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  1. Kit is from a fwd 4agze corolla Sc12 Microtech ltx8+loom+coils intake manifold+throttle body Intercooler, piping ect Boost guage Afm guage and sensor Bosch 044 fuel pump brand new needs fittings New k&n pod filter Fuel pressure reg 4agze injectors Also have standard low compression forgies, and a complete, stripped 4agze engine here. Make an offer Will get pics tomorrow. $1000ono
  2. For sale, complete package. 16v bigport (with tvis) Engine imported in ~1992 by my old man and stored ever since. Never run untill last year. Have vids of engine running. No error codes registered on ECU. The Good: -Includes RWD inlet manifold, TVIS Plate, 2 throttle bodies, 1 with bent shaft both with TPS -Second fuel rail included -Includes cast exhaust manifold -RWD alternator and bracket included -ECU, igniter and coil included -Clutch and flywheel included -Have a spark plug valley cover as well -New dizzy cap (holes don't line up perfectly so will need to be drilled out a little) The Bad: -Might need head gasket (was a little bit of foamy shit in the radiator when I had it running - half a palm full at most) - could be nothing -Home made wiring loom will probably need to be replaced (all connectors included) -No gearbox sandwich plate -No engine mounts -No gearbox supports/wings $800 Located Brisbane Northside
  3. Thought I might just bring all my ads together into one thread My name is Jordan and I run KE conversions I offer simple design engine conversion kits for older KE series corolla's. All my mounts are designed in the same way so that you remove your dirty old k series engine then bolt my mounts to your engine of choice and drop it straight back onto the original engine crossmember with no other modifications needed. All my kits are designed with a no firewall or tunnel cutting policy. Some slight tunnel massaging or sump modification may be required in some conversions. This will be specified in the description of fitting requirements. A quick list of conversions i offer, this also acts as an index to find the conversion. TA22: SR20 KE10: 4AGE KE20: 4AGE, CA18, SR20, 3SGTE KE30: 4AGE, CA18, SR20, 3SGE BEAMS, 3SGTE, 1JZ/2JZ KE70: 4AGE, CA18, SR20, 1JZ 2JZ, 3SGE BEAMS, 3SGTE, COMMO V6, 1UZFE, 4G63, 3RZFE AE86: 4AGE, CA18, SR20, 3SGE BEAMS, 4G63, 3SGTE, 1UZFE, 1JZ/2JZ RA65/ST141 celica/corona: CA18, SR20 TA22 SERIES CONVERSION I made 2 versions of this kit, 1 upright, 1 with the factory tilt. NOTE: this is done with an S14 SR20 with the top mounted plenum, if you use the S13 engine the standard intake will not clear the steering box so a custom plenum will be required. Both kits are only a few mm off the firewall, this was necessary to have it this close as to get the steering clearance so there will be some firewall tapping to get some clearance & around the top of the tunnel for the bellhousing. Upright kit - looks good, aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Nothing wrong with it being upright though the sump doesnt follow the crossmember. If you choose the upright kit you will have to grind a small amount out of the webbing at the back of the sump as the draglink (steering arm) stops just short of full lock hitting the sump. Or you could go a custom draglink if your worried or don't want to grind anything off the sump. Also sump to engine crossmember is not quite 10mm clearance on the drivers side so for engineering purposes have to either cut/bash the crossmember (small section) or cut and weld a small amount off the sump. In the upright position, the head sits further away from the heater outlets WITH the mounting tab cut off. Option 2 Factory tilt - Sits on the angle and personally looks not right, but it follows the sump perfectly, has better clearance and there is probably 2 -3 mm clearance on full lock. The heater hoses may have to be relocated coming through the firewall as there is only a few mm clearance and this is with the mounting tab cut off. So if your engine shakes too much you may pierce the hoses. Gearbox crossmember has been designed to allow for a high mounted exhaust Full kit: Block mounts Rubber mounts Gearbox crossmember Bolt kit $350 KE10 SERIES CONVERSION Now available 4AGE into KE10 kits When sitting this engine in the bay i was surprised at the drama's it gave me. One of the smallest engines you can convert to in this shell still gave me a few issues, wouldnt recommend putting any other engine in unless you don't mind replacing the firewall and tunnel as the T50 only just squeezes in there. The thing weighs in at 690kg so just a n/a 4age with a few mods should go pretty damn well, 4AGTE if you really want to do some quick 1/4 mile times. Fitting requirements : Steering, inlet manifold (bigport) and clutch slave are the main issues. Steering and inlet manifold - it had to be one or the other, if i were to make it fit so the inlet manifold could be used you wouldnt be able to turn full lock, so i figured