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Found 11 results

  1. Was hoping someone knows of a compatible diff to body brake hose for the ke70. Can’t find one around apart from undergroundgarage.no. Not sure if they’re reliable or not. But it’d also be $100 to get a $20 part shipped to me so was hoping there’s another cars hose that would work also. part no. 47316A cheers for any help.
  2. Hey people just wondering if there is such thing as a mini spool for a ke70 diff or a way to lock it that is stronger then welded
  3. I have a 1985 KP36. I've made a lot of mods on it mainly on the mechanical part. 1. Changed the stock 2K for a 4K motor (Brand new cylinder block) 2. Put a Weber DGV 32/36 3. Switched the T40 gearbox with a T50. 4. Put new Headers and new Radiator with a low temp racing thermostat. All these are great. The problem I have is on the freeway. My Differential is a stock KP36 (picture attached) one with a ratio of 43:10 (4.3) so travelling long distance is a pain and hard to reach top speeds. I need to get me a 3.9 ratio differential in so I will be able to cruise at 100-130 KMH with the engine at low RPMs. Is there a way I can only switch my Final Diff Gears without removing my entire rear axle? Any suggestions ???
  4. After a complete rear axle,drum to drum for a Toyota RT104 (manual) in good condition and able to be used immediately without reconditioning.Would prefer Melbourne if possible so please contact with information,either here or sms 0431464754,need asap,thanks.
  5. If this is not an appropriate thread - mods feel free to delete it. If it has been replicated, also feel free. Also feel free to move this, sticky it, re-use it, whatever. The more info out there the better. This is designed to be an all-in-one thread, for the noobs, with the first questions that are asked. EVERY TIME. There are not specific details (for example, 4kc engine - 1.3L) you can google that. Reining from the KE70 Facebook group, with help from a few others (Reed) here is the guide for noobs with a KE70. Let's get rolling! First - determine if you have an AE71 or a KE70. Easiest way to determine this is if you have a 4AC engine or a 4KC engine. 4AC is an AE71, 4KC is a KE70. Engine: Engine direct bolt ins for a KE70: 3kc, 4kc, 5kc, 7kc (with sump modifications) A 2T engine will also fit They came standard in south african spec corollas. For this to bolt in you will need the mounts and crossmembers from the standard T powered car which are hard to find. Also, all T powered Toyota vehicles use a steering box, not rack and pinion, so doing this conversion with the T crossmember will result in loss of rack and pinion steering. This means most people tend to use an ae71 gearbox with a T bellhousing and make their own engine mounts. This avoids other issues with tail shaft splines not being compatible from T motor T 50s to A motor T 50s. Modifying Standard Engines: Easiest way to get a bit of pep out of any of these engines is to add a carby, weber or dellorto, 5 speed gearbox and extractors. There's not much else you can do. A lot of people also put on an electronic distributor. peaople generally don't bother spending heaps of money on a 3K/4k motor or 4ac. Because by the time you do - you could've put a 4AGE, SR20 or CA18 with relative ease. See: http://www.rollaclub...a_tough_K_motor If you have an AE71, it will come standard with a 4AC engine. These use the same mounts and everything as a 4AGE. It's almost a direct bolt in. If you're going 4age path. You will need an A series T50 gearbox and gearbox mount/crossmember, an AE71 or AE86 engine crossmember, mounts, bellhousing brackets, clutch hydraulics and pedal box. Plus a few other bits. Manual Gearboxes: K50 (5 speed) and K40 (4 speed) gear boxes are paired to K engines. The one exception being the A engine - K 50 gearbox combo from an AE85 or a AE70/AE71 sprinter. These are both overseas models which are are rare in Australia but more common in NZ, SE Asia and Japan. K boxes are good for approximately 150hp and minimal torque. T50 (5 speed) or T40 (4 speed) can be mated to an A series engine (4ac, 4age etc) or a T series engine (2T, 3TC, 2TG, 3TGTE. It is good for around 200hp and minimal torque. Will break with sc and most turbo systems. T50s can also be found in Ta22 celica, T18 corolla, an many other random variations of these models. Any T50/40 from behind a T motor will not accept the same tail shaft as an A series T 50. Otherwise they are practically identical. Shock/brake/coilovers: AE86 coilovers or stuts will bolt into the standard mounts, but you need AE86 steering arms as well for them to work. XT130 Corona struts. These will give you an option to make coilovers with a sleeve kit. Also bigger brake options, etc. etc. Mitsubishi Sigma or Toyota Corona lower control arms will give you negative camber in the front. Rear suspension: VL wagon rear shock absorbers or suzuki sierra fronts will fit. VL are much easier to source, and have a large range of "sports" shocks. The suzuki ones are very, very short. You need to sitting on bump stops in order for these to be of any use. They're short stroke so keep lowered springs captive and won't bottom out. You can use cut AU falcon springs for a harder ride. If you have to ask how to cut a spring, you shouldn't be near a car. And a reputable workshop will not do it, BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL. Other options are King Springs, AJPS, TRD, etc. See this thread for more answers before asking: http://www.rollaclub...owering-thread/ KE70s will benefit from strut braces/sway bars etc to stiffen up the body. Stiffening the body is moreso for drift/motorkana etc. Being a 30 year old car, replacing bushes, bearings, and all those suspension components is beneficial. This will dramatically improve ride quality. DO YOUR SUSPENSION BEFORE YOUR WILD ENGINE UPGRADE. Diff options: The stock diff will probably have a whine in it. Seems to be factory, lol. "I really want to drift my new corolla with a 4kc engine in it and no suspension modifications." Weld your diff. This