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Found 14 results

  1. So I’m swapping a 4AGZE out of an AE92 Corolla and dropping it into a less bent AE92 that used to have a 4AFE mounted in there. It appears that the 4AGZE was mounted a little dodgily (fits with the rest of the car) and the Right hand side (timing cover) engine mount appears to have been cut off the inside of the guard and this abortion fitted, pics to follow. I’ve done a little bit of research, enough to realize that the ZE installation appears to be dodgy and that I should be able to use a 4AGE mount and drop it into the new shell. Looking up ToyoDIY though, Toyota have different part numbers for the 4AGE mounts and the 4AFE mounts. There are also different part numbers for the bracket that bolts to the engine. I would have thought they were all the same, given they are all based on a 4A block, and some info I found while googling appears to agree with this view, people claiming you can drop a GE into a corolla using the FE mounts. But, thought I’d throw it out there, has anyone else looked closely at this and worked out if there is a real difference in the mounts ? Perhaps someone has a pic of the 4AGE mount and bracket that they can post up. I’ll post some photo’s of the 4AFE mount that I currently have. I’m sure I can make it fit with the FE mount, but if it’s not as strong or whatever then I’ll do it right this time round, rather than having to pull the mount further down the track. As always, any help appreciated.
  2. Hi, I would like to present my rolla which is my sort of obsession :-) Its now twincharged and I think it is very near its complete state (which I am not sure what is exactly :-)) - Let me tell you my story. All started in 2008 when i was desperately looking for something with 4age engine. This E8 appeared on the marked and on the every next day I made a deal with its owner. It was a bit rusty but the engine was in great condition, car was light and nimble, had this smell of old inside :-) it was just great. I will post pics in separate posts of different stages that the car went through since than. This is how it was on the beginning:
  3. So I've recently become extremely lucky in finding a very clean ADM ae86, It does however come with a 4ac. My plan is to eventually engine swap it but I was looking for more power than a standard 4age (If this came with a 4age i'd 100% keep it with the 4age, but since it comes with a 4ac I feel less guilty about swapping it)I've put together a small port 16v 4age in a ke70 (sitting around 120whp) and that thing was wicked fun but I've been bit by the power bug. My main question is should I swap in a gen 5 beams (eventually getting ITBs) or turbo a 4agze, my main ballpark power figure is around 200-250whp and yes I know most beams tend to already come stock 200ish but what would be more cost effective? getting a turbo 4agze to 250whp or a beams to 250whp (staying NA), I'm not poor but I'm also not drowning in cash, I have around a 10k budget and plan to do most of the work myself besides the wiring and tuning as Ive had engine swap experience already. The main purpose of the car is to be a semi daily (2-3 times a week) and track is 3-4 times a year. This will not be a DRIFT specific car but I would like to take it the occasional event for some fun. Ive heard of some dirty 4agze turbos hitting the 300-400hp mark so I'm wondering what it would take for hit 250, also ive heard some cases of beams hitting 240ish with just itbs so I'm very conflicted ahah, If you were in my position already with a car and a 10k budget which of the 2 options would you consider (I've got my heart set on a 4 cylinder Toyota engine so any other engine swaps Id rather stay away from such as sr20s, v6s and v8s) Again I know I'm not being very specific on power but I'd be fine with just 200 flat whp but if there is room in the budget getting between 200 and 250 I'd do it. Thanks for taking your time to read I've also attached a photo of the car ahah
  4. The build thread for my 4AGZE powered AE95 Toyota Corolla 4WD wagon. My AE95 Social Media Landing Page {Intro + Purchase} I purchased my 1989 Toyota Corolla AE95 SR5 AWD Wagon in June 2006. I found it on eBay (where else :P) and paid a tidy sum of $500 for it. Saved from the scrap yard. It had a non-existent clutch, a couple of smallish dents, a/c gasless, no rego and the red paint was completely faded. Apart from those few minor things it was fairly straight all round. At that time I had already shopped around trading post etc. and I found the average price for a decent AE95 was $3000 so really I was happy with what I got. The main reasons for indulging in this form of conversion/artform was; 1. the fact it was