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  1. I’ve turbod my ke70. Just wondering if anyone has done the same. How did you do it. How much did it cost. Any dyno results. Anyone need help with a similar project
  2. Stock 4K engine blow through turbo set up at 7/8 psi boost same diff centre as the Datsun 120y they must be pretty strong he has a WORKED 253 in his 120y that is a burnout car and it it’s been on the same 120y diff for years. Never been changed.
  3. Not sure what diff. I’m in Australia if that helps. Probably borg Warner
  4. Hey people just wondering if there is such thing as a mini spool for a ke70 diff or a way to lock it that is stronger then welded
  5. This is what I have done. Put mine on the other side for the room and it seemed to give a better flow of exhaust
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