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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I've just purchased a Ke30 in the original mustard. I would like to give it a respray in this colour. I'm struggling to find the paint code anywhere. If someone could provide that to me, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Hi folks, I'm welding in patch panels and doing some general rust repair on my 1980 Corolla Wagon (TE72). Questions: --- 1. Can anyone tell me how to safely R+R the chrome trim that runs along the top of the car? I'd like to remove it for painting but I'm not sure how to take it off without bending it. 2. Can anyone suggest a good vinyl paint match for a tan/brown interior? I'll need to paint both the trim and the dash, they are different colors...and probably every single 'x-mas tree' connector holding the interior together since they pretty much explode whenever I look at them funny (apparently 34 year old plastic is a little on the brittle side) My car's VIN is TE7225002386 The window areas were in definite need of replacement. I was able to save the inner sill panel on the drivers side. On the passenger side the rust-out was bad enough that I had to replace both panels, fortunately my donor panel was rust free. The drivers side donor...well there unfortunately my 'new' panel (the only one to be had within 150 miles) had some pretty bad rust out too...so off to the MIG I go. Fortunately I now had plenty of extra sheet metal to work with. After all of that work I followed up with fiberglass filler and epoxy primer/sealer. Unfortunately this window sill design tends to collect water so I need to make sure everything is fully waterproofed, or at least as waterproof as I can reasonably make it. Once I finish the passenger side (yes that is PVC) I'll be replacing the hatch and treating all of the rust I found under the seal area with naval jelly. There's quite a lot of it but nothing deep enough to require panel replacement, just more filler.
  3. After having the accident on the M4 it was hard to track down a front lip for a AE112R sportivo, so i had no option but to go Aftermarket front Bar. i could of put a standard AE112R bar on the front Although it just doesn't look the same. It didn't take me long to decide what bar i wanted. After i bought the Bar i Mounted the Bar unpainted for about a week. i found that the fount bar was pretty easy to mount. I went to my local Auto Paint Specialist VG Auto Paints & Tools.They were able to assist me with all the advise i needed. to be Continued.............
  4. ive got a 1982 ke70 and wanting to know what colour will suit it best , ive decided either a black or white (both gloss) ? opinions..
  5. Hey all, My car has a layer of acrylic paint that has been applied with a bunnings electric spray gun over unprepared original paint. The paint does not hold to the original very well (because it wasnt sanded), so I want to remove it. I don't really wanna take of all paint to bare metal. Can anyone suggest a good method? The paint I'm trying to remove is around 6 months old. Any help and advice appreciated! -Kirill
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