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  1. Fuzz_ke70

    ke70 12A conversion

    hi all does anyone know what accelerator cable to use in ke70 rotor conversion. has anyone out there done this. has standard 4 barrel carb.
  2. Fuzz_ke70

    Ra40 And Ra60 Diffs

    great help he was...
  3. Fuzz_ke70

    celica 5 speed to 12A

    i am using a steel case 5 speed, from what i have found online i think its a P51. bellhousing is from dellow conversions celica 5 speed to 12A.
  4. Fuzz_ke70

    celica 5 speed to 12A

    thanks for that.
  5. Hi all i am putting a celica 5 speed behind my 12A, it was an auto and still has the pilot roller bearing it now. i was given a brass spigot shaft bush from dellow automotive in revesby when i bought bellhousing. do i just remove the bearing and replace it with the brass bushing. cheers.
  6. Fuzz_ke70

    ke70 12A conversion

    hi guys I am starting to gather everything before i start the conversion. I'm new to rotors so any help would be great. motor is N/A out of a s2 rx7. I'm just learning i need to fit an oil cooler into the ke which I am assuming i can purchase aftermarket. does anyone know much about an air pump. i know squat about em but do i need one to get engineer cert in NSW. cheers.