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  1. All Asian Day at Lakeside.

    Very fun technical little track. Fun fact: This racecourse has killed more people than every other racecourse in Australia... combined.
  2. Panel van paddock find

    The car has the exact same floor plan as a regular E7 so you will have no issue transferring standard stuff. It's really just the door cards and some dash bits that will be a pain if they're a bit stuffed. I hope you're committed to it, would like to see a Panno thread.
  3. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    Booking the head in for reconditioning this week - cams, valves, springs and computer to be ordered this week. I have absolutely no direction with the block though, will try to work that out this week too. I'll leave you with a bit of a teaser test-fit before I stripped the motor down.
  4. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    If it's your first one, just do yourself a favour and do everything as simple as possible. Baby steps kind of thing. I'd definitely hunt down an AE71 pedal box as I hate using modified stuff when there is an OEM option. My NA 4AGE took 3 years of complete unparalleled unsympathetic lead-footed limiter bashing abuse and still got me to and from work everyday. Turbo is great for power but I've become quite fond of NA responsiveness and reliability. I'll be sticking NA and I'll update the plans in the next post (Y). Very peculiar way of doing it! Personally I'll always prefer the bolt on 86 option, lol. If I hadn't blown my budget out already, I would have taken you up on that!
  5. Panel van paddock find

    Nice dude! MIss my panel van - the only car I regret selling. The taillights and DX front are worth like 4 times more than you paid for the car. Good grab.
  6. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    Blacktop was incredibly hard to source even with cash burning a hole in my pocket. I'm just going to make the 16v cool. Just starting to get the reasoning why people tend not to rebuild these motors. I'm throwing money away like a bricky at the pokies and I have even touched cams and computer. Soon!
  7. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    I suppose I should update: Unfortunately when the head came off it didn't seem to be too nice and there was scoring throughout the block. Considering rebuilding the thing but did the budget and I'd prefer to head in a different direction. I'm currently trying to source a Blacktop 20v - if anyone knows of a decent example lying around - I have cash waiting. I figured now it's ʞ©$ɟed and sitting around in the garage, I'll do it right the first time and put something cool in.
  8. Ke70 CS 4K Build

    Some of the most fun I've had driving has been in a stock Corolla with a welded diff. I wouldn't be chasing power out of a 4K. Your money would be better spent on getting the suspension, brakes and tyres in order.
  9. B.l.z.bub's Dirty, Dirty Nissan

    It's always refreshing to hear someone having a decent run in with the po-po.
  10. Ollie's 4Age Ke70 Wagon

    One of mine failed once. I just replaced the entire sensor in the tank and it worked again - I think I picked up the whole thing for like $10.
  11. Tarago diff?

    I would be putting in another stock diff and spend my money elsewhere (Coilovers etc)
  12. Tarago diff?

    How much power are you making and what do you use the car for?
  13. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    Ascension. I've always wondered why the clutch was such a trooper through abuse - turns out the old owner popped an Exedy clutch in there when doing the conversion and never told me. Sidchrome supplied the most expensive washers of all time to put the 4AGE on the engine stand. This is the first time I've used the imperial sockets. Now I can get started pulling it all apart - hopefully the head is still good.
  14. Ben's 4A-Ge Ae71

    Got started last night. Just need to borrow a crane off a mate to get the sucker out.
  15. Bumper Bars

    If you're modifying bumpers to fit you're better off getting cheap repro chrome bars welding mounts on to them IMO. Even if you go a sketchy job mounting bars made to suit they'll still look better than bars that don't suit anyway. Or take the red pill and go where no E7 owner has gone before - save up for genuine chrome bars.