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Found 31 results

  1. 4k guru's get at me!

    Gday guys, Jay here. Complete noobie to this forum so bare with me lmao. I recently brought a dream car of mine, 1980 Kp60 Bugeye starlie. 4k motor with twin choke single carb and Gilmore pullies. pretty standard. But To cut a long story short.... I brought this planning to get it road worthy. It ran bloody well up until after I put a fresh wof/reg on her and did a full service. I changed the motor n filter, gearbox, diff oils, plus coolant and air filter. The fuel pump had a slight weep from the gasket so I took it out, cleaned it up and attempted to repair it with some rtv lol. Then later that night when I was out she started idling quite low and rough. Almost to the point where it wouldn't idle at all! What would of caused this? Is there anyway of mucking up refitting the fuel pump? Any input on this would be amazing, miss driving it already and it frustrates me that I can't just fix it.
  2. Hi Rollaclub! First of all thanks for having me! My name's Connor, I'm 21 years old and I live on the Sunny Coast of Qld, Australia. This Saturday I am purchasing myself a little 69' Ke10 Corolla with no engine or box and missing a few other parts. It has been a dream of mine for a while now to own one of these and it will be my first ever project car. I hope it to end up as my daily driver. So as a corolla noob, and having only ever doing oil changes and installing a radiator in my stock v6 commo, I'm going to need a lot of help. So my first question is, where should I start? I will have photos up on Saturday. Thanks so much in advance! ~Connor
  3. Hello. I've recently replaced my Pcv valve and wondering which way to goes. I bought a fuelmister branded one and there is a short side and a longer side.
  4. Weak to no spark KE70

    Ok so here is my issue, Not long ago I bought a KE70, replaced the carburettor to twin su with lynx manifold, bought new headers etc. It ran once. Fast forward a week after that when my mate was around and I wanted to show off my mental 4into1 headers and how loud it was, wouldn't start though I might have been out of fuel, filled it up with some juice, still nothing. after a while of cranking it started, but was minimal (like, maybe 100) rpm, so low you could still crank it and it was ok with it. then it died. checked the distrubitor, rotor button was spinning freely, and points had weak spark, no problems. I'll switch it to an electronic distributor, get a bosch module, bosch GT40r coil, electronic dizzy, followed Jackbyo's mad guide to install a new electronic distributor (hence why I went with the coil and module I did) but still no spark, not from the coil, tested it with the old spark against the block or bolt head trick as well. made sure my wiring was all ok, still no spark. Re did the ground leads to the battery neg terminal and the engine earth, still no spark. Checked timing a million times ( the old rough TDC then rotor to spark lead one in the cap) ((dunno if that helps with anything)) I'm not great when it comes to car electronics, i've read that bad starters can draw too much power and kill spark so I'm thinking that might be my problem? Anyhow, this thing is killing me, the fact that it ran once, but not any more is driving me mental and ive scoured just about every lead I can think of. So now i'm coming to you lot for advice and hoping that you guys can point me in the right direction in regards to ideas or things ive missed that I should check Cheers in advance! ~Ethan
  5. Hey guys I'm having a problem with my steering rack its on a ke26, the stops seem to be too high to lock or the rack is too low to lock, either way its not hitting the stops on both sides, nothing seem to be bent or broken. If any one could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Soooo, I'm buying a ke70 soon and I plan on putting a 3sgte in it. Is this a difficult swap and how much will it cost me in parts that aren't the engine itself?
  7. Hi there, I'm trying really hard to finish my ke55 hardtop auto to manual conversion ASAP. I'm stuck on wiring I think. putting the flywheel on yesterday I knocked the starter motor out and it sparked and I assumed it was dead. Ive got another incase, however I think my problem is that I have to bridge the wires off the centre console? at the moment whilst touching one of the red wires with either or both black wires the brake light on the dash goes on. unfortunately the red to red and black to black does nothing. When I turn the key all the electronics work, but the starter motor makes no noise. Please save me and blue beast. Gabriel.
  8. Hi there, I'm trying really hard to finish my ke55 hardtop auto to manual conversion ASAP. I'm stuck on wiring I think. putting the flywheel on yesterday I knocked the starter motor out and it sparked and I assumed it was dead. Ive got another incase, however I think my problem is that I have to bridge the wires off the centre console? at the moment whilst touching one of the red wires with either or both black wires the brake light on the dash goes on. unfortunately the red to red and black to black does nothing. When I turn the key all the electronics work, but the starter motor makes no noise. Please save me and blue beast. Gabriel.
  9. Hey all, I'm having some trouble identifying whats missing or what might not be missing from the boot of my ke26. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, info or pictures would be awesome!!! Pictures below show what I'm on about. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, recently purchased the above vehicle and gave it a full major service including rebuilding the carby, and it ran fine for a week, but recently have gotten some gremlins. Firstly before I took it in for a service it would stall under acceleration after lagging and spluttering, and when I got it back it ran fine for about a week and has since started up again. It had trouble starting yesterday so I left it, came back in the arvo started it and let it idle awhile and all seemed normal. Then this morning started it let it warm up and then took off for work - got about halfway there and again the spluttering then dying engine and battery light coming on. Started it a few times, occaisionally would crank and crank but no power, other times it would start but as soon as I put my foot down it would hesitate and splutter again then die. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this, can anyone offer advice?? Cheers!
  11. Building Up Ke30 Help

