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  1. Ok guys, I know it's useless for some of us, but I was just going through old posts and noticed that some numbers are controversial between us. After checking my Toyota K Repair Manual I need some final factory recommended numbers missing: 1. WATER TEMPERATURE 2. WATER PRESSURE 3. WATER THERMOSTAT OPENING TEMPERATURE 4. OIL TEMPERATURE 5. OIL PRESSURE 6. FUEL PRESSURE 7. FUEL OCTANE
  2. $230. A very RARE part for all Toyota K Series, 2K 3K 4K 5K KE KP Corolla Bought it used a decade ago for a project car. Never got the chance to be installed. Great working condition. Now up for sale. Will Ship Globally for FREE. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264580662788
  3. Hello from Cyprus. Ok guys I really need your help re-jetting my Weber 32/36. I' ve searched the entire internet and can't seem to find a straight answer. I have a stock 4K engine on a KP36 Ute. Bought the engine brand new from an old part store, doesn't even have serial numbers on it :) These are the following installed so far: Stock 4k motor Weber 32/36 manual choke 4 X NGK BPR5EY Spark Plugs AccuSpark Electronic Ignition AccuSpark 12V Red Coil Custom Extractors 4K Heavy Duty Water Pump 71 Degrees Celsius Low Temp Stainless Racing Thermostat Racing Mechanical Fuel Pump I recently followed the advice from an old post in another site and tried re-jetting it with the following: primary main jet = 125, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 130, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6, idle jet = 50 The car drives like SHIT. This is my everyday car. I start it up at 5am and needs 10min to warm up. I pull the choke and it shuts off. As soon as I start driving it just hesitates. It's driving me mad. I even bought an electronic distributor and brand new coil and sparks. What are the best Jet Sizes I can use? You are my last hope.
  4. So it’s finally time and tomorrow morning I’m travelling to the goldy to pick up my Ke70 project. It’s currently in pieces and has already had rust cut out and fixed up so the first thing that I plan to do to it, is strip it fully and begin paintworks. As a tribute to my first ever car, I have decided to paint it green :O My dearly beloved Toyota Lexcen, bought for $50 off the back of a mates swamp and done up as a replica HSV SV5000 commo (but with SV89 body kit, go figure), was sadly written off after a very intimate encounter with a roo. So to revive some of my dearest memories I decided to paint my new Toyota in the same colour. Now, I haven’t painted in 6 years but nonetheless it’s something I can’t wait to do again. Pics of Ke70 to come tomorrow. Ps. Me painting green when I was 14. Ha. That rhymed. Painter and a Poet.
  5. Hi team, First time post here so let me know if I’m doing this right.. basically I’m wondering if any members here are able to point me in the right direction for a tuning/carby specialist shop in the Rotorua/BOP area. Might be a long shot but worth a try. I’m currently battling with my 4k build and hit a brick wall with the finer points of fuelling and breathing. Main points of interest on engine are - 1mm bored block/oversize pistons. 3k head with 20 thou skim. Wade 140 cam. Lightened flywheel. My current work schedule and being overseas has meant that I haven’t even touched the car in 3 months or so. And I can’t even remember where I left off, so pretty much wanting someone to come solve all my problems for me haha cheers
  6. I know a lot of people aren't interested in playing around with the stock K series Aisan carburettor. I reckon they're tops and if it wasn't for the ridiculous cost of a rebuild kit and a dip in the acid bath, i'd spend my days rebuilding these little gems. I've handled a quite a few 3k and 4k variants but i'm looking for any information on jet sizing in regards to the 5k version. I know there are variations between each and every carb but sizing on the idle, mains and power jet would be great. Below are my ke70 4k and ke30 3k carbs.
  8. Gidday guys, I'm having ongoing problems with my little 4k kp bugeye. To save a long story... I'll try generalise this as much as i can. I've been battling pinging issues and now hard starting(also won't idle on its own) So far I've replaced coil, spark plugs(twice) leads, rebuilt the carb, replaced manifold gasket with a one piece(slight vacuum leak from coby headers) I got the motor to run without pinging after i ripped the dizzy out and shifted it around. but the timing was way too advanced so i pulled it out again to restart the process. Which made it worse, it won't idle on its own and the pinging is back. I'm certain I've lined up the dizzy to correct base timing. Also another problem is the points. I can't set them with a wide enough gap(i set them to 0.45) but they keep closing almost shut. I think the cam might be worn down, has slight up and down play too) What is the correct way to install the dizzy if it has been installed back in the wrong way? Fixing the carb did help with the pinging at first but it slowly came back. Would low compression cause pinging? What elsw could cause it to ping its head off? I hope you guys can understand, wrote this out in a bit of a rush. The car runs bloody well other than the pinging, bogs a tiny bit when taking off also.
  9. Might be looking for a new engine for the KE30 soon, if anyone has a functional or close to functional k series for sale let me know. Thanks, Goose Edit: I'm also considering a 4age swap, but I'm researching that further. So if anyone has parts that would help towards that I would be interested. I need to find out everything I would need for that conversion first though.
