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  1. Built and Driven. Driving this wagon has been so enjoyable. It is just amazing how far off the track you can take this little Corolla!
  2. It is 4AGE swapped but unfortunately never got finished
  3. Gezza the Shelter. Added more to the camping setup and scored a Rhino Sunseeker 1300 dome awning. Fits perfectly to to the side of the roof basket. Set up camp next to the Turon river within the Turon Gates campground to test it out. The dome feature works a charm with all the extra head room.
  4. New Shoes and Breathing Apparatus It was finally time to replace the tires. The retreads lasted longer than I had expected. At the same time I lined up some period correct ROH Reflex mag wheels to go with the new retread tires. Testing out the new shoes with some of the AE95 boys. Had some close calls during some submarine action so it was time to drop old Gezza into Performance Exhaust Centre to get a custom made snorkel sorted. The original airbox that was removed from the bumper bar.
  5. Gezza The Explorer. A few pics from some of the many weekend adventures (My Instagram feed is updated on the regular)
  6. Camping. One of the things I wanted to achieve with this build was to get out of the city and go camping more often. Happy to say that I've been camping quite a few times now.
  7. It's been a fair while between posts. I have taken the old girl on road for a year, driven a handful of times and now back off the road into the shed. Before road registration ran out recently, I managed to get some ripper photos taken by the talented J_Hui-Design-Photography/ with some beautiful "lowkey" backdrops. Enjoy!
  8. New Wheels again. Measured up offsets and realized I can fit 9's under the rear! Went back to 15's as had more tire selection choices. Ordered some cheap Varrstoen wheels from the USA with a speedy delivery just in time for this years Toyotafest and WTAC 2013 Specs are: 15x8 and 15x9 +25 all round with 185/55/r15 rubber. And a short vid on the switches: http://instagram.com/p/fHMcknnHAk/
  9. Another reason that encouraged the road trip was to meet the some fellow AE95 enthusiasts who were keen to meet up. Big Thanks to Jed, Mick, Brian and Andy for coming together at such short notice. Was well worth the trip to have a 95's all together even if it was dark. You guys are legends! Some further appreciative shots of my "car show humor" floating across facebook:
  10. So the real reason for modifying the panhard rod was apart of a couple of little preparations i had for a spontaneous road-trip interstate down south to Melbounre, Victoria where i attended the first automotive festival held by 100mm called "Certified". 100mm I got new DTM Racing Wheels from www.jdmyard.com, specs are 16x8 +25 offset with stretched 195/45/16 tires. I'll let the pics do the talking: Chilling by the Yarra River overlooking the city of Melbourne.
  11. {Making The Diff Sit Center} I've had the car for quite some time now sitting tucked away in the garage but never forgotten. Fortunately i make the effort and tow it around to attend the odd show and rep the AE95 culture. Every time i get the car out i cringe at how the diff sits to one side when its aired out due to the panhard rod design. I found that to push the diff to center i would need to lengthen the panhard rod. Easy. cut it and weld an extended sleeve pipe on to the required length. Further thinking saw a high tensile bolt and two nuts welded in, thus adjustable cheap panhard rod. Works well. Cut section out and tack in the bolt. Welded, painted and installed.
  12. Blew the dust off yet again after 1 year in storage and trailered my wags to World Time Attack 2012 this year held at Sydney Motorsport Park AKA Eastern Creek Raceway. Entered the Show n Shine and brought the Radrollaz car club with me New wheels yet again (borrowed) 15″ x 8″ +35 and +20 Enkei Barrels wrapped in 195/50's IMG_4251 by STi BRZ, on Flickr Big Thanks to Gorilla Industries yet again! Alot more flusher this time round
  13. Toyotafest 2011 came around and this year i borrowed some 15x8.5 +5 SSR SP1 wheels from the Gorilla Industries boys, Stretched on some cheap tires for shits and giggles and to the show we went.
  14. couple of shots from the recent Radrollaz photoshoot for Hot4s Magazine.
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