is also illegal. Don't be annoyed when you crash it, what did you expect? There's enough info on youtube and the internet on how to do this. So don't ask. It's very easy to do it yourself. It's horrible to drive daily in, and if you try to catch that amber turn signal at the lights too quick, you could just end up sideways. For those that are serious about diff upgrades. The standard diff doesn't have an available LSD for it. You will need to upgrade to an AE86 rear end know as an "S-series", or a T-18 rear end known as a "T-series". These both have LSD options. Hilux. Skyline, Silvia, Cressida, Corona and various other rear ends have also been fitted. I can't comment on ease or availability, but it CAN be done if you're serious about it. Visual modification: Corollas came out in two variations, pre-facelift (1979-1983) and facelift (1984). Known as flat front and slant-front respectively. There were also numerous other fronts. The rare diesel front end and DX front were also available in other countries. Quad-lights will fit a flat front with minor modification. Cutting the beaver panel just under the lights and bending the metal over. To turn a slant to a flat front you need: 2 guards, bonnet and scuttle (bit between bonnet and windscreen) and of course lights, grill, all those bits. The rad support is also different between the two models, but I think you can make it work. It's all a direct bolt on and off procedure. If you are struggling to find ke70 quad-lights, RT104 corona lights can be used. The mounts on the base will need to be cut, flipped and welded in place to suit the KE mounts. Not hard to do and will fit the KE headlight surrounds, I'm using them. Rust repairs: Expect your KE70 to have rust. In the rear wheel arches, the fuel filler, and along the bottom of the boot, just above the bumper. Other common places is in the firewall, along the edge of the boot opening and the bottoms of the doors and quater panels. Toyota put what looks like a felt strip as a sealant in some of these places. Naturally, it soaked up all the water and rusted away the shell. Generally, you will need to cut out a piece of metal, cut out the rust from the panel, weld it in, rust protect it, fiberglass it, bog it, paint it, and so on. This is a good example of a quick-fix for rust that you can do at home: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCMeAze56AQ Where can I find parts? eBay : http://www.ebay.com....w=ke70&_sacat=0 Pick-a-part Rollaclub for sale threads. AE86 driving club threads. A hint on buying things. Research what you need first. Please don't post a topic saying "WTB. KE70 springs." then when someone offers you cut springs, you get sore about it. Be specific. "WTB: Lowered KE70 springs. After a set of king springs that will provide me with about a 50mm drop. I think the part number is: KXXX:XXXXX. Similar springs will suffice." Also, don't ask for help doing things illegally. Of course it can be done, but a lot of people will discourage you from doing it in order to save a few $$. We've all run chopped springs, and after going to coils you never look back at the pogo stick with pride. If this hasn't answered your questions, or skimmed over them. Use the search feature. Good places to look for info: http://www.rollaclub...pension-thread/ http://www.rollaclub...-tech-articles/ These are pretty much all the basic questions that newbies ask. Hope it helps :)
  6. OK so I know there like a thousand threads on the KE70 diff, and i thought i'd add to them... Anyone in perth that is keen to swap a locked diff centre for an open centre? i have a locked and its a pain to drive as a daily so anyone wanting the locked up diff, ill be glad to swap it. Cheers
  7. Hey, I'm kinda new to this corolla stuff. Just got an 81 corolla 1.8 and the rear end is making a bearing noise. So I'm looking to rebuild it but I can't seem to find a place where I can get parts. Hoping someone would direct me in the right direction. Also since I'm gonna rebuild it was thinking about installing an LSD and some gears any suggestions? I'd appreciate the help
  8. Hey Guys, I am going to lock the diff on my ke55 via welding the diff centre. I got a spare matched diff centre and pinion. My question is, how important is it that the specific pinion and crown wheel stay together and how do you adjust the gears together if I'm going to use a different centre with the existing pinion? Havent pulled it apart yet just wanted a bit of an idea before i did it. any help would be apreciated.
  9. Hey all, Have seen a few people looking but not much else. I'm chasing a mini spool for the Borg Warner 68 in my ke55. Any ideas where to look?? Have had no luck on ebay. Plus any idea how many splines the axles would be? Cheers.
  10. Hey all!!! This is my first post on this forum as I am looking for some help! I have a 1982 ke70 sedan running a 4agze. I am wanting to upgrade my diff. A friend told me that an ae86 lsd diff head will swap straight into my existing ke70 housing? Is this true?? Seems far too silmple to be true! Any help will be apreciated!!!!
  11. Hi all, I know its been done to death but I want to know what ratio to go for 3.89 or 4.11? I'm having a custom diff made which is a combination of...wait for it! A commodore/r31 centre housing (due to diff gears), ke70 axle housings, ef/el falcon lsd centre, r31 crown and pinion ratio's, ef/el axles shortened and re-splined and ef/el brakes (5 stud). I'm going to be running a 4agze, jdm big port rwd inlet, sc14, T50 (till it lets me know I shouldn't be) and some other goodies! I want good highway cruise rpm (so not screaming its guts out) but also want good acceleration, in saying that I don't want 1st gear to be rendered useless cos its too short, so I used gear calculator and the difference in RPM between the 4.11 and 3.89 is about 150RPM at 100km/h (obviously 150rpm lower for 3.89). Would this minimal difference be so noticeable if using it as a street car and for the odd hill climb? if not would it be 4.11 all the way!?
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