  10. Hi Rolla enthusiasts, I have a Ke30 rolla and would like to do an engine swap for a daily driver. Whats the best one for low budget and what mods can be done to it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey guys I've been chasing a misfire/det for the last two weeks and suspected it to be a manifold gasket leak on my wee 4k in the second cyl. So earlier I ripped both manifolds off and to my surprise found them really easy to remove?! Gasket was near new condition, so I was thinking maybe previous owner didn't tighten them down enough? Causing the leak? How firm can you tighten these bad boys down? Anyone know the torque settings? or can I just keep them tighter than a nun LOL Just don't want to strip or round off the bolts... happy I've possibly found the cause to all this drama... cheers!
  12. Gday guys, Jay here. Complete noobie to this forum so bare with me lmao. I recently brought a dream car of mine, 1980 Kp60 Bugeye starlie. 4k motor with twin choke single carb and Gilmore pullies. pretty standard. But To cut a long story short.... I brought this planning to get it road worthy. It ran bloody well up until after I put a fresh wof/reg on her and did a full service. I changed the motor n filter, gearbox, diff oils, plus coolant and air filter. The fuel pump had a slight weep from the gasket so I took it out, cleaned it up and attempted to repair it with some rtv lol. Then later that night when I was out she started idling quite low and rough. Almost to the point where it wouldn't idle at all! What would of caused this? Is there anyway of mucking up refitting the fuel pump? Any input on this would be amazing, miss driving it already and it frustrates me that I can't just fix it.
  13. Hi.. RollacLub Friends. i have questions my KE70 4K Engine (General Spec) 1.Rear Brake Light off 2.Engine Round Gauge (x1000 RPM) is off 3.Light Gauge is off (normal light & sign light eg.. Left / Right) 4.Wire broken by cut or incorrect link 5.i'm not sure my wire connectors & pin are correct, because i don't have KE70 Electrical Wiring Diagram. Please help me. Thankyou.
  14. Hi all, I'm pretty new to this, thanks in advance for bearing with me. I've just bought my first corolla, beautiful 1981 ke55. It drove the two hour trip home without too much hassle. One issue though: with the choke on, it idles just fine (high of course). But no matter how warm she is, as soon as I back the choke off, she shakes and stalls. Also backfires when I take off the choke, and will stall with the clutch in without choke on even at highway speeds. Having a search on rollaclub, people suggested it could be an unplugged fuel solenoid causing the issue. Looking at my carb, it seems like the wire on the end of the solenoid has been cut, and the corresponding green plug in the engine bay isn't plugged into anything. Should I be looking at the solenoid at this point? Thanks for having me, looking forward to getting her running nicely, and learning the basics. cheers
  15. Recently purchased a twin downdraft manifold from a KP31. I am now considering putting 2 Webers 36 DCNF on it. Will that be a proper thing to do or should I consider 2 32/36 DGV's FYI: The engine is a 4K from a KE70 with a K50 gearbox, all these replaced my stock 2K engine on my Publica KP36. Any suggestions?
  16. Hey guys does anyone know where I can buy cam followers/ lifters for a 4K-C, one what ones can be substituted that fit, I've done a google but can't find any. Needs to be brand new as I've got a new camshaft. TIA
  17. Hi Guys so last month I had a recon starter; dizzy and carbby fitted to my 4k rolla. all good when i received it it started right up and drove like a fuel injected rolla :rocknroll: . i had a timing light of a friend and it was set to just under 20 ? so i did not pay any attention to it as the car was running fine and started with a touch of the key. now a month later that feeling of fuel injection is gone and its back to its old ways again. need a kick start in the morning and only turns over when the motor is fairly hot. On saturday past i added some valve ease to a half a tank of fuel so half a bottle af valve ease then this morning I kick started as normal when I noticed a miss on the engine when i rev it, on idle it all good but as soon as i pull away it shudders and gives of a miss and backfires though the exhaust then when the revs get a bit higher its ok again until i change gear the the same shudder and revs go higher ok again. :down: is this the timing, vacume advance, carbby or how do I go about fixing this as I just spent alot on these recon parts. I checked the plugs on idle for a bad one by pulling them one by one and each one I pull it idle's rough put back normal like it should be. point and condensor I am not keen on as I don't know much always let someone do it for me. :hammer: :bash: this car is starting to cost me more than what it is worth.
  18. MartyJ

    Ke Auto Build

    Hello Finally I have gained some motivation and time to start my build! I will have pictures coming soon. This blog is mainly so I have a record of what my car has been thru with me haha Cheers and welcome to my build.
