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  1. I am now keeping stock of Rollaclub logo stickers again. White only. 60mm high x 100mm wide. Online store is back. www.rollalife.bigcartel.com
  2. Not a bad way to spend your early access superannuation funds.
  3. Man, the blue is good. I wasn't too fond of it when I first saw it - now it would be my go to!
  4. Updating this thread with the High Res copy also provided by Altezza in another thread. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0xs2udvrv9qfl2/downloadfile.jpg?dl=0
  5. All plumbed up. I'm not good at wiring and I'm very confused. I want it to be super neat so it's also a little frustrating.
  6. I'll start off this post with this boring and dirty picture of the Corolla. It's been a very long time since the bonnet has been on, so a pretty good moment tonight. I got the engine back from the engine builder and got pretty excited to so slapped it back in the car and test fit all of my sweet new gear. Turns out that he missed putting a oil drain in the bigport head to match to the smallport 7 rib block that I'm using. These heads are pretty notorious for storing way too much oil and starving the block of oil. So everything had to be undone and pulled back out for this drain. Once back in I started plumbing everything. I'm getting rid of the cold start gear for use of the old right foot for a few minutes instead - so I can neaten this mess up. For example of out with the old and in with the new: This picture was the first time it got pushed out of the driveway for a few months The new vacuum manifold block will be here this week as I broke the last one, lol. So will be able to get that sorted and then fit my intake and fuel rail again! Soon!
  7. Patch it up and have some fun! Reshell when you're ready for a nice road car. I spent nearly a year trying to find a decent blacktop package and couldn't get anything :(
  8. Finally got around to reading these suckers this year. Thanks for the recommendation, it must have been tough for Orwell being so far ahead of his time. 1984 is in my top ten now.
  9. Good write up I'm a fan of the blue - it really fucks me off that manufacturers are not putting a $50 part in a car to push people to a $9000 increase and then don't offer major options like manual on the high spec cars. Then again, I'm get pretty excited every time I pop the petrol flap open in the AE71 and don't have to pull the key out of the ignition like a pleb.
  10. Hi mate I'm keen on the black top engine, throttle bodies and if the flywheel is a black top I'll take it too. Are you willing to post to VIC if I organise a courier? I'll call you after the weekend if I don't hear back. Ben - 04252two5831
  11. Yeah, super happy with it. That's another reason I did mine - the plastic inserts seem to go brittle after a few years of use. Also means no more imperial sockets clogging up space! I got it from Clarke Rubber - they're fucking absurdly priced. I'd recommend buying online or through another mob.
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