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  1. Kaye-70 Will do it posted for $45. Pm if your keen Cicca_294 To clarify your chasing the plate between the motor and gearbox? If so yes I do have one and will sell it for 40 posted. Twinballbearing Sorry don't have a 4agze ecu. Only 4age. Azza91 I am located in bathurst NSW Pm me if you are interested and we can go from there. Cheers Jake.
  2. Hey all, Few parts for sale, if more info required pm or text message me on 0448 219 799 All parts located in Bathurst NSW 4AGE RWD inlet manifold for sale, Its not a cut and shut. Has a throttle body attached, tvis model to suit big port. *SOLD* 2x 4age sumps, 1x 4agze sump 1x 4ac sump $25 for 4age/gze, $20 for 4ac 2x 4age rocker covers, 1x rubbed back for paint, 1x black/blue writing Both come with valley covers $50 1x 4agze rocker covers, one painted black, one semi polished $60 no valley cover 1x 4age timing belt cover came off fwd, 1x 4agze timing belt cover came off fwd hole in front covered up $40 for 4age, $50 for 4agze 1x 4agze throttle body and inlet manifold $100 Ae82 twincam big port ecu and wiring loom including engine bay fuse box $170 4age spark plug leads. Suit tvis bigport, used $10 4age starter motor, came off ae82 twincam $70 4agze cam angle sensor and 2 coil packs (one coil pack for 2 cylinders) *SOLD* 4age tvis plate $30 2x 4age flywheels,1x 4agze flywheel, bit rusty but after a clean up and machine will be sweet 4age flywheels $30 4agze flywheel $40 4age block (from memory 3 rib), pistons, conrods, crank, bigport head and camshafts pulled apart for rebuild. Can supply more parts to closer complete motor as a package All could do with some work and new rings and bearings would go well. $150 4age ignition coil and ignitor came off ae82 twincam $80 4agze block (7 rib with oil squirters), pistons, conrods, crank, bigport head, camshafts pulled apart for rebuild, parts measured and within spec. Could use a clean up and new rings and bearings. $300 Ae82 twincam radiator. Good condition $50 Can post at buyers expense and all prices Ono. Computer died so unable to upload photos, however they can be sent via text message. Cheers Jake
  3. hey i am interested in having a look at your ke70 coz i used to own one and want to get another one could you call or txt me on 0412 575 867 cheers

  4. BUMP Will give it a wash and get some better photo's after the weekend hopefully
  5. "Dubstep is so dirty it makes 2 girls one cup look like a disney movie" "Dubstep, the music that sounds like 2 transformers having aggressive sex" I'm loving dubstep at the moment. always good to pump up the day.
  6. Hey all, up for sale is my 1983 KE70 slant front. Car has around the 240,xxxkm mark but the dash shows about 290,xxxkm. This is due to me fitting a tacho dash out of my AE71 which had more kms on it. Car is in quite good condition inside and out, paint is still shiny and polishes up a treat. The car is a lovely shade of brown. Only issue with the paint work is the guy who owned it before me had a minor accident and as such the front right guard and beaver panel are black and the bonnet has a bit of damage on it still. There are a few car park type dents in the car and the roof has a few ripples through it unsure as to how they happened. The car has only 2 spots of rust as far as ive found looking all over the car. One is about the size a a 50c piece and is between the lh tail light and the bootlid. The other is a small bubble coming through at the right rear sill. Registration until Febuary 2012 The car has a twincam 16 leather steering wheel out of an ae82 twincam. Personalised number plates come with the car, KR01LN. Also has a jvc head unit with kenwood 6x9's and kenwood 250w 2ch amp fitted. The car has been lowered by 1 coil all round, all the springs are still captive at full travel to neaten up look of car when rims were fitted. the rims are 13x8 superlites with maxxis 205/65r13's (with about 90% tread left) which help keep them tucked inside the guards. these rims are very lite and have no gutter rash. there are 1 or 2 small black marks on the rims which i have never attempted to clean off but i imagine some autosol would clean them up well. when i first fitted the rims with the stock suspension when i hit big bumps or had weight in the back there was some scrubbing, so i lipped the rear guards and now the tyre doesnt hit anywhere through the suspension travel even when at the bumpstops. If wanted the car can be brought with alot of spare parts including: 2x bigport 4age's one had a bigend bearing go on it when it was in my ae82 twin cam so was half pulled down for rebuilding purposes but pretty much all still together with sump, and timing cover and rocker covers removed. The other was pretty much a short motor which required alot of work to get it up to scratch which was found out when i pulled it down, 1x 4agze engine pulled down for rebuild. i bought it off a guy who pulled it down to rebuild it but sold the car he was going to put it in. all parts have been measured and compared to factory specs and found all t be in servicable condition. only reason i havent built this engine is due to not having the money to buy a gasket set, rings and bearings. also included in the parts is a t50 gearbox, ae71 engine crossmember steering rack and control arms, a k50 suit rebuild (as i was told by the previous owner), JDM rwd bigport intake manifold, 4age cam angle sensor (replaces need for distributor), fwd bigport inlet manifold, fwd exhaust manifold, wiring loom and computer from ae82 twincam to suit 4age bigport, bigport distributor, 4agze top mount intercooler modified to be run as a front mount, if wanted 2 ke70 stock steel rims and tyres in ok condition, standard steering wheel, 4agze coil packs. Theres probably more but havent looked at whats there for a while. Price: $3250 including parts $2000 without parts Slightly negotiable on price Reason for selling is due to wanting to buy a motorbike Car is located in Bathurst nsw Any questions comment here or PM Pics:
  7. Names Jake. Live in Bathurst. Have a brown ke70 with 13x8 superlites.
  8. Hey all. A few months ago i decided on going out and buying a nicer newer car to drive around and then look at doing modifications to my rolla later on. So i was looking for an rx7 but when i saw this WRX for sale i thought thats the one...now it is the one. Details of the car are as follows: 1997 Subaru WRX Really dark window tint Front mount with "custom" bumper DVD player, Subwoofer, Etc. Standard rims Standard suspension 3" Turbo back exhaust Blow off valve Its a great car to drive and is fast enough to get into trouble which i try very hard not to. Plans are to drive it as is for a while and maybe do it up later on suspension and engine wise. will add some photos when my internet isnt slow
  9. Yea they are taken after the cut springs. I can't go lower because the springs are too soft and ill shred my tyres on the guards at every bump. lol. i need to roll/flare them out before it goes lower. or just get stiffer suspension. I need to Get a move on with the engine transplant/build. I have bits i can do, just need time and motivation.
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