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Found 12 results

  1. I’ve turbod my ke70. Just wondering if anyone has done the same. How did you do it. How much did it cost. Any dyno results. Anyone need help with a similar project
  2. Hey guys, I’m after a 3tgte TOP mount turbo manifold, is there anything out there? I’m based in New Zealand but I’m willing to pay for shipping etc, and deal through PayPal, hope to hear back, cheers guys!
  3. Hi all thought I would start a bit of a thread here with my rolla. I bought the rolla about 5 years ago now and had been driving as a daily until i had a work car so started to do some work on her. I pulled the motor out and did a rebuild myself (lots of learning). Tried various combinations of carbs from stock to weber also tried twin SU's worked great but my cam was to lumpy so did not work so well at idle. Anyway moved to Sydney and the car stayed here in QLD and unfortunately had to be stored outside and very quickly grew rust and was not quite the same. However I have now moved back to QLD and have decided to get it back on the road and make a project out of it. I am going to keep the k motor but make it a turbo blow through set up.
  4. Hi all, i am up to the point were i want to start wiring my Sr20 engine harness to my ke55 body loom, for those of you who have done it or know whats required able to fill me in with what wires i need to connect to get the motor running, also have an external fuel pump which needs to be connected too, thanks and hope to here from someone soon
  5. Hi everyone, the corolla you can see in my pictures, the bluey greeny ke55 is starting to blow alot of smoke and the engine is being a right pain in the arse ever for a 4k with 180,000km on the clock. decided to do an engine conversion on it, but I would like people with more experiences advice. What engine should I put in that would give me the best results and be the easiest to put in my lil rwd beast. Thank you all in advance David
  6. Hi all, Thought it was about time I started a build thread for my AE71 CSX. I'll give you a bit of a run down on what I know about it and since found out about it body wise and what my plans are and have been for about 5 years since I bought it! Before I bought it I always wanted an AE86 and pestered my friends brother to sell me his, to no avail, so I did some more research on older RWD corollas and found out that lots of AE86 parts are interchangeable into the AE71's. As the thought process continued... hmmm 4 doors isn't as cool but is more practical, it seemed like the better and cheaper option. So after hunting around for one for some time I came across this one on carsales, had a look, test drive, haggled a bit and ended up with the car and spare rust free panel parts thrown in! I drove it as it was for a while, swapping between my first car, an AE82 twincam seca, while I gradually collected parts after doing lots and LOTS of research. parts such as... AE86 BC coil overs Hopper stoppers brake upgrade for AE86 4agze for turbo conversion W57 celica gearbox Custom diff, consisting of parts used from a complete EF falcon disc to disc diff which used the lsd centre, disc brakes, shortened axles, ke70 axle housing for suspension mounts, commodore centre housing, pintara crown and pinion 3.89 ratio. All done by BOSS racing differentials at Lonsdale in Adelaide. 15 inch EF Ford steelies stripped and powder coated with chrome trims and centre caps Tenzo racing seats, super snug and ADR approved! DRiFT wheel THEN THE BODY WORK! Finally got started in December 2015 by a mate, who did some amazing work cutting out of rust and replacing with the rust free parts mentioned earlier and ended up with a ridiculously straight finish and an amazing paint job, which is a variation on the original paint code. More body work pics to come. I will hopefully keep this updated as soon as things progress and the build comes to an end and I can enter a few hill climbs and shows.
  7. Hey guys hows it going . So I’ve had my 20 for a while now with a cammed 5k and its been a winner. But ive always wanted to do the 4age turbo build and after researching for like a good year I’m finally taking a dig at it. I am going to try and do as much work as I can myself on the car. I'm a qualified engine builder/machinist by trade so the motor itself won’t be an issue. Wiring the car shall be a task for me. But I’m happy to get in and give it ago :) Like I said before ive done a fair amount of research but there is a lot I don't no so any info or suggestions is much appreciated. Okay so this is the plan!!!! 4age with forged internals h beam rods and stainless steal vavles (with undecided turbo yet) T50 box I know there not the strongest but doesn’t require tunnel mods like the w boxes Using mounts from Jordan off here I have a T series diff sitting here I’m going to use I brought a ke70 wagon with coil overs up front so will use those struts and upgrade to better brakes (any suggestions guys??) I would like to get my fuel tank modified if possible I really don’t want to run a surge tank I just personally think they are ugly Plan for paint is gun metal grey That’s basically where I’m at, at the moment ill try to make weekly updates to let you guys know how everything is coming along I am a pretty busy guy but want to make this happen this is my first every big build so we shall see how it all goes J