steering would be more expensive to replace or get to work than an inlet manifold. Mind you we are talking about a bigport rwd inlet manifold (hits on the brake master) I'm certain a smallport inlet manifold would clear or at least be easier to modify if it doesnt fit due to it having single runners instead of twin runners for the tvis on the bigport. However there is room on the engine mounts to notch the holes out to bring the engine forward if you don't mind sacrificing a bit of lock to be able to use the standard bigport manifold. So as it sits, steering clears only just and this is without the engine to gearbox lower brackets. Slave cylinder - I have used a ADM bellhousing (slave on passenger side) on a T50 gearbox and with the fitment of a slave cylinder you can't even get half a turn without it hitting, I'm sure if you used a JDM bellhousing you might run into the same problem, someone can correct me if you try. So option will be when i get around to designing the hydraulic pedal box kits for the KE10 series, is a howe type hydraulic throw out bearing. I will update as I get closer to finishing the design. Gearbox crossmember - As the KE10 only has 2 bolt holes for a gearbox crossmember, i HIGHLY recommend drilling out the crossmember and chassis rail for a 2nd set of bolt holes. An easy way to get an extra pair of bolt holes in are called "nutserts or nut inserts" have a google/youtube, these are very handy and cheap for when modifying cars. Firewall - firewall itself clears fine, but the bulge one the firewall is less than 10mm clearance from the back of the head. Legal requirements are 10mm or more clearance so you will need to do some slight massaging or whatever your method is. Water outlet - i am using a AE82 water outlet on the back of the cylinder head and due to the bulge i can not fit it. It may fit after the bulge is flattened or I will look into making some slimline outlets soon. Pics Pic of where the booster will hit the inlet manifold and for the amount of people who have suggested to me that the KE10 and KE20 share the same crossmember . . . here is the comparison, blue crossmember KE20, black crossmember KE10 Full kit : Block mounts Rubber mounts Gearbox crossmember Full bolt kit Price: $300 KE20 SERIES CONVERSION Includes KE20 KE25 and KE26 4AGE + T50 kits available $300 for a full bolt in kit includes : Block mounts Rubber mounts Sway bar spacers Geabox crossmember Complete bolt kit Comments : For a little engine its still tight in the front and back, but the best fitting engine. Remember the KE20 weighs next to nothing so it doesnt need much to push it around. Sway bar is just a fraction too close to the crank pulley so it needs to be spaced down minimum 8mm. If you plan on running a 4AGE 20v, there is little room at the back of the 16v engine so you may have to cut or bash the firewall for the distributor. You need to make a new shifter hole. I have spoken with a customer recently and i will re-design some engine mounts so that you can run a 20v without firewall cutting/bashing, however this will mean you will have to run a custom swaybar. Blue crossmember is for the 4AGE into KE20 CA18DE/T + 5 Speed kits available $350 for a full kit Includes: Block mounts Rubber mounts Gearbox crossmember Complete bolt kit Comments: I get alot of requests for SR20 into KE20, but what people don't realize is the amount of work involved over an SR20 as opposed to a CA18. I'm not even sure an SR20 turbo will be legal but you can engineer a CA18 turbo. In a tiny little KE20, you wont be missing those extra 200cc's, but if you do you can always stoke out your CA18. Unlike the SR20, the CA18 goes in (only just) WITHOUT firewall or tunnel cutting/replacing. This engine is a tight fit! For those of you who know about the common problems when doing this conversion is the steering being very tight fit. On full lock to the right the steering arm is only milimeters off the bellhousing. The reason I have mounted the engine the way it is, is because of my NO firewall cutting policy, but the option is there to be able to move the engine further back or not. The back of the cylinder head is only about 5mm of the the firewall. When I say the firewall I'm talking about the bulge on the firewall that is there for the heater fan on the other side. If you don't mind ditching the fan in the cabin, or moving it to be able to push/bash the bulge in on the firewall, you could easily slot the hole's on the engine mounts and gearbox crossmember to gain another 10mm of clearance on both the steering and firewall. You can not run the standard sway bar You can not use the standard gearbox stays, you could modify them and they may work but the steering fouls on them. Or if you did something about the firewall bulge and moved the motor back you may get away with using the standard gearbox stays The gearbox crossmember's have been designed to allow for an exhaust tp be made closer to the floorpan, giving you