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  1. ok thanks for the info it's much appreciated.
  2. thanks Crashly for the info mate appreciate it, do you know what vehicle that slave cylinder was originally for, i did a bit of a search and couldnt find anything to suit ke70. this particular unit has the right amount of push and obviously works so i would like to imitate it. are they a universal s/cylinder.
  3. this looks pretty insane, I've never heard or seen one of them slave cylinders, what i can see is the clutch fork is no longer required. so this just pushes straight onto stock thrust bearing?
  4. thanks for the info, i know it don't make sense but i was putting a rotor in the car with celica 5 speed and have changed the pedal box as needed but I've hit a wall pissed the rotor off and going back to 4k for a bit so i was trying to avoid changing pedals again.
  5. hi all, can i convert my 81 ke70 from cable to hydraulic clutch, i have already installed ae71 pedal box as i was doing an engine conversion but have hit a brick wall so fitting a 4k with manual gearbox (sourced from 82 ke70) for a bit and not sure if i have to find a cable pedal box now or i can convert to hydraulic. any help would be great.
  6. wtb KE70 radiator to suit 12A rotor.
  7. can anyone help out with radiator set up for ke70 rotary conversion, can I get a rx2/3/4 radiator to fit. Was looking at the Worley radiators on eBay. any help would be appreciated.
  8. hi all does anyone know what accelerator cable to use in ke70 rotor conversion. has anyone out there done this. has standard 4 barrel carb.
  9. i am using a steel case 5 speed, from what i have found online i think its a P51. bellhousing is from dellow conversions celica 5 speed to 12A.
  10. Hi all i am putting a celica 5 speed behind my 12A, it was an auto and still has the pilot roller bearing it now. i was given a brass spigot shaft bush from dellow automotive in revesby when i bought bellhousing. do i just remove the bearing and replace it with the brass bushing. cheers.
  11. hi guys I am starting to gather everything before i start the conversion. I'm new to rotors so any help would be great. motor is N/A out of a s2 rx7. I'm just learning i need to fit an oil cooler into the ke which I am assuming i can purchase aftermarket. does anyone know much about an air pump. i know squat about em but do i need one to get engineer cert in NSW. cheers.
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