doing right now! Not sure if they are still active but it seems there is a class of racing in finland that have been using the k series engine. Might be worth investigating seeing as you are close to them for parts.
  7. Not saying yours has. I'm pretty sure my old 5k did out of interest, is most of your high rpm driving on dirt tracks?
  8. The t125 looks more like in line to your goals to me. With single barrel per cylinder carbys, it should be nice enough to drive I run a more aggressive cam and twin webers which smoothed out the idle and low rpm pulsing. On a single carby, sounded like a rotary haha!
  9. Increasing your valve head diametre increases the curtain area which assists with flow and cylinder fill.Typically the compression ratio is also increased by doing this, pending the valve concave. yes, there are many builds around that this is claimed to be a worth while mod. I believe a number of 5ks had solid lifters standard. Whilst hydraulic units still perform, you are at no risk of lifter "pump up" and essentially increased mechanical efficiency through direct contact of the components. Same reasons i believe people use roller rockers. there is actually a guy in portugal that has posted up his 4k build in the facebook page i just kicked off called "toyota k series engine projects and spare parts" depending on the quality of fuel in your country, id be aiming for 10-10.5:1 compression and a road engine and over 11for racing
  10. You could just try ordering the 5k solid lifters from toyota. The part number is 13751-61020 Lots of guys have had good results with datsun a15 1mm oversize valves. You may need to swap over to 4k adjustable rocker gear Id look at the ports short radius and see if you can improve, but apparently the twin squish head ports are heaps better for velocity than all of the ther k series heads. Maybe have your machinist velocity and flow test after larger valves are installed. Yes, you can use your seats. what is the duration at .050 and lift of those cams? what is the fuel octane rating in your country?
  11. Cool which turbo are they looking at running?
  12. Question So if this is your second engine, and it has a cracked piston, how are these engines failing?
  13. Yes I am sure there are many low boost setups on stock bottom ends. Thing is you get use to low boost, then want more.....get use to that....then want more :) All part of the fun. My advice was to build a tough engine from the get go to set up for future boost increases
  14. If I were in your shoes, id be fitting forged pistons, spool rods, good head gasket and head studs. For the effort of trying to tune a carby on a boosted setup, id get a k series efi manifold and and aftermarket computer. (Full EFI conversion)
  15. Comes with experience. This is my 5th project car