better ground clearance for lowred cars. So for all you anti CA18 people the SR20 into KE20 kit is now available. Personally I don't understand why so many people are adamant on going the SR20 path, i would be more than happy with a 4AGTE in a 800kg platform car, would go in with half of the work but meh. So fitting requirements: Steering and tunnel are the two main issues. So to get around the steering are two options, when i made this kit I had two engines on hand. 1st engine I completely ground off all the webbing at the rear of the sump, this was not necessary but made fitting the engine easier. Then once the mounts were tac'd I swapped it over for a non modified sump engine, i couldnt get the steering bolted back up so what i can suggest is grinding small amounts of the webbing off until you achieve good clearance OR I have seen custom drag link's made up. As most of my latest released kits there is room on the mounts to notch the holes to move the engine further back if you not happy where it sits or you just want better weight distribution. As it sits the bellhousing is hard pressed on the tunnel, so you will have to either give it some love with a hammer OR cut and replace it, personally i think a good beating will work out fine. The body of the gearbox has good clearance, but the tapered tunnel where the shifter will comes out will need to be cut and replaced. The bulge on the firewall for the blower fan has been cut out but the rest of the firewall remains intact. Currently there is around 15mm clearance of engine to firewall, so there is still room to go back and this should achieve better steering clearance. Using an S13 engine with the factory intake will not allow you to run the standard brake master, so you will have to use a custom intake manifold on your S13 engine. Using a S14 engine it clears the brake master fine. My hydraulic pedal box kit for the KE20 series puts the clutch master on the other side of the brake master (so drivers side) as opposed to the usual passenger side so it will clear also. The brake line distribution/connector blocks have been removed as they get in the way of the back of the engine so you will have to make up new brake lines. Sump sits around 5 - 10mm lower than the engine crossmember, and bonnet clearance is about 1" I found this build thread to be very good and informative, gives you an idea of what you are about to commit to http://www.rollaclub...0-powered-ke20/ Pics : Full kit : Block mounts Rubber mounts Gearbox crossmember Complete bolt kit Price $350 3SGE/3SGTE into KE20 series corolla The 3SGTE is one of the most compact 2ltr engines available, and best part is they are toyota! Putting one of these in your 800kg platform corolla would haul ass, fits lot better than the SR20 but obviously a bit of custom work to go with. Fitting requirements: I have removed the bulge on the firewall to get a much better fit, this is easy to do and replace it with a bit of sheet steel and you can space out the blower fan under the dash or just not run an interior blower fan. The bellhousing clears fine but the body of the gearbox is hard pressed up against the tunnel so some tunnel work is required. Now before you go cutting your tunnel completely out, something i have seen before might be an easier option i thought i might share. You can cut a slit right down the top/middle and down the side like so . . . So once cut you can pry the tunnel apart and then just replace the top section and fill in the ends, would be an easy job that wouldnt take as long as replacing the whole tunnel. I have done this conversion without the use of the distributor in the back of the head, here is a link to do a easy conversion to c.a.s using the 5sfe oil pump housing http://www.toymods.o....rwdd-3sge.html With the use of the hilux style rear housing on the W58 the gearstick will come out of the original hole which is a bonus. Gearbox crossmember took me a long time to make, made specifically so that you can have ample room for a large exhaust while having a lowered as f%$& KE20 :) There is enough room at the back of the head to make a water outlet, rwd water kits and rwd in/ex manifolds i will be doing in the future to suit these kits. Anyway here are some pics . . . Full Kit : Block mounts Rubber mounts One heck of a gearbox crossmember and a complete bolt kit Price $350 Conversions on the to do list for KE20 series will be : EVO 4-9 4G63 BEAMS possibly others but all of the above will require custom firewall/tunnel jobs
  4. One duck tail boot spoiler to suit KE30 Corolla. In fibre glass. $165 + post. Contact Craig 0427135993 Toowoomba QLD
  5. For sale 3 x TRD cams to suit 2TG or 18RG I bought these cams for my TE27 project but no longer needed. Very rare and hard to find as it took me years to find these ones. Two are in excellent used condition and one is new old stock, never been in a motor. 1 x 320 TRD cam (used) 1 x 304 TRD cam (used) 1 x 304 TRD cam (new) $1500 for all 3.
