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  1. New problem. Ignition only occours when the starter is engaged... Any ideas @Banjo ?
  2. I've thinking of doing a carby upgrade for my 3K engine after I realised how crap the Aisan carburettor really is. I've been thinking of doing a 32/36 DGV upgrade but in the end for a carby + adapter plate it would end up costing over 700 Australian buckaroos. I made my spreadsheets and added up all the taxes and the shipping costs and it seemed like a reasonable deal for brand new stuff. But then I came across this guy that was selling these twin Weber DCOE 45's for about 600 and then I thought what if I added another 300 for a manifold and I would get a pair of twin DCOE 45mm's. Has anyone done this upgrade. Since I live in Norway I'm worried about the clearances from the brakebooster in my engine bay. Does anyone know how tight it will be in a KE30 engine bay? And how would you link up these carbies? :)
  3. Since I live in the cold winter land up north I can confirm that this is the case with older cars! My rolla always spit a little bit when I start her up in the morning! :)
  4. The coil seems to fire when it's not supposed to. I think that's why it jumps on the tacho. Yeah it did happen as soon as I changed the breaker points. I also changed it with the dizzy on the engine. I just lifted up the cap. The points look exactly like the old ones. I did not see any protective coating... do you need to brush the surface with sandpaper or something? I've checked with a multimeter that it is conductive when the point is closed and it breaks the circuit when it's open. The timing is fine as far as I can tell. I've checked with a timing light. My only concern is that the timing might be advancing too much when the rpm goes up. I live pretty much at ocean altitude haha so that is no concern :) At first I removed all the leads and then removed the cap but after a while I realized it's just easier to remove the cap while the lead is still on and then move it to the side. While thinking about it I did get an electric shock going near one of the wires when the engine was running. I might have to check the HT wires conductivity. I'll order some right away. These are probably the original 40 year old wires that came with the car. I cannot check for a light show at night since we still have midnight sun for another couple of weeks. I'll have to wait over a month until it gets dark outside haha. Thanks banjo I'll keep on looking.
  5. It was when I first got the car almost a year ago :) I haven't gotten around messing with it since it has been my daily since my other car needs repairs. Also I've finnished my studies and started working so I have some money again! It's still the same 3K-H engine that came with the car originally. This problem only occoured after I changed the breaker points on my corolla.
  6. Norsk tråd! Post din bilpark her :) Her e min 1979 KE30 som holder til i Lakselv :)
  7. Hello. Once again I come to this forum to seek your wisdom! I've tried asking around but no one have any idea what the heck is going on. My car did not pass the inspections. The HC value was off the scale it read a value over 2000 when the limit is 400. As I understand HC is hydrocarbons and this means the car is running a little rich which I can already tell by the backfiring sometimes. I've taken the carburetor apart and replaced all the gaskets and given it a thorough clean. I could already feel it running better than before. I think it was leaking a little bit. I also ordered some ignition parts like: A new coil, distributor cap and rotor and new breaker points. They did not have any condensers so I have to source that elsewhere. Unluckily the distributor cap and rotor did not fit. I changed the breaker points on my corolla and set it up to the factory spec. A gap of 0.4 - 0.5 mm when it is at the top. Then I checked it with a dwell angle and got it pretty on point. I also checked the timing with a timing light. But after I changed the breaker points I noticed it was running very rough. It was coughing and spitting fuel out the exhaust. It's like the timing was way off. Then I noticed on my tacho that it was jumping all over the place. I have no idea why it does this. Is the high voltage jumping and shorting somewhere since it's always triggering the tacho? I've uploaded a video to youtube to demonstrate what happends.
  8. Thank's for the awnser but the problem magically fixed itself..... The speed was showing the double amount and the odometer was counting km twice as fast, wierd issues....
  9. Hello. I just noticed today that my KE30 is showing an unusually high speed on the speedo. Infact it's about double of what the GPS on my phone shows. Anyone come across this issue? The reduction for the cable must have skipped a gear, if it's possible at all? It still counts how far the car has driven. Anyone got any ideas? :D
  10. I'm removing the diff off my old rolla. Anyone have the torque specifications for the diff, driveshaft, brakes and leafsprings?
  11. Hello. At some point the previous owner of my KE30 have replaced the complete doors with a pair of green ones and have kept the brown door panels with it. Do any of you know a pair of beige door panels that would go along with my interior? Thank you :)
  12. The pictures are down. Do you still have them?
  13. I'm trying to hunt down a timing chain kit, with spockets tensioner and chains. Can anyone guide me to a good website for this?
  14. Start a kickstarter! :P I'd back it
  15. What parts are a almost a must to change on any 3K when taking apart? :) I'm gonna order piston rings but should I get the block honed or is the piston rings enough for a cheap rebuild?
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