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  1. Anyone still making front spoiler and bolt on flares for a KE35? Cheers, Aaron
  2. I just pulled down a 4K and it has the combustion chamber is in the piston. What modle Corolla had this type of 4K? This is the first time my father and I have found a motor like this. Any help would be great. Aaron
  3. I can sell you a manual pedal box if you still need one? Aaron
  4. Sent a p\massage back .Please check.
  5. No problem. Will need your address for shipping cost. Do you require insurance? Aaron. P.s. Anychance you can send your email address?
  6. If still required I may have one.
  7. Mate, Sorry for the late reply,but I have moved and had nothing but trouble with NBN.Please contact me if still required.
  8. If you are still looking for the P\Box I have 1 Aaron.
  9. Everything was from the XT130, Steering arm{where your tie rod bolts to},strut,rotor,caliper.Just chance your spring and top mount to KE55,and it will go straight in.
  10. I used XT130 parts and it works well. I just used the KE55 spring and top mount. I still use 13"mags but 14" are better as you get more clearance from the caliper. Aaron.
  11. Will get shipping cost tom {Tuesday} Send me your email address.
  12. No worries. Will get a price on shipping ASAP.
  13. No worries. Will need your address to work out postage. Do you want insurance ?
  14. Ferly, I has 2. $75.00 each plus shipping. Cheers, Aaron.
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