not very common, 2. being able to take it soft roading on the beach on the weekends and 3. choosing an ugly car and doing it up 😛 {Repairs + Blue slip} First up on the fix list was the clutch. Begun was the search for a temporary clutch. Pricing a new clutch kit proved not to be an option as it would only be used for like 250kms. So I placed a WTB thread on a few forums. Toymods came through and I picked up a 4agze clutch and pressure plate from an ae92 with plenty of meat. Thanks Clint! (peter costello on the forums). Now the task to replace the clutch…. I soon realised why I got the wagon cheap. The previous owner must have realised once the clutch gave up the cost to replace it wasn’t worth it. What a bitch it is to remove the gearbox. I found out later that the Toyota workshop manual recommends removing entire motor to change clutch and gives a removal and replacement time of 12 hours. Whoa…. Silly me removed the gearbox with the motor still in the car 😛 After the clutch fitted and working all sweet I went over the car and fixed/serviced all the safety things. I then took it in for blue slip… the fellas went over it did a brake test and all the necessary checks. They ended up informing me I had movement in the steering rack -> worn out rack end. They were nice enough to let me fix it then bring it back to sign it off. Finally I had it registered and I could sink deeper into my project.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if the Ebay Alloy radiators are worth it as I'm going 4AG-TE in my AE71. I currently have the original 4ac and it was fitted with a thermo fan, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FULL-aluminum-alloy-radiator-toyota-Corolla-AE71-AE72-/261213476702?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd189575e&_uhb=1 With the increase in power I am assuming I will need a better radiator. If there is anything good/bad to know about them it would be nice to know!
  6. Thought I's post some belated build photo's of my AE92 Khanacross car, There's not a lot of information out there for them, so could be a helpful resource to people contemplating this path in the future. I was fortunate to get this ex-roadcar from a guy at work, who had spent a bunch of money on it with the wrong people, and become disenchanted with it. Originally he wanted quite a bit of money for it, but I managed to eventually prise it from him for not a lot at all. It still had it's issues, faded paint, dents poorly repaired, rust, horrible wiring with a typical boyracer stereo and lowered suspension.W When it first arrived. Start stripping everything out, I'm not going to use any of it. Body deadening gone ! Dry ice is a real saver here. Stripped several cars of their bog, and this was by far the easiest. Heap the ice on for a while till you see it get all frosty and then bash it with a big rubber mallet, the floor flexes a bit and the bog breaks off. Dodgy brake lines... didn't count on that. Suspension wasn't lowered, it was just rooted !! Coil bound Don't know what this was about, but was in both rear shocks
  7. Hello, My first post. Just wanted to say hi and ask for some advice. And show of my new ride! Rust removal! I have a lot! Best way to fix please. I have some odd areas to get to. https://www.dropbox.....59.09.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....57.47.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.03.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.27.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....58.40.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....54.38.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.28.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.38.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....00.45.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....01.13.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....01.50.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.....04.07.jpg?dl=0
  8. Introducing my latest Corolla This thing popped up on Gumtree one day so I had to go and look. Rest is history. Specs are as follows: KE30 Sedan 4AGZE from an AE92 T50 Welded Borgy Diff Cressida Front Struts and Brakes Stripped Interior, with some switchgear, push button start and gauges Ebay special fixed back seat Velo Harness 15 x 6 Poobird wheels with Achilles 123 semis Couple of pics from before track day Had my first track day at Mallala Friday 16th August. A week before I decided to dust off the cobwebs, check over the car, pump up the tyres and fill with fresh fuel. Car won’t start. Try all sorts of things, find faulty earth, fix that and car runs. Next day go out there – car won’t start. Call Mobile Auto Elec – car starts. Still not running well but