  8. Hi Everyone. Having had a long standing love affair with the old rotary motor, combined with a love of the early sedans of my time, this is my first project that i actually look like having the money to complete from start to finish. Crazy. Started with seeing an add on g-tree for a ke30 sedan that looked kinda neat. Rang the owner and he was super nice, and being about a 3 hour drive from my place, a mate and i decided to make it into an overnight trip as a bit of a getaway as well. Fell in love with it at first sight, and was convinced there and then that this is the car for me. Completely stock as a rock, with a few little patches of rust, but nothing that sanding and priming won't fix. Automatic gearbox with 3k motor. Started first click and ran quite well. Due to a work injury, i can no longer lift my left leg, so i can only drive an automatic. To me that means 2 things, either turbo or injected modern motor. Picked it up for 1900 dollars with 6 months rego as well, and the owner was a genuine corolla lover. It's great to buy something off an enthusiast sometimes, as even talking about it with me he started to get a bit excited as well hahaha. Got it home, and immediately rang my little bro up in QLD about a motor, and with him being a qualified rotary mechanic, there was no question about what was going into the old girl. A quick bank transfer and he went on the hunt for a 12a turbs, finding one with a mate that did not want to part with it. In excellent condition, the lure of money was too great for him, and it quickly became mine. Best part was, it was already in pieces so my bro could inspect the housings and plates etc.. for wear and condition. Since then, we have snapped up a series 4 rx7 throttle body, along with an adapter plate to fit, s4 crank angle sensor and recently a set of oil control rings. My little bro works at an auto engineering place, so when i make the trip up there < eventually relocating there anyway > the car can be dropped off with the inhouse engineer already worded up about what i need done. Engine is going to get a little porting done, nothing too extreme but just opening up the teensy weensy little inlet ports that come stock on a 12a turbs. Currently getting doweled at the moment, the housings were cleaned up a bit first. That's it so far, next step is to take my little sweetheart down to the bodyshop, to get the rust properly treated, and to re-align a guard. Might be an aftermarket one as it doesn't quite look right. I also wanted to keep the interior mainly stock, and i hate having a big old tacho mounted somewhere in the car. Absolutely horrible looking in a street car in my opinion. Others love them but i guess it takes all types i guess. I located a tacho dash in Thailand, and had it sent over here, and i got a diagram of the pinouts so that i have a tacho in the dash. Only problem is that the dash facia of the ke30 sedan is all one piece reaching over towards the passenger side, whereas the facia i have for the tacho dash ends at the end of the dash. Does anyone know if i can locate the other piece that will fit? Or will i have to cut and modify my original one < something i REALLY don't want to do, but if i have to i will make sure it's done to look stock anyway > That said, here are a few photos of the car, motor and cluster.... to be continued :D By the way, my back is SUPER funted, with little hope of getting much better, so I don't really get to do any of the hands on stuff. I will be assembling the motor in qld with my brother, but that is about it. It may be nice to have a little bit of money now i am older to pay other people to do the work, but there is something about doing it yourself, or in the least attempting to do it. I might never drive a manual again, and even if the taxi driver zooms off from the traffic lights too fast, i end up in pain. This build is going to be one centered on keeping me as comfortable as possible, tricky with old suspension setups < in steps that engineer lol >, not too much power but enough to ease it on while hitting the highway, or even watching as my brother takes it down the strip. I just want it too look sweet and go sweet. Any input is hugely appreciated. Referrals to threads re. suspension setups and braking setups would be awesome. Let me know what you think? **EDIT** Yes that is my walking stick in the photo. His name is Sticky. Also, I will not be lazy and go out and take some more photos of the car and engine bay as it sits now. Cheers!
  9. Would anyone be interested in my almost finished sr20det into ke70 street legal build? Have miles of photos and am happy to answer any questions you might have.
  10. Hi all, I have been researching turbos and found a bit on the wrx sti vf34/36 turbo on http://www.hachiroku.com.au/2009/02/ae86-tuning-guide-turbo-4a-g/ and was wondering if anyone has done it or had any experience or driven a 4agte with one on it? I'm very interested as it seems to be very quick spooling as the vf36 has a titanium twin scroll exhaust wheel and shaft with ball bearing assembly. It has a ridiculous exhaust flange though... custom manifold i guess! Also had a look at the garrett gtx3076r which my mate had bought for his ET turbo Pulsar, but once researched it seems like there would be nothing until 5-6k rpm? I'm aiming for 165-210rwkw, I have a late model AE92 big port 4agze, oil squirters, crank angle censor coil packs, Jdm RWD manifold etc I'm also thinking the smaller exhaust housing on it would be better than an s15 BB turbo as they have a .80ar rear or something..? Any thoughts on this are most welcome!
  11. Hey, I am currently following Will Parsons for his FD rookie year. Here are 2 videos I have made this season so far. Enjoy. To see more go to: http://facebook.com/cultureclashmedia http://cultureclashmedia.com http://vimeo.com/66694221 http://vimeo.com/68293796
  12. Hey guys, Just wanted to gather peoples thoughts on putting a 3TC into a KE25. It doesn't seem to be all that common here in Oz at all and that is ideally what I am looking for - something different. They seem to have a lot of success with getting good horsepower figures from them in the US & Puerto Rico. Is there a reason why people don't use them over here? Parts seem to be readily available and cheap in the US. Has anyone on the forum actually built one these engines and had success with them. The conversion itself looks quite simple to fit into the 25. The engines and boxes seem to be quite cheap to pickup from a T18. They seem to respond extremely well to forced induction by way of a blow through setup. Anybody who has luck with a good hp n/a setup I would love to hear from. There is a guy on 3TCgarage.com from QLD who is getting 270rwhp from his and running 12's in a Celica. Does anyone know him? Cheers for any help you can give me!
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