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  1. Here's a small introduction to what's resulted in countless hours, days, weeks, months, years of hard work, tears & dollars spent. The year is 2004, I acquired a Toyota Corolla from one of my friends, Nick. The vehicle had been stripped out with the engine bay painted, sitting beside a colossal pile of parts. Due to lack of time and a few others things, I acquired the old girl on her journey towards a better life. Its an Australian Delivered, 1982 KE70 Sedan owned previously by a Family from the south side of Brizzy. Maybe the 2nd owner? 3rd? who knows. The vehicle drove into the shed as presented below, eventually to end up getting a complete nut-and-bolt restoration. Well, we did use some of the old hardware.. but you get the point. More Pictures of Day 1 -> Click HERE <- 17th September 2005 was the official start date of ownership & spanner throwing on the old girl. It's become an unofficial 2nd birthday ! Looking back at the project now and the 50+ pages of updates over the next 13 + years, Its turned into a digital diary of the ups, the downs, the successes and the failures. To all of the people that have looked at this over the years, I thank you for your continued support and hopefully i'll try to update this on a semi regular basis. It still gets driven, every day, as a daily driver - as originally intended all those years ago : ) T
  2. Hey all, new to all this build thread business but here goes. I'm Ollie from ye olde Hobart, currently 19 and slowly working away at this project of mine. It's an '84 ke70 wagon that I picked up close to two years ago now, paid $2150 which might have been a tad too much due to the rust but ahh well. This is how it sat as I got it Pretty much as soon as i got it home I tore it apart to inspect the rust. Wasn't too happy with what I found.. This was the worst of it as well as the usual in the guards, gutters and a few other stray spots. Unfortunately I had to do a quick fix as my brother sold his car and needed mine. So that involved sanding back, rust treating and a mix of bog and fibreglass. Not pretty but it worked. Going to weld new metal in there to fix it permanently. It was sitting way too high in the rear so next on the list was some 2.5" blocks and flipping the bottom leaf to the top to flatten it out. This was the result and I was fairly happy. Again, not permanent, I plan to get the leaves reset. It basically sat like this for a while as I gathered parts. I am now getting much more serious about making this as clean as possible, and doing things properly. I have been cleaning and painting as much as I can, probably due to my undiagnosed ocd.. My plans for this is to have a slightly worked 4k with, twin dcoe's, extractors, Tighe 154 cam grind, 1.75-2" exhaust, wheels, coilovers, new bushes and a lick of a nice neutral colour. Currently thinking of a grey of some sort but still undecided. I'll leave it at that for now, but ill try get these posts up to date with where I am currently at asap. Cheers, Ollie.
  3. Hey all! Having issues getting my smallport started in my AE82 after conversion. •Using AE92 Smallport ECU / Engine Loom •Ignition side/Body harness connector for ECU wired up by auto electrician I got it home from the auto leccy, my lights now worked and all the rest of the electrical that should be powered from the ignition- INCLUDING the car wanting to crank over now. Yay! They've plumbed the body harness' connector into the engine loom and wired up the starter relay etc different. I asked if what they've done is different to the factory set up and they said no. My close mate thinks they could have mucked up the starter relay?? Starter motor is smoking upon cranking. I took that one out and mounted the starter i know works 100% from my old AE82- SAME THING HAPPENED. Swapped the wiring from starter motor to battery with some healtier wiring from my spare loom, same thing occurred once again. ALL my fuses are fine, everything is all plugged in, earth's are fine. Has anyone else been faced with this issue? The car will be going back to the auto leccy, he think i might need some wiring updated/upgraded, the compression could be too much for the starter or I'm getting too much charge or something.. I'm not very switched on with any electrical that's more than a stereo lol. Any ideas?? Sorry if this is all over the place!
