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  1. ID buy this if i didnt already have one, its a freakin clean body and all the mods are done well
  2. I have a mate that needs 4 of the above asap for a racecar. Contact me directly at [email protected]. I'm located in Bathurst, NSW
  3. depending on funds i would really like to make this, last years show was tops
  4. Well my dads best mate is in the process of putting an EJ20 into a KE20, qccording to his measurements it'll fit fine, and he'll even be able 2 change the spark plugs
  5. considering the leaf springs limit the droop of the shock, aslong as the shock isnt bottoming out why waste the money? If they are bottoming, measure the distance between the top and bottom shock mounts, take 3 or more inches off that measurement, the head to a parts place that has a shock catalog with open/closed shock measurements (from memory gabriel shocks catalog has this) and find a shock that fits. Then order that in a short stroke format.
  6. personally, i jst wish all states would hurry up and adopt the national code so that there isnt this stupid "each state has different rules" crap
  7. i thought the rule was you couldnt weld any forged or cast suspension parts?
  8. y couldnt u just support the bonnet on the skin at the far edges or corners and then stack a few books on the bracing with the bonnet upside down? Makes sense 2 me
  9. i recon the ADM spec ones look hell better but only when they arent cracked and shitty and the black strip across the top isnt saggy and it is chrome. Definately gonna machine a set up for myself at some point that arent shit and wont sag and no i wont be doing sets 2 sell coz i already know its gonna be a pain in the arse, lol
  10. my KE70 with full trim, sound deadening, SR all the suspension work ive done and a tank of fuel weighs 1020kgs (520kgs front 500kgs rear)
  11. when i put the SR20DE in mine (same gearbox) i mounted a VDO electronic speedo in the old dash, means i can adjust it when/if i change wheels/diff gears etc so its always right
  12. insurance? u mean they cover modified corollas?
  13. if u feel that way inclined, i'll be working in orange on friday and sunday night. After 9pm on friday and 5-9pm sunday arvo/nite, i'll be parked at the corner of kite and peisley st's sitting in my car watching a stupid building (damn security work), drop in and say g'day, chances are i'll be bored as shit, lol Other than that i work most weekends (fri/sat nites from 8-1am) at the jack duggans irish pub on george st in Bathurst, again, drop by and say high, I'm the big dude out the front with the orange vest freezing his titties off (seca) Beau PS i have a flat black KE70 with konig rewinds and a gilly lip and quad lights
  14. if u want to bolt it to your exsisting gearbox go a 5M or 7M, if u want silly hp that is easy 2 fit go a 2JZGTE (supra motor) and if u have waaaaay to much money run a lexus V8 heres a link 2 a crown build u may find interesting 2JZGTE crown build
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