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  1. As i read this thread at work, a customer walked in in his DOT uniform and i saw his cruiser outsside. I asked the question .. whats your take on all these new laws coming in regarding hoons and vehicle modifcations? - his response. What new rules?
  2. Looks the same as mine which i got of DPB automotive. Check out here mate http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/57294-universal-plastic-lipchin-spoilers/
  3. i have a 4 speed. output shaft was leaking but easy to replace seal. $50 pick up if you still need.
  4. i think i just threw up a little bit.. :argh:
  5. if you have any spares from this run ill take one otherwise ill get one of your next run if i missed the boat :thumbsup:
  6. ok good. How many k's do you think you've done so far with the new clutch??
  7. Does that mean you left the sticker on or you didnt clean it after you removed the sticker?
  8. i was there briefly too before the rain scared everyone off. Here are a couple more pics :2thumbs:
  9. Holy shlt man. those people don't understand how to drive.....
  10. not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Gonna go with bad....
  11. wow definitely a dickhead. maybe i don't understand European law but, if he is on video doing this and has his name on it, how would he not be in jail Pretty crazy though.
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