  4. So I’m swapping a 4AGZE out of an AE92 Corolla and dropping it into a less bent AE92 that used to have a 4AFE mounted in there. It appears that the 4AGZE was mounted a little dodgily (fits with the rest of the car) and the Right hand side (timing cover) engine mount appears to have been cut off the inside of the guard and this abortion fitted, pics to follow. I’ve done a little bit of research, enough to realize that the ZE installation appears to be dodgy and that I should be able to use a 4AGE mount and drop it into the new shell. Looking up ToyoDIY though, Toyota have different part numbers for the 4AGE mounts and the 4AFE mounts. There are also different part numbers for the bracket that bolts to the engine. I would have thought they were all the same, given they are all based on a 4A block, and some info I found while googling appears to agree with this view, people claiming you can drop a GE into a corolla using the FE mounts. But, thought I’d throw it out there, has anyone else looked closely at this and worked out if there is a real difference in the mounts ? Perhaps someone has a pic of the 4AGE mount and bracket that they can post up. I’ll post some photo’s of the 4AFE mount that I currently have. I’m sure I can make it fit with the FE mount, but if it’s not as strong or whatever then I’ll do it right this time round, rather than having to pull the mount further down the track. As always, any help appreciated.
  5. Hey team need some help tried looking all over the net and can't find what i need, Currently trying to install my speedo cluster into my 1981 AE70 sedan but have a slight problem. There is ment to be 3 connector plugs leaving the loom into the back of the dash like the first photo. In my car i have 2 of the 3 plugs but where i should have the 3rd one i have two smaller ones that don't fit in any kind of way and have me all confused on why they are there and what they would have been for(see second photo). Any ideas on how to fix would be awesome or if anyone has any type of wire diagram so i could try wire in a normal plug Cheers
  6. Hi, I would like to present my rolla which is my sort of obsession :-) Its now twincharged and I think it is very near its complete state (which I am not sure what is exactly :-)) - Let me tell you my story. All started in 2008 when i was desperately looking for something with 4age engine. This E8 appeared on the marked and on the every next day I made a deal with its owner. It was a bit rusty but the engine was in great condition, car was light and nimble, had this smell of old inside :-) it was just great. I will post pics in separate posts of different stages that the car went through since than. This is how it was on the beginning:
  7. Hey guys I’m Finally starting on my project, I’ve had this Rolla for about 4 years, I drove it for about 2 years it started to show signs of rust, I was about to start cutting the rust out but had to move house and parked it at my parents place and bought a motorbike. So it sat there for 2 years and now I have a place with a small shed so I have brought it home to start fixing her.
  8. So I've recently become extremely lucky in finding a very clean ADM ae86, It does however come with a 4ac. My plan is to eventually engine swap it but I was looking for more power than a standard 4age (If this came with a 4age i'd 100% keep it with the 4age, but since it comes with a 4ac I feel less guilty about swapping it)I've put together a small port 16v 4age in a ke70 (sitting around 120whp) and that thing was wicked fun but I've been bit by the power bug. My main question is should I swap in a gen 5 beams (eventually getting ITBs) or turbo a 4agze, my main ballpark power figure is around 200-250whp and yes I know most beams tend to already come stock 200ish but what would be more cost effective? getting a turbo 4agze to 250whp or a beams to 250whp (staying NA), I'm not poor but I&#39;m also not drowning in cash, I have around a 10k budget and plan to do most of the work myself besides the wiring and tuning as Ive had engine swap experience already. The main purpose of the car is to be a semi daily (2-3 times a week) and track is 3-4 times a year. This will not be a DRIFT specific car but I would like to take it the occasional event for some fun. Ive heard of some dirty 4agze turbos hitting the 300-400hp mark so I&#39;m wondering what it would take for hit 250, also ive heard some cases of beams hitting 240ish with just itbs so I&#39;m very conflicted ahah, If you were in my position already with a car and a 10k budget which of the 2 options would you consider (I've got my heart set on a 4 cylinder Toyota engine so any other engine swaps Id rather stay away from such as sr20s, v6s and v8s) Again I know I&#39;m not being very specific on power but I'd be fine with just 200 flat whp but if there is room in the budget getting between 200 and 250 I'd do it. Thanks for taking your time to read I've also attached a photo of the car ahah
  9. The build thread for my 4AGZE powered AE95 Toyota Corolla 4WD wagon. My AE95 Social Media Landing Page {Intro + Purchase} I purchased my 1989 Toyota Corolla AE95 SR5 AWD Wagon in June 2006. I found it on eBay (where else :P) and paid a tidy sum of $500 for it. Saved from the scrap yard. It had a non-existent clutch, a couple of smallish dents, a/c gasless, no rego and the red paint was completely faded. Apart from those few minor things it was fairly straight all round. At that time I had already shopped around trading post etc. and I found the average price for a decent AE95 was $3000 so really I was happy with what I got. The main reasons for indulging in this form of conversion/artform was; 1. the fact it was not very common, 2. being able to take it soft roading on the beach on the weekends and 3. choosing an ugly car and doing it up 😛 {Repairs + Blue slip} First up on the fix list was the clutch. Begun was the search for a temporary clutch. Pricing a new clutch kit proved not to be an option as it would only be used for like 250kms. So I placed a WTB thread on a few forums. Toymods came through and I picked up a 4agze clutch and pressure plate from an ae92 with plenty of meat. Thanks Clint! (peter costello on the forums). Now the task to replace the clutch…. I soon realised why I got the wagon cheap. The previous owner must have realised once the clutch gave up the cost to replace it wasn’t worth it. What a bitch it is to remove the gearbox. I found out later that the Toyota workshop manual recommends removing entire motor to change clutch and gives a removal and replacement time of 12 hours. Whoa…. Silly me removed the gearbox with the motor still in the car 😛 After the clutch fitted and working all sweet I went over the car and fixed/serviced all the safety things. I then took it in for blue slip… the fellas went over it did a brake test and all the necessary checks. They ended up informing me I had movement in the steering rack -> worn out rack end. They were nice enough to let me fix it then bring it back to sign it off. Finally I had it registered and I could sink deeper into my project.
