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  1. 78 Coupe

    5 speed gearbox

    I have 1 . Live up the road in Maryborough. $375.00+ freight. Aaron.
  2. 78 Coupe

    [WTB] VIC KE55 Parts

    Can supply most parts but live in Maryborough QLD. Aaron.
  3. Take it you do not want my carbies anymore after saying you did. A email saving yes or no would be nice.
  4. Came across this on e\bay WRECKING TOYOTA CORROLA KE30 WAGON eBay item number: 182121900907 If anyone is chasing A\C this has it except for the compressor and bracket. If any one buys it I can supply the compressor and bracket.The car is in Vic I am in Qld.
  5. 78 Coupe

    Wanted Chrome Grill Ke30 1979

    That looks like early KE55
  6. 78 Coupe

    Grill Screw Grummets

    My father came across these when he was cleaning out the back shed. $ 20.00 for 4 posted anywhere in Australia. If interested contact via email for payment details under heading grill screw grummets. [email protected] Aaron P.s They are brand new
  7. 78 Coupe

    Ke30 Air Con

    YES There is a KE35 on Gumtree with factory A\C and there is a semi complete system on e\bay for sale asking $400 +. To install around a day with no hang ups to some one who knows what they are doing.
  8. MX62 Cressida had a 5Mge that had less than 30,000 K's on it when fitted at 320,000,car now done 353257K's. Everything works as it should.No tears in ether seats or carpet, minor rust behind rear bumper bar. Paint good few scratches from car parks. Rego until 13\5\16 Trailer load of spares too many to list. Asking $2,050 or make an offer that can't be refused. Please contact via email [email protected] Maryborough QLD
  9. 78 Coupe

    2Tg Solex Throttle Linkage Kit

    My father used an XD ford throttle cable on he's rally car.Just made a bracket out of ally for adjustment.Bolted up the same as the original.
  10. 78 Coupe

    Corolla Ke55 Coupe Wrecking

    Pics please.
  11. 78 Coupe

    Ke55 Hardtop Wrecking

    p.m sent.
  12. 78 Coupe

    Retanning Ring

    Hi All, Chasing a headlight retaniing rings for my KE35 G\C. Anychance? Aaron.
  13. 78 Coupe

    4K Carbie

    Try taking the fuel cap off and try starting it. If it starts check the pipe to the carbon box.as it might be blocked. Also could be a problem with the fuel cap.