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  1. I cant help myself. I need to ruin cars.
  2. Was driving around at 3am and drove past a cop who instantly did a 3 point turn. So I ducked down a side street, no lights. 5 minutes later. HIGH BEAMS**** SIR PLEASE EXIT THE VEHICLE AND PRODUCE YOUR LICENSE. Gave them my license. Had a chat. Showed them the mod plate. Showed them the engine. They gave me shit about my ghetto flares. Drove off laughing. Didn't even breath test me.
  3. Drives mint. Doesn't even scrape or rub
  4. He was pissed he had to replace the uni on the ute. At least it wasn't a death trap. Who cuts the brake line mount off?
  5. Preservation of life is a big motivator. A lot of the service/repair stuff was completed over 3 days when I went to inspect a belt squeal. I just kept finding shit that needed to be done. The further I went it was just easier to fix more seeing as I'd already pulled shit off to repair that was blocking access it lol. One of the front tyres has a leak. Dam it. Oh well I'll take the front wheels off, put the 15x8 zero from the rears on the front and whack the 15x9 zero spare pair I got when I bought this set , that have never been fitted, on. Might need a bit more hammering, both front and rear. The pair on the front at the moment are not the same make as the other 4. Definitly not as well made as the others. Pretty sure the 4 good ones were made in the early days of rep wheels, they definitly have a much more refined, well made feel and finish.
  6. I've owned that thing for a decade now. Lol. So updates. I did nothing for ages. Then motivation hit me when everything broke. So like every corolla I went to fix one thing and ended up fixing nearly everything. DF brake hardline cut off. Front soft brake hoses fouling. All coilover strut top bolts loose. Fluid change Tighten all filler bolts Wire fog lights to dash switch Install washer bottle Reroute p/s lines, solid mount resevoir Timing belt tensioner Dipstick O ring Solid mount catch can Route spark plug leads correctly Fixed rear water pump coolant weep Removed alternator and mount. Remounted with the correct bolts and the correct amount. 4 instead of 2. Refabbed the pull style p/s into push instead of the belt being stretched on. Replaced the spare wheel bracket holding the P/s pump on with the correct size bolt Mounted the water pump pulley correctly Spaced out the unused aircon bracket that needs to be there for the p/s pump mount for p/s pump alignment, used correct and right amount of bolts, same with p/s bracket. Replaced oil pressure sender Full stereo system Ducktail spoiler from an s14 Roof racks for swag Bled the brakes Tapped the threaded engine mount hole and bolted it down Fixed the loose battery terminals New remote locking controller Guard work 15x8 +25 15x8 zero Work Equip o3 reps 195/50 atr sport Pumped stock guards, stock camber Can't find pics of everything sorry lol.
  7. Sewed on a steering wheel cover. So tedious. Did a half assed paint touch up. Looks better than peeling clear coat though. And fixed the fog lights. Still gotta wire them up properly. Dougie got hold of me and he's scrapping one of these in the next day or so so I'm gonna go down tomorrow and get all the small bits and pieces I need. Plus a hole less rear boot with unsmashed garnish. It's white but so was this one.
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