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  1. Over the Xmas break I fitted a new clutch and some superlites in 15 X 7 and 8. Also recently attended a two day track challenge through the Mr2 forum at Wakefield Park. Was an epic few days towing my Corolla 2400 kms round trip and two days of full on track action. Finally some action shots
  2. Use new bolts. Should use new ones every time. Actual can't believe what I am reading here, the results of this could have been disastrous. Be thankful you still have legs ;)
  3. So, went out again last Friday with this car. Funny what a little preparation can do. This is how it went. - Towed car out there - Car ran perfectly - Got down to 1:35.2 from a starting point of 1:45 at the start of the day. Found I could push the car harder as the day went on and I got some confidence in the old girl - Gets a little hot under the collar with the day being about 33 degrees. Better placement of the intercooler away from the radiator would fix this issue - Brakes get a little soft being a hotter day and pushing the car harder - Clutch starting to slip in 3rd when going real hard out of corners - All in all a fantastic day. Will upload some pics and vids shortly once they convert to a useable format. Have plenty of in car vids. Going to fit new clutch over the christmas break and some wider wheels before going out again next year. I wanted to wear out these tyres on these wheels but they aren't wearing down much at all :) Good value I reckon. Oh, and grow some coconuts down there so I can go faster ;)
  4. I have a set here sans tyres. Pm me if interested and such
  5. Is it still sitting out the front of yours like it has been for near on two years?
  6. Shit luck eh... If you ever want to sell the van get in touch. Am on the hunt for one
  7. Ae71 pedalbox -$250 Ae71 clutch hard and soft lines - $30 Ae71 manual starter motor - $30 Ae71 manual gearbox crossmember and mount - $50 No tailshaft available or t50 sorry. 0430 181 590 Luke Located Coromandel Valley SA
  8. W55 box Good nick complete with shifter $300 Adelaide SA Coromandel Valley Luke 0430 181 590 Can post aus wide reasonably priced
  9. For Sale is our Toyota Chaser We are the first Australian owners and it was imported 2 years ago with a genuine 74,000 kms on it. It currently sits at 105, 000 kms with lots of big maintenance items done just 3, 000 kms ago. Things of note: Loads of recent work involving fixing all the usual issues with fresh imported Chasers. New castor rod bushes New ball joints New brake rotors all round New pads Full 100 k service done on time, replaced all service items including all tensioners and seals, not just the belt. New water pump Brand new factory turbo installed today! Has completely changed the car and the way it performs!!! Very expensive to replace and all Chasers have turbo issues due to age. New exhaust with 2 mufflers. Nice and quiet This car has recently had about $3500 done with most parts sourced at trade price where applicable. Actual value of work and parts put at above $5000. What does this mean? You don't have to spend any on it. Just enjoy it :) This was my wife's car which she used to drive the kids around. Hasn't had a hard time - and always been maintained well. She has gone to a bigger car and as much as I would love to keep it it can't tow cars which I require it to do. Serviced using Royal Purple oils and genuine Toyota coolant and trans fluid. Serviced after hours by highly skilled Toyota Service Technician. It has a small ding in rear quarter which was there when imported. Have factored the repair for this into the price. Asking price is $10, 000. I am only interested in a straight sale so please do not offer anything to swap, unless of course it is for cash. 0430 181 590 Located SA Adelaide near Blackwood Some pics to give an idea of condition
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