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  1. Media loves exaggerating Facts don't sell There has been talks of banning sale of NEW diesel and petrol cars in norway from 2025 but nothing decided yet. There`s no mention of when old ones will be prohibited Lots of New electric and hybrids being sold these days due to small or no tax, tollfee, parking expenses ++ so owners of ICE cars subsidice El cars. Not happy about it as I got six of them.
  2. Beautyful 55 you got there. Butyl sealant stays soft - does the job
  3. Kentcams sell single valvesprings to suit the T125 : VS35 and adjustable pulley : S63 3F lifters and "Twin squish 4k pushrods" are the parts Toyota originally used in their solid lifter vertion of 5K so wouldnt call it mix and match. Keeping Hydro lifters would need a different cam grind and New or resurfacing of lifters
  4. The ones from the 4k twin squish. amayama had New originals in Stock 2-3 years ago
  5. Hi. Depends wich t50 you got. What year is it and out of what car?
  6. find original part number and try amayama
  7. jap banjo diffs have a ID code starting with a letter followed by three digits. . Indicates Crown diameter, ratio and lsd or not E7 Corollas came with s,t and u code diffs.+ borg warner for ADM http://www.club-k.co.nz/Forums/viewthread.php?tid=10452
  8. Hi. That looks like a standard borg warner. On Jap banjo diffs (S,T,U) the bolts are facing forward
  9. Hi. kp6 hubs are straight swap. ke3 hubs need a different bearing as said. . Id look into using kp61 brake disc and caliper as theyre bigger and better. I don't know if brackets fit strut Cheers .
  10. Sorry, meant piston compression height, not pin height If you can turn engine, you can measure the stroke
  11. Do the New pistons have the same pin height as the old ones? How far below flush are they?
  12. Yes, you can measure from input flange to housing flange. S : 195mm T : 225mm http://www.club-k.co...d.php?tid=24477 Also, should be stamped on alu I.D tag on firewall Saw there`s a good S series r&p set for sale in finland at the moment . Probably wont find lsd for it tho. S : 8 stud housing flange T: 10bolt housing flange
  13. Start by checking if its a T or S series diff you got ;)
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