  6. Wanting to buy manual steering rack to suit Ke70, Pm me or text 0431 035 185, cheers
  7. Have dash clock in very good condition. Clean, runs & keeps time well. Only removed because I have fitted tacho in it's place. Clock comes from my own personal KE-30, which was one owner (up until I acquired it) and has low klms. Asking $ 20.00 + postage at cost. or pickup Brisbane South side. PM, asnswer here, or ring or text me on 0 four one two,, 274, four four seven. Cheers Banjo
  8. Hi team, Im no longer running silver-top quads on the 2azfe so Im selling the silver-top itb bits I have as I no longer need them. I have a silver set of cnc techno toy tuning trumpets for sale, 75mm as stated to suit silver-top ae101 20v itbs. $180. Set of sam q Rolled interference fit trumpets, they out performed the TTT ones on the dyno, have bigger bell mouths and are 94mm long. $180. I have a near new silver-top TPS sensor, that I bought only for testing and used for about 12 months. $150. Paid over 200 from sam q. Genuine parts. Have a set of silver-top itbs spaced wider apart than standard with modified linkages, mods by sam q. Suit up to 100mm centres between bores, could suit anything that needs wider spacing. $300 with the original working tps still attached and throttle pull linkages also. Phenolic gaskets to suit silver-top ITBS, insulate the heat from the manifold - $30 a set of 4. MRP trumpet clamp bases. CNC clamp bases suit silver-top, they let you buy your own stack from JNT and make custom trumpets to your own specs - $80 for set of 4 with hardware. Hit me up, in Brisbane, on 0416 193 936. Would trade for the right set of 15x7s. I need spare wheels, I like fins or something with a similarly classic steez for ae86.