not waiting another 3 months for the next Friday prac day. This is how my day went - Car gets towed to Mallala - Car won't start - miss first session - Car starts during first session, but runs like crap. Still have ignition issue - Car runs ok, take it out for second session, get one lap and its misfiring like crazy - Stuff around with ignitor again, take it out down side road and thrash the living daylights out of it, no misfiring so we are back on. - Had another four sessions out on track having loads of fun :) Car still has a misfire issue, took the ignitor apart at home and it was full of metal shavings, I guess from when they drilled for the bracket to ground it. I think this was the reason for sale. Regardless I now have a new ignitor and it runs perfectly. Shame it had to sour my first day out a bit. Plans are: Fit wider wheels to get some more grip - have purchased Superlites in 15 x 8 Fix up niggling little issues with the car Prepare for next track day Have lots of fun without spending much - yeah right
  9. Hi all, I have been researching turbos and found a bit on the wrx sti vf34/36 turbo on http://www.hachiroku.com.au/2009/02/ae86-tuning-guide-turbo-4a-g/ and was wondering if anyone has done it or had any experience or driven a 4agte with one on it? I'm very interested as it seems to be very quick spooling as the vf36 has a titanium twin scroll exhaust wheel and shaft with ball bearing assembly. It has a ridiculous exhaust flange though... custom manifold i guess! Also had a look at the garrett gtx3076r which my mate had bought for his ET turbo Pulsar, but once researched it seems like there would be nothing until 5-6k rpm? I'm aiming for 165-210rwkw, I have a late model AE92 big port 4agze, oil squirters, crank angle censor coil packs, Jdm RWD manifold etc I'm also thinking the smaller exhaust housing on it would be better than an s15 BB turbo as they have a .80ar rear or something..? Any thoughts on this are most welcome!
  10. Hello, Trying to figure out what clutch i have without removing the clutch itself. So i can find a replacement for when the time comes to replace it. I know it has an xtreme clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. This is handy if i wanted to replace it with a xtreme clutch, but i want an exedy heavy duty. I have rang and emailed xtreme to find out what clutch i have from what car but they don't want to give me the info they just want me to but another clutch. I have rang exedy and they don't seem to under stand i have a rwd 4agze and the conversation seems to go no where. So that is my problem This is all the info i have on the car ATM, its an ae71 with a 4agze from a ae92 with a t40 gearbox. Old clutch P.N CTY 22011 HD. And i know its different to my 4age with a t50. Does anyone have the answer for me please.
  11. Just purchased a bonnet from an import AE92 Corolla with the expectation that it would bolt up to the Australian spec AE92. Unfortunately a quick inspection reveals some differences particularly around the lights, but I haven't got the car assembled enough to be sure. Just wondered if anyone's been thru this before ? Worst case I'll rip the scoop off and attach it to the Aus spec bonnet, it's only for a khana car.
  12. hey guy's just wanted to clear something up i know that the gze clutch does not fit the t-50 bell house with out mods but after some scrambling this is the best i could come up with but still not really sure what iam looking for. so iam thinking i want a 22spline 200mm/212mm flywheel and clutch from an ae82/92 rwd ? is this all i need to know. there was also some thing about slipping issues and keeping enough pressure for the gze as it had a phat clutch in there to begin with. any help would be great cheers.
  13. just wondering what size injectors would be good for a ze with a boosted sc14? I don't have any at all at the moment, also wondering if anyone knows the spray pattern the stock ones have and what would be good to get as a "cheap" upgrade. I have heard s4 rx7 550cc fit, but not sure about spray pattern and impedance? i will be running afternarket ecu an ems
  14. Hi, I'm wondering (I may sound stupid) if there is such a 4agze that has the big port head but no T-VIS? The 4agze I'm looking at is in need of a full rebuild and its a big port head with CAS/DLI, what ever you want to call it, but has no T-VIS plate and the studs that the manifold go onto are not long enough to accommodate a T-VIS plate. So would this also help identifying what model car this came out of? I'm hoping its a late AE92 GT-Z levin... I know the AE101 had the small port head, but this is definitely a big port with no T-VIS. Thanks for the input!
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