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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, i am up to the point were i want to start wiring my Sr20 engine harness to my ke55 body loom, for those of you who have done it or know whats required able to fill me in with what wires i need to connect to get the motor running, also have an external fuel pump which needs to be connected too, thanks and hope to here from someone soon
  2. Hi everyone! I've got myself a 1980 ke55. When I bought it it had all the usual corolla rust (rear wheel arches, boot, etc.) But when I started rust repairs, i found previous rust repairs. And bog. Lots. Of. Bog. Anyway to cut a long story short, I've decided to keep her and turn her into an absolute beast. It's a bit sacrilegious, I know but I was thinking of putting a 4.0 barra engine in it.. Any ideas/advice on the whole idea? Cheers, Kye. Ps. I have plenty of photos of youd like to see!
  3. Hey all, long shot, I'm looking to see if anyone had an engine conversion kit with everything i need to bolt it into my KE55 including gearbox, mounts, wiring ect,also if you had a tail shaft and diff too, i'm planning to go hoppers stoppers front brakes unless you have something in good condition preferably with 4x114.4 hubs, mainly looking for an sr20det ca18det or even a rotory, cheers all hope to here from soon, located Sydney
  4. hey guys, I'm from melbourne, so ive had my ke55 for about a year now, ive been doing a bit of research on converting my stock 4k to a 4age and making it manual, i have no idea where to start, its currently on club rego in VIC. i know ill have to get in engineered, can someone give me a few tips ? maybe like a check list of things ill have to do and in which order to do them ? i haven't purchased a motor or anything yet, i want to figure out how much i would need to spend and get all the details first,
  5. Hi All, I have recently purchased a Ke35 and will be getting my P's (Australian licence for 17 year olds) and am looking to put a 4age in. I have seen people posting about putting a 4age into Ke70's and Ke55's with an AE71 conversion as well. I am just wondering as I am quite new to the world of Corolla's if it is an easy conversion to put a 4age in my 35 and what I will need to do to make it possible. Wanting to make this thing as unique as possible. Thanks all.
  6. I have the ultimate performance conversion for your Toyota for sale! I have an import model Toyota Levin AE92, 4AGZE modified. The car was used as a track and hill climb car with all HKS after market performance upgrades such as: - HKS Twin Charger Kit turbo and supercharged - HKS Twin Intercooled with HKS manifolds and blow off valves - HKS Computers and Controllers for Turbo and Supercharger, fully adjustable - Fully adjustable HKS suspension all round - Disc brakes all round with supra brakes - Performance rims with slicks - Fully adjustable brake bias in car - Comes with a limited slip diff/gear box as spare, has minor jamming problem - There was over $20,000 in parts put into this car originally when built - I want $6,000 for this car, it resides in Sydney, NSW - Call Lee if you are interested in buying this car 0403 725 166 - Still good for a track car but would be an awsome donor car for a performance car/ boy racer conversion
  7. Hi guys and gals, I would like to introduce you to Betsy, a 1975 KE30 4 door with no working engine. I purchased her on the 15.08.13. She looked rather straight and upon inspection I could not find any significant rust spots so I organised for the sellers dad (a tow truck driver) to drop her off at my door and handed over the money. I will be updating this post as often as I can, but unfortunately I have a new house and a lot of other jobs to deal with so just gotta remember "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" (but I just want her done NOW). The plans are to strip her down repair any rust found, paint, full interior, and then drop a SR20DET into her with a R31 cut down diff (Borg Warner 4.11 with 28' spline) and a few other bits and pieces as you will see. Aiming for around 200-220kwatw but we will see how we go. Power delivery is my main goal, as to make it as smooth and efficient as possible, so I will most likely put more work into the suspension set up than the engine at the start. Anyway just wanted to introduce Betsy to you and keep posted for updates. Cheers Robski
  8. just wondering what do i have to do to put a ca18 in my ke70
  9. Hello All, I'm currently in the middle of swapping the 4K in my ke38 for a 4AGE. By "in the middle" I mean the engine bay is completely bare, the 4AGE is half assembled and that's all that's been done. So I'm not even really close to the middle. Anyway, I'm hoping the have the 4AG and K50 gearbox sitting in place in the next month or so. I work interstate so I don't have a lot of time to work on it all in one go. I'm at the point where I need to start worrying about all the ancillery components that means the car will make noise when I turn the key. This is my first experience with doing anything under a bonnet. So... can anyone tell me what puel pump I'll need? I've read on some other forums that some people use VL pumps and others use 225 Walbros. Everything I read was for a KE70 though. Not sure if it's going to be hugely different. Was hoping that I could source most stuff from a wreckers. Any helpful advice will be appreciated. I'll post some pics up of the build to date shortly. Cheers Will
  10. hi, just wondering if anyone has done an engine conversion with an 18R in a ke35 and how hard the swap was?
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