  10. Hey guys! I&#39;m working on a KE70. of course its pretty old and the motor is "functional", got plenty of issues, and is dying. heres what I&#39;m planning to do: 1. instead of rebuilding the engine, ill do a swap which i was planning to do anyway. my cousin got a bt fwd 4age which he will sell to me for cheaps. 2. now i can&#39;t find a T50 or suitable other toyota rwd trannies YET and i know this is going to take quite a while. 3. need a car for dailies and commute so I&#39;m planning to mate the old K40 to 4AGE. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE WITH AN ADAPTER PLATE? or will something get in the way? 4. if it is possible, ill ask my friends who work in a fab school or someone else... whatever works. 5. daily the car careful not to floor or push the tranny hard. i usually travel light alone with sub 3k rpms. 6. look for a proper tranny. thanks for your inputs.
  11. Hi All, Been a while since I've been on here as the 'rolla has been gathering dust as other priorities took over. Wondering if anyone can assist with the below. I have found a Lexus J160 6 speed box and intend to purchase SQ Engineering adaptor for 4age. Condition of box unknown, but I do know the clutch assembly including fork and slave cylinder is missing along with shift selector assembly. I understand the J160 box will place the shift lever farther back in the tunnel and there are solutions available to address that and I am willing to play around with adapting another slave cylinder and clutch fork if they are too expensive new. (Any help here?) My question, Is there another shifter that will fit that is readily available on another vehicle. (I can make light modifications if necessary) I am located NSW Mid North Coast so have very limited access to wreckers or people with knowledge on these things. Any help gratefully received and thanks in advance! Cheers
  12. Hey all, I am interested in knowing what the difference is between all the 4AGE's. I have a KE70 which I always planned to put a SR20DET into.. I do have a blown SR20 at home that was in my Nissan but the usual story I spun a bearing so I don't know if it is worth fixing that and putting it in the Corolla or putting a 4AGE in. I am not educated on the types of 4AGE's, but I have just been offered by someone I work with a 16V Smallport 4AGE out of a front wheel drive corolla for $1000. He may also have an ECU and Gearbox to go with it for abit extra. Help educate me hahaha. Thanks in advance. :)
  13. Hi everyone, the corolla you can see in my pictures, the bluey greeny ke55 is starting to blow alot of smoke and the engine is being a right pain in the arse ever for a 4k with 180,000km on the clock. decided to do an engine conversion on it, but I would like people with more experiences advice. What engine should I put in that would give me the best results and be the easiest to put in my lil rwd beast. Thank you all in advance David
  14. Made my first ever purchase of an oldschool rwd Toyota about a year ago with the intentions of restoring her and possibly making some money on it. Few rust patches (turned out to be ALOT worse), loads of gay leds/supercheap auto crap but heres the spec list: Engine: - 1300cc 4K - heat wrapped extractors - Some querky barely attached mushroom filter setup - Eagle 8.0mm ignition leads - New Carb that needs tuning - New points, condenser & dizzy cap - Came with free oil leaks from dizzy o-ring that felt like rock and from an invisible sump washer :/ - Custom fitted R33 strut brace - Somewhat custom 2"ish exhaust, one Coby resonator an H&R resonator and an unknown twin tip Back box. Drive line: - K50 5 Speed gearbox - Standard diff - New Wheels