    I have just bought a ke30 and was looking for some help with upgrading suspension, I understand there is a lot of work which goes into building up a decent car thats this old but I'm up for it and would like it to perform reasonably well. I thought I'd start by asking where to get a good suspension set up for the intention of drifting it later on and if possible what brands etc.?
  12. I want the most badass, ratty rat rod corolla wagon ever. Do you think I could fit a 1uz in my 1979 Corolla wagon? I know a jz wouldn't fit, it's too long, but a 1uz is shorter right? I may be crazy but...yeah no I'm crazy.. Help me complete my dreams. Haters will be ignored.
  13. Hi Rollaclub members. i'm a new member here and so happy to be a part rollaclub. I got some questions since I can't find any swap of 1nz-fe into a ke-70. Need to know that if it's possible to swap it into a KE70 with a 5speed tranny which i don't know what will fit and will the engine work on a Keinhin Flat CV carby? Suggestion and link of whome did this kinda swap would be really appreciated.
  14. sorry admin if i put this in the wrong section. hey guys new to the whole corolla stuff, i am currently considering swapping my 99 legacy for a 1982 corolla ke70 wagon 4k engine 4 speed manual it needs front mirrors which i have found for $99 brand new, needs new front bumper which i have found for $100 and it has a problem where the indicators don't flash on the outside i was just wandering if this is common and if theres anything else i should look for when viewing the car eg common places for rust, engine noises, anything really cheers
  15. Hey there guys i own a 1986 Dx corolla wagon and I'm kind of new to the car scene. I'v had this for about 4 months now but iv been to busy to work on it. My main problem is i can't use it as a daily runner because of how unreliable it is at the moment, probally because of the previous owner.. Whenever i try start it i usually have to turn the key over about 5 times, it start and stops/ floods, and when i stall it, or stop it at the gas station, i can never ever get it started again it and preety much have to get toed home. it just refuses to turn over! Drives me insane, but can anyone shed some light on this, it may be a simple fix.. my main goal is just to get it starting as soon as i turn that key! I'm new to the car scene and any helps appreciated, thanks ! :)
  16. Help For Beginners Ae95R