  19. hey guys, I'm from melbourne, so ive had my ke55 for about a year now, ive been doing a bit of research on converting my stock 4k to a 4age and making it manual, i have no idea where to start, its currently on club rego in VIC. i know ill have to get in engineered, can someone give me a few tips ? maybe like a check list of things ill have to do and in which order to do them ? i haven't purchased a motor or anything yet, i want to figure out how much i would need to spend and get all the details first,
  20. Hi all, I have a strange rattle I cannot diagnose. I drive a Ke74 Corolla, 5kj engine and T40 box, there is a rattle when decelerating. I can't tell if it is coming from the drivetrain or the engine... it only seems to happen in 3rd or 4th gear, when decelerating and completely off throttle between 4000 - 3000rpm. Adding a little throttle or clutch in ever so slightly and the noise goes away. Could it be a lean condition when off throttle? A bearing in the gearbox? Cheers for any input, Ol.
  21. Welcome! You may have had a look at my other thread at http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/72174-best-engine-swap-for-ke30/, where I was after information on engine swaps. I will be fixing and modding my 4k. I have a forum post on mighty car mods forum which I will edit a link in tonight. Now, my plans for the Rolla are: - Fix the miss in cylinder 1 - Buy extractors and finish building the custom exhaust - Fix the boot (its not bolted on, no inserts in the boot) - New steelies and tyres - New gaskets and piston rings - Paint it (red, orange, blue or white) - Weber carburettor Things I have done since I bought it: - New tachometer - Fixed the speakers - Full service Photos will be up tonight!
  22. Hi guys I came a cross a old 1981 Toyota corolla 1.3GL 4K still in running condition. I bought it sorted out some engine problems it had now I am stuck with the Wiring I have downloaded all the wiring diagrams i could find on this forum and on the internet. I am not a mechanic or anything of the sort I don't know much about cars or it electrical and can't even make out the diagrams as my rolla is right hand drive and some of the wires on the diagrams does not match up to mine. I am having issues with all my lights, headlights, indicators, dash lights, stoplights, reverse light and even the number plate lights in not working. I replaced all the fuses(new) i could find on all the fuse boxes all three fuse boxes on in the engine bay one in the dashboard and the one the side wall panel next to my excel pedal.replaced all the bulbs, checked if they were all earth properly as i read in other posts, still no luck. however the dash lights came on green in color when i put the lights on side indicators started working but flashing rapidly, and it also shows the blue high beam light on the dash when i switch it to brights. but no lights are working. So now i am sitting with any front or rear light only a green lit dash cluster and side indicators. Please if anyone could explain to me what is wrong and how i can fix this I will be great full. I also tried taking it to a shop to repair but they want to charge me a arm and leg to fix this for that kinda money i could buy another one lol :elvis:
  23. Hey RollaCLUB Fans ^_^ This is my corolla, my daily. I love this car so much its a great daily/weekend cruiser. Its running a 5k apart from that its pretty stock. This wont be a crazy build thread, prob just randoms pics n lite mods. [Old rims,old pic] I got some new rims over the last few weeks. Has nice dish too ^_^ Front: SSR Star Sharks 14x7 -2. with 165/65 tyres Rear: Enkei AP Racing 13x7 -1. with 175/70 tyres
  24. Blizzos KP61 rally car hey guys, blake aka blizzo here. New to the forum but usually lurk on oldschool.co.nz. This build has been going on for over a year now but thought i would throw the history up here So a dream of mine over the last few years of lurking in the corner of my father in laws rally career has finally come true. I recently took ownership of am 83 Kp rally car. I have been wanting to get on the gravel for a while, and have had a go co driving for my father in law in his escort. Now its time to get into the hot seat myself. He gave me a bit of cash towards this starlet under the priviso that he sits in the co pilot seat and teaches me with the occasional drive, pretty good deal IMO. So don't get excited, this thing isnt that flash, hasn't been used in about 6 years and needs a fair bit of TLC, but thats all good fun anyway. good bits - - "worked" 4k, still unsure how worked, has 45mm sidedraught but only a very mild, still waiting to hear from the bloke who built it for more info. (have since found out its pretty average) - rego on hold - MSNZ hologated cage, i just need to finish getting my R2 license and get authority card in my name. - different struts with good stiff rate springs bad bits - -a fair (LOT) bit of bog hidden rust - a bit gutless ATM, gunna investigate a few things (buggered mech fuel pump) and poss pull head off - a ghey colour scheme and average paint - VERY [email protected]%kED DOORS (bottoms are very rusty) photos! bad bits - 2ED1E976-BBBE-4BE8-A146-710BFFA73264.jpg what it used to look like - I have since repaired the whole lower a panel for rust, pulled the vinyl off, painted te grill black again and pulled the front struts apart for new shocks etc. have a sprint to do on the last weekend of the month. Plan for it is to fix a little bit, compete, fix a little bit compete, so that it doesnt become a shed ornament. Will get a respray this summer ready for danniverke car clubs gravel sprint series at the start of next year. Cheers for looking
  25. I have a 4k I built up. It has a Weber , port matched intake and exhaust manifolds . Cam with overlap around 266 duration. Head ported. Double valve springs. Accuspark ignition conversion with gt 40 coil. Pulls really brutal from as bout 3000 to 5500 then at 6000 just dies in the ass. Any suggestions ? Cheers guys
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