bearings Suspension & Wheels: - Cobra lowering springs all round - rear kyb shocks / standard fronts - Nolathane sway bar bushes - 3 X Nolathane bottom arm bushes + 1 X standard bush thrown in with a random square washer that barely missed the hub on full lock - 15 x 6 from what i believe Cressida Factory Toyota wheels wrapped in Achilles 195/50R15's all new tread Interior: - Factory option Rear windscreen wiper and de-fogger - Analog clock - Central Locking! - rear tinted windows - useless shift light - factory 8k Rpm Tachometer - heinous shift knob and boot - sport style steering wheel I.C.E (best bit): - Pioneer DEH-4550BT Bluetooth headunit w/usb & aux unput - JVC 230W 6.5" front speakers - JVC 310W? 6x9 rear speakers - JVC 800W Amp - JVC 1200W 12" Sub Exterior: - day time running lights in bumper - led park lights and indicators - replacement semi-sealed headlamps with bright white halogen bulbs - front grill replaced with mesh.. - Unknown NZ Made front lip also came with sideskirts and end caps Straight away, i ripped out all of the tackiness and fitted some replacement parts.
  15. Hey everyone, i have just got myself a 1982 Ke70 toyota corolla CS it has a 4k, also has a ae86 front end and ae86 rear springs and diff has been welded, pretty sure everything else is stock was just looking for a few more power/jdm mods i could do if anyone knew of any from more power to style
  16. Hello Some time in the future, I plan to get a Corolla Ke70 as a first car. After some searching, I luckily found one swapped with a 4AG-E Blacktop. Being someone's frankenstein, many parts will definitely be refurbished or replaced with a help of a friend. But one part that concerns me the most. The T50 gearbox, as everyone knows, is fragile and ages horribly. Due to this, I want to replace it with another trans as soon as I get it. But this time, not a T50 again. I found a transmission adapter that allowed me to connect the 4AG-E to a W58 transmission. This, along with a bunch of W58 transmissions being sold for ~$480 is quite a deal. Here's the link: http://www.sq-engineering.com/4age-to-w5x-gearbox-adapter-kit.html With the introduction done, here's the actual point of this post (Ke70 questions). On a small note, I have relatively low knowledge on cars. Due to this, some of my questions may sound quite general. 1. Will I have to make any clutch mods if I were to do this W58 transmission mod? 2. How will I manage a driveshaft for a Supra gearbox and Corolla differential? Will I have to cut and wield them together? 3. If I were to get aftermarket parts (e.g. LSD, half shafts, etc.), will AE86 parts do just fine? 4. I haven't researched much, but from what I can tell, in a 4AG-E conversion for a Ke70, only the engine and gearbox is changed. The driveshaft, differential and axles are unchanged, right? 5. If - by any chance - I will have to replace the rear axle to accomodate the gearbox and driveshaft, what car's driveshaft will be compatible with the Ke70? That's my main questions so far. I'll come add more I have more questions. Thanks
  17. Howdy fellas have an ae71 with a 4age sitting in it basically everything's all good besides the face it getting a doughey clutch after about five or so minutes driving, heat wrapped the exhaust and it's not worked any miracles for me what else could you guys recommend
  18. Here I will Show you all the progress of my AE101 as I take it... I'm the Second Owner, I Buy It on 2006 with 78,XXXmi. Buy New Tires, Intrax Springs, KYB Shocks, Headlights, HID, etc... As you see on the pics... Don't have pics as I take it... Well That's my Daily Driven... Pics From 2006 More Pics to be add soon... Thanks For looking Enjoy!
