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  1. yep, the shitty high rise has too big holes to seal the gasket so i welded them smaller and got it decked, and welded in a v-band underdiff exhaust so i only need one V-band aswell painted the valve covers all set for track day, just need to put som fresh rubber on all my wheels Celica supra is sad, its waiting for a 1JZGTE thats on its way from Japan, takes alsmot two months to get pallets from japan... :( quick wash and hooking the trailer up to the land Cruiser, track day here i come! 10 mins into the day it started shaking really bad, though it was something with the clutch so i took the box out... all good.. turns out the coil had bad earthing... after allooot of hours..
  2. Thanks! yeah snow and -30 kinda slows things down.. :( the car is back home and tested! just a small exhaust leak and aligning the toe left and its ready to hit the track! painted the underside of the hood, I'm not a christian at all but i just have the same hair and beard as Jesus :P soon spring here!
  3. into the booth and out welded alooot of holes in the bay, all the elctrics is in the pic, just missing the dizzy and wiper motor
  4. took the car with me to work...paint very soon cleaning up the bay welded up aloot of holes and rerouted alot of wiring to get it cleaner.. but its still a track car not a show car jap plates rolling the wheel arches the arch in the passanger front did not like the roll, so ill have to do some fixing on that.. thinking of lowering it a bit more, maybe not this low...
  5. new clutch welding up the fuel tank for the track car new hi rise manfiold for the track car, its noisy as fff,, stainless... needs another muffler i think paint next for the trackcar
  6. got the gearbox back together the nigth after i took it out... been dailyin since that and gotten a job in a paintshop! doing my front end at work this weekend ohhyeee just threw all the extra gray paint together at work for free, turned out pretty good! a moose decided to photobomb my photo in the background haha track car is next!
  7. managed to kill the clutch on the ice, the box in the car has bad syncros for 3rd and 4th.. so ill be rebuiling that later, for now I'm fixing another box to put in it later today, my goal is ice racing again this weekend broken axle for 3.rd and 4th gear had a spare T50 so had the part i needed cleaning and mounting again probly should have washed the gearbox but it was not so tempting with -18 celsius outside I'm good with a dirty gearbox.. found a good clutch on a 2T i had, hopefully this will be a bit better :P and another viedo from the lake.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Vseduok2E
  8. Took it ice racing yesterday, alot of fun! soo i did a thing.. i reallly wanted a Trueno road car so i swapped the front ends on the track car and road car.. need to reabuild the front suspention on the track car, new lca busings and lca ball joint its sooo wierd having a LDH and RHD 86... always forgetting what side to enter been wiring the 2jz in the supra latly aswell
  9. what gearbox is used? w58 or T50? and what bellhousing? kinda want to do a 12a swap myself...
  10. happend alot lately traded the 86 on the left for a jap import made it drift ready and took it to the track then the snow came along took of the lowering and put rally struts with bilsteins in it, and some soft springs in the rear just to get it to squat haha ready for inspection and i have plates!
  11. yet another shitty video, trying to get this thing on plates in norway... its quiet hard.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC0PXZrjwgc&feature=youtu.be
  12. winter tires is on already, but i like tarmac better than gravel... got not gravel tracks here and I'm done doing rally on public gravel roads haha, stopping distance is crazy and they are not wide enough to meet someone everywhere.. at the track wierd having one RHD and one LHD.. i sometimes walk to the wrong door and open it up before i feel liek a complete idiot and have to walk all they way arround the car... putting a stock suspension on the levin and hopefully i got plates on it soon, winter daily had to swap my t50 after the trackday, clutch was done aswell.. just a bent gear fork so ill be changing that later.. not used to gearing with the wrong hand while drifting haha be sure to check the youtube clips :P
  13. Hey! traded my first 86 with another 86, a jap import... my old one new one, 806kg, fibreglass doors, hood and eyelids.. seat in te car, sticker form 97'! thats cool! car has no rust at all! not even protection underneath, just paint! 3 diffrent plugs haha new brakes all round, and suspention is set up perfect in japan! prpper old school guages! painted it in one colour and track day! unsure what bumper i like the most short clip from the track day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRqbyJkbO0g
  14. cool! haha yeah I'm glad i'v got the lsd and 4age, planning to put my TRD 2 way kouki axle into it when summer comes.. guessing the stock one is good enough for the winter! time for the boot lid welded and primed spoiler mounted, painted black below the lights and painted the panda stripe on the bumpers all the visible rust is taken so i need to finish the arces up and paint this side aswell.. missing a day of rust welding behind the left wheel but thats it! could not stand the black hood so i painted it, and the bumper need to touch up the arcehs with some gray paint and its pretty much done on this side a good week and a half of work now
  15. i 'm finished with school now, still poor tho... i earn alot from selling old toyota parts nad have a part time job now... colour is 147 ;) here is the plate for you, its a 1984, atleast thats when it registerd in Denmark, could be a 83 sold in 84 or opposit... then its imported to norway in 2004, and put to storage in 2007... driver side/left of the car is now rust free! prepping for paint need some silver paint to touch up the front fender so didnt realy care abut the arch being rigth as you see.. ill take that later when i touch up the silver hmm
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