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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. Once again I come to this forum to seek your wisdom! I've tried asking around but no one have any idea what the heck is going on. My car did not pass the inspections. The HC value was off the scale it read a value over 2000 when the limit is 400. As I understand HC is hydrocarbons and this means the car is running a little rich which I can already tell by the backfiring sometimes. I've taken the carburetor apart and replaced all the gaskets and given it a thorough clean. I could already feel it running better than before. I think it was leaking a little bit. I also ordered some ignition parts like: A new coil, distributor cap and rotor and new breaker points. They did not have any condensers so I have to source that elsewhere. Unluckily the distributor cap and rotor did not fit. I changed the breaker points on my corolla and set it up to the factory spec. A gap of 0.4 - 0.5 mm when it is at the top. Then I checked it with a dwell angle and got it pretty on point. I also checked the timing with a timing light. But after I changed the breaker points I noticed it was running very rough. It was coughing and spitting fuel out the exhaust. It's like the timing was way off. Then I noticed on my tacho that it was jumping all over the place. I have no idea why it does this. Is the high voltage jumping and shorting somewhere since it's always triggering the tacho? I've uploaded a video to youtube to demonstrate what happends.
  2. Hi Guys so last month I had a recon starter; dizzy and carbby fitted to my 4k rolla. all good when i received it it started right up and drove like a fuel injected rolla :rocknroll: . i had a timing light of a friend and it was set to just under 20 ? so i did not pay any attention to it as the car was running fine and started with a touch of the key. now a month later that feeling of fuel injection is gone and its back to its old ways again. need a kick start in the morning and only turns over when the motor is fairly hot. On saturday past i added some valve ease to a half a tank of fuel so half a bottle af valve ease then this morning I kick started as normal when I noticed a miss on the engine when i rev it, on idle it all good but as soon as i pull away it shudders and gives of a miss and backfires though the exhaust then when the revs get a bit higher its ok again until i change gear the the same shudder and revs go higher ok again. :down: is this the timing, vacume advance, carbby or how do I go about fixing this as I just spent alot on these recon parts. I checked the plugs on idle for a bad one by pulling them one by one and each one I pull it idle's rough put back normal like it should be. point and condensor I am not keen on as I don't know much always let someone do it for me. :hammer: :bash: this car is starting to cost me more than what it is worth.
  3. Hey guys My rolla has been running almost a month now, now I need your help, about three days after I got it running on the road it stalled on me, got a friend to tow me home, got home gave it a little push start and everything was fine. two weeks it did the same wouldn't turn over after over fuelling but this time I did not even drive far from home not even 5km opened the bonnet pulled the plugs and they were all soaked with fuel. spoke a "yard mechanic " he told me the carb needs to be set, timing and points and condensor has to be redone. well this cost me about my left nut as he was not as cheap as i thought, last week it did the same to me again dead plugs, and now i even see that my oil is thin and smells like fuel as-well. this happend all just after i got it running and the next day i had a full major service done on it filters, oil new plugs new brake, brake fluid the works. I poked around anywhere i saw they were busy working on cars and asked them or the guy (so called mechanic) and two things was always the answer. one was that the carb is done for or just needs to be set properly, with timing ect and the second was that their is a valve/s that is not working properly or is bent ect. Now i have tuned to you guys looking to hear what is your take on this as I don't want to spend 1000's on doing the head or the carb and the problem is not even their to begin with.
  4. Hi guys, have a 1980 ke55 and I just took the motor out and replaced it with one from a ke70 while using the ke55 cam, carb, distributor, head etc. Has new coil, points, condenser, cap, rotor, leads, seals, headgasket etc. Timing set to 8degrees btdc, points set to 0.4mm, valve clearances set cold. Starts fairly easily and can rev in neutral easily like it used to but if i give the accelerator a few jabs it dies until it returns to idle, also when I take it for a test drive it doesn't want to rev easily and dies when I go over around 3000rpm. Just wondering if you guys can give me some tips or what your thoughts are on the problem and how to fix it? First time posting on here so hope this is the right section, thanks.
  5. Has anybody modified a timing cover so that the camshaft timing can be adjusted (advance/retard) without taking the whole timing cover off? Here are some photos that I found on the net: K engine: T engine: The face of the timing cover is slightly curved, so bolting a plate of aluminium might have issues with oil leaks. From the photos there is a raised edge between the timing cover and the plate. Not sure if it is welded or bolted from the inside of the cover. The raised bit can have a groove so that an o-ring can fit in. Probably the raised edge is so the plate bolts don't stick though to the inside of the timing cover, and hitting the timing gear.
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