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  1. After purchasing the paint and accessories that were required to paint the front bar - i decided it was time to spray. i never spayed 2pac paint before only acrylic and enamel paints. although i have to say 2pac is the easiest paint to spray.
  2. After having the accident on the M4 it was hard to track down a front lip for a AE112R sportivo, so i had no option but to go Aftermarket front Bar. i could of put a standard AE112R bar on the front Although it just doesn't look the same. It didn't take me long to decide what bar i wanted. After i bought the Bar i Mounted the Bar unpainted for about a week. i found that the fount bar was pretty easy to mount. I went to my local Auto Paint Specialist VG Auto Paints & Tools.They were able to assist me with all the advise i needed. to be Continued.............
  3. Just Added A couple of posts. Cheak out the pictures!!!

  4. Date: January 19th 2014 Time: About 1am Where: M4 Cruising west bound What happens when a Corolla Sportivo is cruising at 110km per hour down the M4 (legal Limit) then all of a sudden a fox runs out of know where in front of the corolla? Well you might be felling sorry for the fox although the stupid fox ran out in front of the corolla. The corolla did try to slow down although there was no time. Result Check Out the pictures Below.
  5. Sampling Blue LED lights. These LEDs are NOT installed they are Blue LED Strips Cost $10 for 1 x 1m Blue LED 12volt.
  6. Carbon Wrapped Bonnet Self wrapped Bonnet and side mirrors
  7. I own a factory built corolla Sportivo 2001, there were only 110 made and it is said that only 100 made it here to Australia. I own number 69/110. My knowledge and skills around cars is about 90% as I still learn something everyday. I decided to join this forum as I am going to rebuild my engine and may need some advise form the experts. I have uploaded a few images when I first bought 'The Whore'.
  8. Owner: Aaron Ibrahim Username: AEI12R Location: Blacktown Vehicle Name: The Whore Vehicle Model: Corolla Sportivo #69 Body Shape(# Doors): 4 Date Made: Feb 01 VIN: JT764AEB200054948 Colour: Aztec Gold Engine: 7A-FE Turbo
  9. Need More Boost.

  10. AEI12R

    Sportivo Turbo

  11. AEI12R

    Aaron's Sportivo Project

    All Images of what I have done to the Sportivo
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