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  1. Parrot, What is your offer on the A\C?
  2. Are you still interested in the A\C?
  3. Phillipp, I have 1 but I am in Australia.The only problem is that the shipping cost would be more than the price of the g\box.
  4. Up the road in Maryborough. Give me a ring if you want 41216141.
  5. No prolbem if you know the Scrutiner Will be parting it out if there is interest
  6. This option was just in case you wanted to go racing
  7. At this time I want to sell it complete. If no one wants the whole car I may start selling it as parts.
  8. Selling this hardtop as a parts car. What you see is what you get $1,500.00
  9. Anyone still making front spoiler and bolt on flares for a KE35? Cheers, Aaron
  10. I just pulled down a 4K and it has the combustion chamber is in the piston. What modle Corolla had this type of 4K? This is the first time my father and I have found a motor like this. Any help would be great. Aaron
  11. I can sell you a manual pedal box if you still need one? Aaron
  12. Sent a p\massage back .Please check.
  13. No problem. Will need your address for shipping cost. Do you require insurance? Aaron. P.s. Anychance you can send your email address?
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