  9. so unfortunatly I'm selling my ke11 as I'm off overseas and the girlfriend convinced me it was the best option it has a fresh 4agze bottom end with bigport top end just been run in at only 4psi ross forged pistons ze rods arp main bolts and head studs comtect steel 1.8 head gasket acl race bearings t28 turbo all silicon hoses frontmount intercooler fuel pressure reg megasquirt computer with injector resister board custom air box alloy radiator and thermo fan custom turbo manifold with 2.5 inch exhaust edis ignition autometer gauges water temp oil pressure boost lc1 wideband 02 sensor and gauge daytona black fixed back bucket seats 38mm external wastegate turbosmart blow off valve ke70 brakes on the front all rebuilt twin cuircut brake master cylinder hydraulic clutch custom mounts reset rear leaves ke20 front springs ke20 collapsible steering coluum and steering box custom fuel system with all braided hoses and fittings vl turbo fuel pump and carter lift pump to surge tank motors built to run 20 psi all day lots of money and time spent all mod plated for Queensland goes really well I'm gutted I'm not going to see the full potential of what I have built asking 8500 located brisbane 0426815226 photos on build post http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/53782-ke11-4agte/ will post pics soon as i have no internet
  10. Flares Fibreglass (50mm)$315 Te27 Front Lip Fibreglass $170 (with Tow hook holes) Te27 Rear Spoiler Fibreglass $200 0426233585
  11. Hey guys, Due to a change in direction, I am now selling all my T series related parts with regret. This stuff has certainly taken some time to accumulate. We all know how hard it is to get now, so no low balling. Make an offer on the whole lot if you are interested in taking it all. Complete running 3TC with starter and alternator (no intake / exhaust) - $500 Weber on manifold & extractors - $350 Disassembled 3TC (not interested in selling the crank alone) - $350 T50's - $300 each TE27 crossmember & engine mounts (suit 3tc into KE2X), straight bolt in - $300 Factory turbo manifold (assume from a 3TGTE) - $150 Intake and plenums (modified 2TG items I think?) - $125 Turbonetics carb hat - $150 3TC fuel pump & EGR alloy block off plates (custom from USA) - $80 Ported head (needs a good clean up and missing a valve and collets) - $600 Spare stock blank heads - $75 each Standard cams (I believe) - Free if you collect them If you want anymore photos, pm me your name on and I'll send them via FB messenger. Cheers,
  12. Hi All, selling unknown condition 1JZ non VVTI (no manifolds) and A340 box with convertor and fly, is being used for conversion in non toyo car. LN series 2WD hilux diff, open centre, 4.11, not cut down, standard drum brakes and 5 stud, also for conversion, has tailshaft, have the tailshaft from my KE30 with SR20 input also if of interest $1300 total, pick up north brisbane, see below pics, items are stored in my shed as they sit currently
  13. Hey, chasing ke70 manual tailshaft, clutch cable, possibly pedal box and clutch plate that goes on firewall. Also plastic for steering surround. So far thats what i know. In bris/ippy will travel. Thanks
  14. Need it gone! All offers considered! Hy guys, up for sale i hav my 20valve silvertop 4age out of an ae82 i bought, was planning on putting it in my ke55 but lost interest, I also hav an A-series k50 gearbox to suit, makes the conversion easy as piss, retains factory cable clutch and gearbox mounts, gearbox is out of an ae70 so it has the shifter position right back, can supply a k50 out of a ke55 so you can hav the forward shifter position. Motor has around 2xx,xxx klms on it, i bought it iin as is condition, it does turn over and feels like it has comp, i will do a comp test on it as i hav ot bolted to the box and the stsrter hooked up, motor doesnt have a loom or ecu but this didnt bother me as i was going to get a custom one done, has the throttles and alternator all there, the clutch setup is the standa rd d 20valve flywheel and pressure plate with a ae70 clutch plate so it hooks up to the spline on the box, clutch plate is brand new. Chasing $ 999 for the package or $1200 including the ke55 k50 gearbox aswell (would be gppd to have a spare) any questions gve me a bell on 0402336488
  15. Hi all, Desperately in need of a ke70 scuttle panel for flat front. If any could hook a brother up, I will be indebted. Located on sunny coast QLD Connor
  16. Up for sale is my 1996 ep92 starlet, all I can say about this car is it's in perfect working order comfortable to drive and extremely fuel efficient. 197 000 on the odometer, 2 months rego remaning and will supply a roadworthy with the car. The car has; Air conditioning New 2 inch lowered king suspension, all new bushes. New cv joints Manual gearbox Window tint This is the most fuel efficient car I've driven @ roughly 6-7 litres per 100 combined driving conditions. Located on the gold coast $1700 sms on 0426233585
