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  1. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    Thanks for dropping by today kickin5k. I really appreciate the help mate. I will add a one way valve to be safe.
  2. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    There is no charcoal canister that I’ve seen. That’s not to say a previous owner hasent removed it? It’s a Ke20 though, you mention ke70, would it be something added to the later model? I like the idea of removing unnecessary line and dealing with it at the back of the car. Is there any advantage to having the breather vent into the induction system? I assumed it would capture any lost vapour and half my fuel bill... ;-)
  3. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    I think I might leave it in its factory layout and just add an inline check valve. This at least positions the end of the line on the carb side of the engine bay to mitigate having a loose hose draped over the engine. Don’t go to any trouble finding the valve please mate, I have just ordered one on eBay. Thanks for your help Banjo!
  4. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    Thanks Banjo, That makes sense, the line loops up the fire wall at the steering box, across to the passenger side along the fire wall top seam then down to the chassis rail height again before termination inside the rail. Your comment about an anti siphoning measure fits... The loop would be higher than the tank at this point. Strange Toyota has so many different methods to achieve the same result for such a simple item. Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into a non return valve. Cheers!
  5. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    That was a pic I took before stripping the car. This is it in its current state.... still fighting the wiring loom!
  6. (Monk)

    Ke20 fuel line.

    Hiya all. I'm trying to understand what purpose this fuel line serves. It leads from the tank to the engine bay then seems to terminate inside the chassis rail....? Is this correct or have I missed something?
  7. (Monk)

    Ke20 wiring loom install help

    Hey All, Happy Easter! I’ve had another clean up in the garage and the corolla is begging me to finish her... it’s so close. Can anyone suggest a mobile auto electric round the south east of Melbourne?
  8. (Monk)

    Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Looks fantastic! Did you go 2pack or Acrylic paint? The paint prep was what seemed to take the longest on my rebuild. After that it should come together quite quickly. You will be rolling in no time!
  9. Sweet as, sounds good. I initially tried 10mm foam but it was too thick for the studs to reach through. 6mm works a charm but I haven’t leak tested yet. I’m in Cranbourne North, Victoria. If you want to PM me your details I will mail it to you when I get home from holiday? Cheers
  10. Hi Mac, Funny timing, I just fitted new tail lights to my KE20 yesterday. I cut new gaskets from a 6mm closed cell foam mat I bought at Bunnings. I have one knackered original gasket if you want it for a template? Cheers Stephen
  11. (Monk)

    Ke20 wiring loom install help

    Hi Dave, Stu, Thanks for the response. I’ve found my Gregory’s manual. If you can spare the time Stu, that would be fantastic. I am mostly just concerned about setting 1.5years of weekends work on fire! Let me know when suits you mate. Cheers Stephen
  12. Hi All, So... about a year and a half ago I stripped my Ke20 back to the shell for a complete home-job restoration. At the time I took what I thought was plenty of pics of the engine bay prior to yanking everything out. Now I’m almost finished putting the car back together and have got to reinstalling the wiring loom to the engine bay. I’ve done what I can from the pics but it seems I’m short on detail to be 100% happy that I’m not creating a potential wiring meltdown. What I really need is an experienced eye cast over what I have done and some guidance on where the “spare” wires go.... I'm happy to pay someone skilled for their time. The car is located in Cranbourne North, Victoria. Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas! Stephen