    Hi I am new and have recently(3 months) bought a '89 AE95r wagon, I though it would be a great idea to start up a thread for people that don't know heaps about cars(like me) but are very keen to learn, especially for the 4wd wagons, i would like to use my car for a general drive plus a bit of dirt road fun on the weekends but have not got the slightest idea where to start, I find it tedious to sift through countless different topics describing words and stuff i don't know about and thought it would be good if people could go to a topic to learn the basics and then maybe work on their own cars, So yes that is why I created this topic
  17. Hey all, I've recently rebuilt and installed an sr20det red top into a ke70.. It has disco potato turbo, 875cc injectors Bosch 044 fuel pump 3" cooler piping Haltech sprint 500 ecu Went to take it for a drive the other day, it started, ran & idled fine.. Would rev to 3G fine.. But as soon as you would hit or go over 3, it just shuts down! It feels as if it has no spark, but still pumping fuel.. If I keep my foot on the throttle, then take it off before it completely stalls.. It will back fire, cough & splutter then return to idle.. And if I just take my foot straight off, it returns to idle as if there were no problem? I've replaced rubber fuel hose as it had a very small split.. No difference, My iacv WAS NOT hooked up, or connected to water, so I completely removed it and used a blanking plate.. Idles better but still hasn't fixed my problem I do have spare coils, should I try changing them over? Also at 1000rpm ( idle ) I am only getting around "14" on the vacc gauge? Do I have a leak or can the 3" piping have something to do with that? NOTE! E85 Bosch 044 875cc injectors 3" piping NO IACV NO C02 sensor NO AIR FLOW SENSORS.. Computer was tuned for this setup when came out of donor car
  18. g'day boys. ok I've got a 4age engine with the small crank and I'm looking to replace the engine rods to handle the power I want but all the rods I find are for the large crank and I was wondering if it's possible to just get thicker bearings to fill the gap or do I have to get special made rods? I just not up to forking out $1,699 for a new crank. any information is much appreaciated.
  19. Ca18 Ke55 Engine Mounts

    Does anyone know someone in Adelaide that could fabricate some engine mounts for a ke55 ca18det or knows some one that's sells them fairly cheap thanks
  20. Hey guys. Bought my first car the other day, its a 1984 Toyota Corolla Ae71. Checking over the car the wiring is a bit dodgy and in some places not even there so I was just wondering if anyone would be able to send me a wiring diagram for the car and possibly some pictures mainly of the loom near the starter motor, under the dash etc. Would be nice to get this thing wired up properly and back on the road as at the moment theres so many things not wired up on it it would get defected pretty quick. Thanks in advance.
  21. In Need Of Wheel Guru(S)

    hey guys i need some help i have some ssr reverse mesh 15x7 +26 what i need to know: are they a 2 or 3 piece wheel? can't find a clear answer. and also i need to increase the offset to something more negative, as they hit my struts (brought 8mm spacers and still no joy) is it safe fixing the inners like in this picture?
  22. Ok first up, straight away, I know you forums have a search function and google works well AND people have done it in their build. I HAVE SEARCHED FOR THE LAST 4 HOURS. All I have come up with is a lot of conflicting and not very helpful info. I'm about to buy a ke30 auto (definately!). Now It has a later 3 speed which seems to be the problematic one. I have both ke55 5 speed and 4 speed but that's irrelevant. Now I know you have to cut the tunnel for the selector. Or you get a ke70 5 speed. What I want to know it what is what is the go with the xmember?? If I use the k40/50 what do I need to do? (Xmember wise) If I use a ke70 5apeed what do I need to do? Every thing is vague and only says weld it ora don't use this one or that one. I wouldn't post here if I could find it else where so any help for a struggling brother would be great! Or at least a link to somewhere that clearly points out what can't go with what and what works. I could wing it but I want to know what I'm in for... Thanks
  23. ive got a 1982 ke70 and wanting to know what colour will suit it best , ive decided either a black or white (both gloss) ? opinions..
  24. Hey there guys, I'm looking to achieve more lock out of my Ke70, so far Ive done the following steering modifications.. T3 - Front Lower Control Arms. T3 - Tension Control arms. T3 - Outer Tie rods. T3 - Ae86 Power Steering arms. But I'm still looking to gain more, so i'm wandering what possible steering rack swaps are out there with the use of the stock ke70 engine crossmember? Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  25. 5K Timing Help....

    ok just finished putting the 5k with k50 in my ke55 and surprise of all surprises it wont start. things to consider; there is fuel. jet is ok. there is spark (my heart is still going.....) cam timing is definitely right. so this leaves me at ignition timing. what i need to know is, what is the firing order (can't find it anywhere!)a link to a photo would be best! HELP need the car to run asap as it needs to go off to the shop to get an exhaust from manifold back to be made up and all tuning etc etc before i get my licence back!!!!!