  17. Ae71 (slant front ) RHF Guard $40 Good condition Ae71 (slant front ) LHF Guard $30 Small scuff on flare Ae71 (slant front) wiper panel $20 Ae71 original door mirrors (one the adjuster is broken) $15 Ke70 (flat front) headlight and grille assembly $50 Excellent condition Ae71 (slant front) headlight and grille assembly $50 excellent condition Other parts i have: (can get pictures if needed) Ae71 Bonnet (Straight as) $40 Ae71 Beaver panel $20
  18. Hi all, Jordan from KE conversions I am currently converting KE series corolla cable pedal box's to a hydraulic setup. All my pedal box's are done on an exchange basis for your old pedal box. I can modify AUTO or MANUAL pedal box's. Please let me know what pedal box you are sending me. If you have a AUTO pedal box you need to send me the brake pedal so I can replace the pedal to suit a manual setup. KE20 Modified pedal box, braced plate on box for minimal firewall flex 6mm clutch pedal, replaces the 4.5mm stock one New clutch master cylinder Braided Teflon line to suit your application New slave cylinder to suit your application. Firewall marker to accurately drill out your firewall Price $325 on exchange for your AUTO or MANUAL pedal box KE30 KE55 Modified pedal box New clutch master cylinder Braided Teflon line to suit your application New clutch slave cylinder to suit your application Price is: $275 on exchange for a MANUAL pedal box or $325 on exchange for a AUTO pedal box KE70 AE71 Modified pedal box, braced plate on box for minimal firewall flex New clutch master cylinder Braided Teflon line to suit your application New slave cylinder to suit your application Firewall marker to accurately drill out your firewall Price is $325 on exchange for your MANUAL or AUTO pedal box
  19. As the title states, just after a standard 13" factory steel rim, don't care what it looks like, don't need a tyre, as long as its useable. Cheaper the better! willing to pick up throughout Brisbane, cheers!
  20. Chasing a complete dash for a KE38 corolla, preferably with all wiring and controls, vents, fans, demister, tacho etc.
  21. I have a extremely good straight valance from my KE55 couple which went to "Corolla Cancer Heaven". This valance has no dings, or has ever been bent. Usual stone chips you expect on a KE valance, but basically perfect, for a 38 YO car. Purchaser will not be disappointed. Located in Greenbank, southside of Brisbane, and would suggest it would be best for pick up, as it's size & structure does not lend itself easily to packing or freighting interstate, without resultant damage. Selling Price $ 45.00 Any questions or queries, please PM me. Cheers Banjo
  22. Have a KE20 with wiper issues, that really requires new pivots (bit that sticks through the body, below windscreen, to which wiper arms are attached), but can't find new ones, so hopeful of finding some second hand ones, in reasonable condition. The wiper motor also has one rear rubber mount missing, which causes it to twist slightly in action. See pictures below. Please advise if you can help out, with all or either items, and will pay accordingly . Will P/U in Brisbane area, or pay postage, as these items are relatively small & will post easily. Many thanks ! Cheers Banjo
  23. Wrecking a ke38 Toyota corolla wagon, most parts available, if it's not on the list, don't hesitate to contact me! Here are some of the parts available, As follows, 4 speed gearbox $100 Good condition fuel tank $100 Complete rear diff assembly $200 Rear tailgate glass $100 Door glass $40 each Door cards $40 each Cargo area side interior panels $30 per side Door lock mechanisms $20 each (excluding barrels) Window winder assembly $30 each Bumper bars $40 each Complete dash $200 Indicator assembly $70 Wiper motor$70 If it's not on the list, don't hesitate to ask. Motor is not for sale as it requires major repairs! Items are pick up only from the caboolture area! Prefer contact via txt on 0423 649 857. Here is a youtube vid I took just to show what the car looks like, currently the car is in driveable condition and everything mechanical is in working condition. PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS! ONLY INQUIRE IF YOUR GENERALLY INTERESTED!
  24. Hey peeps. As title states, I'm in need of an Mx13 Mk2 diff or even just an axle out of one. Turns out the diff I bought had a bent axle. On the Sunshine coast in Qld, but I would drive to Bris. Let me know. Cheers, Richie
  25. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I am selling my project, KE55 hardtop rally car Full cage Fresh paint 3TG / T50 custom Diff / disk brakes Spare doors Lots of other spares, doesn't need that much to finish, brake lines and fuel system. Mod plated qld txt or call me is best. 0447991855 $6,900.00 ono
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