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  1. It literally doesn't even have a physical horn lol. At least I can't find one in the engine bay. I pulled the dash apart and found the central locking kit. For some reason it can't make the actuators work. They work fine off my drill battery. So I ripped it all out. It has a starter motor/ignition immobiliser which I've rewired into a kill switch.
  2. And need to do a muffler delete and throw some blast pipes on or something. Really needs a good exhaust note.
  3. So yeah, stock ecu. Fmic was floating so I mounted it properly. Hid the HIDS. Fixed the park lights. Secured the pod filter. Tidied up the amp wiring in the engine bay. Pulled the dash out and got rid of the green dash leds and replaced with blue. Now to find the alarm/central locking and sort that out. Also doesn't seem to have a horn.
  4. Won't be swapping bro. Style side is life
  5. Wheels are off a Ford territory Got a bit of ABN work with another handyman and I'm gonna build up my own business. Ummm. Dunno lol. Guessing stock.
  6. I had a similar issue. I don't know if it was old age of the points or what. But when the car got warm the metal of the points expanded and the points gap closed (this is a guess). I managed to get it to a mates and recapped them and it was fine.
  7. Stupid shit like the head unit not mounted properly. Lots of little easy jobs. Won't cost me any money just time. Need an uncut front grill. Don't like that exposed fmic.
  8. Maybe not a corolla but at least it's a Toyota. 1998 Rzn149 Hilux With a snail. Specs: no idea. Literally took a gamble, sold the 33 and snapped it up. I quit my job and have decided to start my own business as a handyman. But of course I couldn't get any old ute. Mechanically it seems to be A1. There are a lot of small things that need to be taken care of to tidy it up a bit but nothing major. Just been Choo chooing it around most of the Arvo with a big grin on my face. It's got so much character. I've never owned a ute before. Don't have any major plans as it will be a work ute. I'm gonna go over it all, bring everything up to my specs then just let it evolve.
  9. Im just gonna start a gardening/handyman business. I cant work for assholes anymore. The only asshole i wanna deal with is myself lol. Started making fire pits.
  10. Selling this tomorrow. Gonna be back in a toyota.
  11. Quit my job. Decided to start my own business. So this is going and hopefully making way for a Toyota work vehicle. Hopefully fingers crossed I'll have an update by Sunday
  12. I ran a 4AGZE with an SC14 and bigger injectors on a single inline walbro 225 tapped into the stock lines. Worked fine. Never had surge issues. I never tracked it though. A small 500mL surge tank would help.
  13. Gave it a "detail". Might scrub up with a cut and polish.
  14. I just buy HID kits now. Probably the same price its ridiculous.