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  1. hey i am interested in having a look at your ke70 coz i used to own one and want to get another one could you call or txt me on 0412 575 867 cheers

  2. "Dubstep is so dirty it makes 2 girls one cup look like a disney movie" "Dubstep, the music that sounds like 2 transformers having aggressive sex" I'm loving dubstep at the moment. always good to pump up the day.
  3. Names Jake. Live in Bathurst. Have a brown ke70 with 13x8 superlites.
  4. Hey all. A few months ago i decided on going out and buying a nicer newer car to drive around and then look at doing modifications to my rolla later on. So i was looking for an rx7 but when i saw this WRX for sale i thought thats the one...now it is the one. Details of the car are as follows: 1997 Subaru WRX Really dark window tint Front mount with "custom" bumper DVD player, Subwoofer, Etc. Standard rims Standard suspension 3" Turbo back exhaust Blow off valve Its a great car to drive and is fast enough to get into trouble which i try very hard not to. Plans are to drive it as is for a while and maybe do it up later on suspension and engine wise. will add some photos when my internet isnt slow
  5. Yea they are taken after the cut springs. I can't go lower because the springs are too soft and ill shred my tyres on the guards at every bump. lol. i need to roll/flare them out before it goes lower. or just get stiffer suspension. I need to Get a move on with the engine transplant/build. I have bits i can do, just need time and motivation.
  6. Hey all, Picked this up a while ago with a suspected blown engine, so i bought it to just chuck another engine into it. So i inspected it to see how it was and what the problem was, i couldnt find any visible fault. So i put charge to it and it started up and ran fine. Let it warm up a bit then took it for a drive. Drove good, just felt like it needed a bit of a tune up. Came back looked under the bonnet and it had a coolant leak or stream if you like coming from the thermostat housing. Pulled that apart and found it had been dodgy'ed up very badly, new gasket over old one with silicon. So i cleaned it all up and sealed it up using silicon (Good old liquid gasket!!!) and then started to drive it daily. adjusted the timing and havent had any problems with it since. It has previously been in an accident but has been repaired to an extent, still some underlying bent parts which wont take much to fix up. i have a new bonnet and guard i need to get painted. But I'm very happy with it. It has had factory rust proofing done and interior care. Only found 3 minor rust spots over the whole car, and the interior is good just has a few stains and the like. I had some rims lying around (13x8 superlites) so i put tyres on them and put them on the car (after making sure they would fit first being 13x8's and all), had standard steelies on it when i bought it. Lowered it by 1 coil all round just so it wasnt higher than my hilux. Hoping to put a 4agte into it. I have a 4agze in pieces i need to rebuild (freshen up) just don't have the funds behind me. Will be doing suspension with the assistance of Fat Bastard Customs also when funds permit. Ran out of rego the other week, hopefully will be done before it comes back on the road. Anyways heres some photo's, will upload more when my phone is not being homo.
  7. Now u just need to paint the underside of the bonnet. :P Nah looks good beau.
  8. Good Job Mate. Stance looks good, Especially with the bonnet up.
  9. Saw a VE GTS Black with the plates "EXCON" Suited the car to a T
  10. Robert, You might want to have a talk with beau (Fat Bastard Customs), He is my suspension Guru. He can help you out with many ways to make your rolla handle well. and has some info about certain race setups pleople have used. He has told me but i wouldnt know how to explain it. Hope this helps. He is in Bathurst too.
  11. I have no corolla anymore, But if Beau ends up coming down i may have to hit him up for chief passenger duties. :P
  12. Note i said shocks...i didnt mention all the rest of the stuff :dance: Give me a yell when u need a hand with anything. I got the next few weekends free. I guessed it wont cost as much as the rolla though.
  13. Fair enough. How long term are you looking? eg: timeframe. Either way i know it will be quality (seeing as how you spent $2000 on shocks for your rolla, it would want to be quality)
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