  19. Godey guys, Toby here! I've purchased my second corolla ever after a 5 year gap between KE70's. I found her on these very forums, granny spec one owner, family car it soon became very clear this wasn't the average clapped out plate swapped and thrashed KE I'm used to seeing here in Adelaide so I snapped her up. With that said I paid $2000 for her. My grandfather who still thinks he needs to chauffeur me to every single car I look at wasn't please another old car that will be a money pit to fix all the problems he kept on telling me while I tried to assure him he was wrong. But in all truth he was half right, yes it would be a money pit but that wouldn't be because she has problems that are major, no it’s because I'm now older and a qualified mechanic with disposable income I had a dream of a mental 4AGE build. So I've got my list for my action plan first things first fix the only two spots of rust in the car "I'm currently waiting for the shop to do it already put the money aside was quoted $800 by lord of dings literally 3 doors down from my work so easy of access was a big part of going with them" while I was at ServiceSA transferring the title into my name and getting a year’s rego I went stupid and got myself some custom plates "slim front, square rear" with "KE SVNT" after this I found out my boss had a set of Defi gauges laying around so I got the set of 4 (oil temp/pressure, water temp and boost gauge "for some reason I hooked it up for the hell of it not like I need it on a currently stock 4k") for $100 with the controller I've also been known to troll "in for the fishing sense and mythical creature" the common cesspool that is known as Drift Sales SA on the old Facebook and so far I have acquired a pair of genuine DX taillights for $70 and a genuine Nardi Classic 330MM black leather on a black center that I'm happy with also the boss of my neighboring workplace has a friend whose son was into corolla's and he’s since moved overseas so his father has given me a big port 4AGE with a built bottom end and ported top end for $50 bucks "the value for it if it was scrap in his eyes I did offer to pay more but I think I’ll let it slide for now. Shortly after this event I was also given two old DCOE 45's made in Italy so I’ve been gifted a decent chunk of mechanical parts required for my plans as my 4age was always going to be carbureted stuff EFI I think, with that I’m also in full researching mode looking to run a cdi ignition as well with a chop wheel on the harmonic balancer to piss off the ugly dizzy being driven off the exhaust cam so the plan is: #1 fix the rust “well I’ve booked her in and have the money aside” #2 do the minor accessory stuff like the gauges and wheel #3 Find me some 15x7 or wider SSR Longchamp’s xr4 these are by far my favorite old school JDM wheels basically looking to go as fat as possible before rolling/over guards or flares are needed #4 do the flat front conversion and locate some genuine quad headlights and chrome bumpers #5 sort all the suspension and lower her properly I refuse to cut springs #6 worry about a LSD and disc break rear end #7 possibly a respray in the original color I actual like the gold and get the original pin stripping in yellow redone And finally my last once she’s already then drop the 4age once the brakes and suspension can handle it all Here's some assorted photos of the car as she currently is and the day I got her and the gauges, Nardi and dx tail lights and the big port head I’ve stripped and cleaned
  20. HI Rolla Club I have a 1994 Toyota Levin GT Apex, 4AGE Slivertop which we have just converted into a Youth Saloon for racing Speedway in NZ. The mistake we made while removing the wiring loom was we run the engine and if we cut a wire that stopped the engine we would join it mark it and carry on, not giving "Limp mode" any consideration!! While tunning the engine I noticed it retards the timming about 7 degrees, the engine is also running rich. Over the past few weeks I have studied and tried to fix the issue, I did find a very helpful web site which involved a 4AGE Jet boat conversion. Here's a list of things I have already checked * The TPS, AFM, O2, and Knock sensors are all wired correctly back to the ECU * Taken the above sensors out of our spare car and tried them in the speedway car * Tried another ECU * Tried simulating the issue in our spare car by disconnecting sensors Its got to be simple I have missed. Does anyone know the causes of "Limp mode" in a 4AGE 20v engine
