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  1. Turboing my 4afe 1996 corolla. Most likely buying this kit: https://www.turbokits.com/tsi-extreme-turbo-kit-tc2001e.html Pretty confident Ive got my head around the process, but abit clueless about the tuning. From what ive read it seems that a 1996 corolla can only be tuned with a standalone ecu such as a megasquirt. I only plan to run low boost, 5 psi probably. I have a few questions, any help is appreciated especially from those who have experience with similar models. Should I consider any engine upgrades/ replacements prior to installing the turbo what else would need to be purchased that is not included in the kit what other things should i consider that may need to be made such as a mount for the intercooler what would be the easiest way to tune it how long could i expect the whole process to take (only car I have, wont be able to drive anywhere untils its done)
  2. Hey everyone, new to this forum. Got my 1996 corolla off a guy my uncle knew over a year ago. I've always noticed a few unplugged wires since I got it, but it runs fine except it can get quite hot. Does anyone have any ideas to what the unplugged wires are for. They all seem to female plugs so none of them would plug into each other. Thanks for any help. Click link for photos: photos
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