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  1. Broke up with the missus. Moving back to NZ. If anyone wants this $6k RC deal. Needs sold asap
  2. I bought a sports bar so I can carry long shit. I really don't like it looks wise but it's practical and only cost me $25. Chopped up my seat rails to put my bucket seat in. Oops Don't weld near a prepsol soaked sock. The finished product. And installed. Honestly feels like my ass is dragging on the ground. Love it. The mini truck bug has bitten hard. Bags?
  3. Holy crap those wheels are cool.
  4. Undertakeristhebest (Chris) has those plates on his ke55 coupe now.
  5. Still just fixing all the small stuff. Ditched the useless internal radio aerial and mounted a proper one behind the cab. Fixed the auto off indictator issue. Dash mounted voltmeter. Ditched the fake Nardi for an old ratty momo. Feels so much better. Hopefully picking up a toolbox for the back tomorrow. I should really be spending the money on injectors, exhaust and a fuel pump but a tool box would be sooo handy. No room in the cab of these.
  6. Holy shit a thread made by Justin. That takes me back.
  7. Didn't even notice that lol. I do love industrial backyard builds though.
  8. Those welds :O Cool little set up though.
  9. Clients who don't clean up their dog shit. My mower isn't a magical shit vacuum.
  10. my mates works for Toyota and he gave me these Lexus parking assist kits lol. Should be good for parking when loaded. Also put horns on the Domo fire pit.
  11. Wheels finally on.
  12. Being fucking miserable and realising it's not you but the missus and all she does is make you feel like a cunt. Then realising you have 2 kids with her. Then wondering whether to be happy or be miserable. Then deciding to be happy and it means I gotta tell my 4 and 8 year old why I'm moving to another state. And the fall out from it all....
  13. Nah I just got cheap eBay stock ones.
  14. Just took the rearview mirror off. Found this jammed in the bulb hole. Sigh. Plus they tried to reline the roof with vinyl and contact adhesive, over the stock lining which isnt smooth so it's all peeling away Had to angle grinder the passenger grab handle off as the screws were stripped. On a lighter note I installed a dual USB charger port. And finally bought new rear shocks so maybe skids will be better.
  15. Wrong ones FML. Didn't realise 2jz used 2 different type of injectors.