  21. Hello, I've been lurking here for some time now and I thought to share my project with you. It's a 1974 Ke20 which I bought about five years ago in a very bad shape. Thinking afterwards I would've saved very much time by getting a better body to start with. So for the next five months I spent all my time in the garage welding that rusty little car. Got a little hurry when summer came and I had to get it back on road so I painted it matt black with spray and drove happily for the summer. At this time it had a 4K motor with some Webers. Didn't go very fast. I'm missing pics from this time, I'll add them here if I find them. Got tired to the lack of power and bought a GZE motor and fitted it along with megasquirt and headers and a bunch of ugly meters. Drove it for a few months with temporary plates and I was quite happy with it. Then the winter came and I had to do something for it and decided to add a turbo to it. I put a Holset HX35 Super to it with CXRacing manifold and Precision wastegate, EV14 850cc injectors and also changed intake manifold to a 4age RWD model. A year ago I got it running and did few test drives without the butterfly valve so the SC12 was just pushing air out to atmosphere. It was quite difficult to drive due to turbo lag. Then I got tired of the poorly assembled megasquirt and bought a Haltech Sprint 500 (and I now regret not buying Sport 1000). And here we are quite at the moment. I'm doing the engine harness at the moment. Trying to make it modular so it's easy to move the whole motor from car to another because this body is not so good and I'm using it just to get the motor working and tuned. Hoping to find a good Ke25, Ke70, Ta12 or something to put the motor on and make the suspension and brakes match the motor. So this Ke20 is just a test platform. I have also a Volvo 1030 axle under construction at the moment, and I'm going to change the gearbox to ZF S5D-320Z from E36 M3. Feel free to ask anything
  22. Hi all, This is my first post and I'm kinda new around here but I thought I'd start documenting my 1981 Toyota Corolla Ke70 build and everything else that comes along with it :wasted: So i bought my little poo brown corolla about a month or two down in Gosford (I live in Sydney) with around 69XXX genuine kms on it off some dude looking like dis, high in the air, but on stock steelies: It was in pretty good condition bar a few dings, had close to no rust, deep dish steering wheel, new alloy radiator and started and ran! Had a pretty dodgy drive back home as the thing pretty much didnt have brakes :wave: I wish I took photos of them but it was metal on metal and looked like it had been that way for a long while... Anyway got her home and did a few things like changed the sludge (oil) in the old 4K motor, did all new pads, shoes, drums etc, the rear shocks were blown so I put some cheap shit ones in to get me through, cut 2 coils out of each of the springs for dope appeal, a AJPS adjustable panhard rod and put some 13x7" shoes on her and thats how she sits up until today: Lovin the roof racks and the granny spec louvre :lovin: After installing the Ae71 Tacho Dash, I cut the dash and centre console to fit 3 52mm gauges (which I haven't gotten around to buying yet... no real point) a double din touch screen Head deck. Also installed some 4inch speakers in the front and 6x9inch speakers in the rear. Purple Haze (Y) I decided i would focus on the suspension and brake work first while i find, buy and build an engine. so i started buying and saving a fairly long list of parts so i could put everything in in one go as it is my daily driver so..... (HOPEFULLY NEXT WEEK!) Anyway, heres what I've bought suspension wise so far: Suspension Parts List Weld on Coilover Sleve Kit (AJPS I believe) Cusco Camber Tops 8kg coils Bilstien dampers Ae86 Hubs and Vented and slotted rotors JDM Ae86 Callipers rebuild with all new seals and pots Braided lines XT130 LCA rebuilt with superpro bushes and new balljoints Ae86 P/S knuckles AJPS RCA's Hardrace Castor Arms TRD Ae86 18mm Rear Swaybar SRI front Strut Brace AJPS tie rod ends, rack rends, rack boots, lock spacer Every front end Superpro bush 6kg Rear coils BC racing rear spring seats (Eventually) Bilstien dampers in the rear All this shit is waiting ready to go and i can't wait to post again with some actual build photos and progress! :thumbsup: :rocknroll:
  23. hey guys, I'm from melbourne, so ive had my ke55 for about a year now, ive been doing a bit of research on converting my stock 4k to a 4age and making it manual, i have no idea where to start, its currently on club rego in VIC. i know ill have to get in engineered, can someone give me a few tips ? maybe like a check list of things ill have to do and in which order to do them ? i haven't purchased a motor or anything yet, i want to figure out how much i would need to spend and get all the details first,
  24. Hi All, I have recently purchased a Ke35 and will be getting my P's (Australian licence for 17 year olds) and am looking to put a 4age in. I have seen people posting about putting a 4age into Ke70's and Ke55's with an AE71 conversion as well. I am just wondering as I am quite new to the world of Corolla's if it is an easy conversion to put a 4age in my 35 and what I will need to do to make it possible. Wanting to make this thing as unique as possible. Thanks all.
  25. I've recently purchased a daily-able FX16 so I don't have to use Surreptitious(AE71) all the time... I named the FX "Skippy", and knew upon purchase that it didn't run. This is what was found when the head was pulled... something broke, and eventually got embedded - see arrow So.... OST-032 is Skippy's new head! stripped and ready for cleaning........ Can anyone tell me why one chamber is already clean???? More to come..... :D
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