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  1. If you are still looking for the P\Box I have 1 Aaron.
  2. Everything was from the XT130, Steering arm{where your tie rod bolts to},strut,rotor,caliper.Just chance your spring and top mount to KE55,and it will go straight in.
  3. I used XT130 parts and it works well. I just used the KE55 spring and top mount. I still use 13"mags but 14" are better as you get more clearance from the caliper. Aaron.
  4. Will get shipping cost tom {Tuesday} Send me your email address.
  5. No worries. Will get a price on shipping ASAP.
  6. No worries. Will need your address to work out postage. Do you want insurance ?
  7. Ferly, I has 2. $75.00 each plus shipping. Cheers, Aaron.
  8. I have 1 . Live up the road in Maryborough. $375.00+ freight. Aaron.
  9. Can supply most parts but live in Maryborough QLD. Aaron.
  10. Take it you do not want my carbies anymore after saying you did. A email saving yes or no would be nice.
  11. Came across this on e\bay WRECKING TOYOTA CORROLA KE30 WAGON eBay item number: 182121900907 If anyone is chasing A\C this has it except for the compressor and bracket. If any one buys it I can supply the compressor and bracket.The car is in Vic I am in Qld.
  12. My father came across these when he was cleaning out the back shed. $ 20.00 for 4 posted anywhere in Australia. If interested contact via email for payment details under heading grill screw grummets. [email protected] Aaron P.s They are brand new
  13. YES There is a KE35 on Gumtree with factory A\C and there is a semi complete system on e\bay for sale asking $400 +. To install around a day with no hang ups to some one who knows what they are doing.
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