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  1. not to fussed weather its 5 speed as i know it will cost a lot more seeing whats out there want to convert my auto 55 sedan to manual show me what you got plus price or PM me
  2. JUNE 5TH 2016 is the next show just under a month away whos keen
  3. thats what he said in the last post i tagged in
  4. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/67438-ke-conversions-engine-conversion-kits-ke20-ke30-ke70-ae71-ae86/page__st__75
  5. http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/67438-ke-conversions-engine-conversion-kits-ke20-ke30-ke70-ae71-ae86/
  6. So i have decided to rebuid my coupe and will need to start sourcing parts and then once collected will start to repaint and or rebuild and take the old parts off the car basically need all the driveline motor 4k or 5k 5 speed box in good condition from ke70 diff to suit 55 front struts and rear springs hopefully can source most parts locally and i could find a whole car to strip but i don't have the room to strip a whole car hence why i am chasing parts which i can get refurbished and then swap over plan to keep the car on the road and replace parts as i get them send me a PM with pics and price may even get some upgrade parts down the track of the rebuild located South Brisbane can travel if needed
  7. thats awesome always thinking outside the box Reed
  8. so its been a while since i last update anyone on this thing still got it and plans to keep this thing but i was looking for another project recently and was keen on a Ke70 cause i really want one of the 55 shape and one of the 70 shape. Anyway so in a nut shell i was giving the old 55 a look over yesterday as i don't often drive this thing much and it hadnt been started in a while so gave it a crank over and it still did but was very hard to get going . Found out the Battery is slowly dying but i managed to get it to start and run it for a while, but when its not in use i take the battery terminals off so it doesnt drain it completely. i have noticed that the motor looks tired and few leaks here and there so instead of buying another project car being thinking maybe spend the money and fix this up by that i mean total overhaul of the drive line and rebuild the motor or change the motor to something else but not sure what. List of things that i would do Remove motor and Gearbox then either find another motor and box or recon what is in the car (car is running a ke70 5 speed but its does grind a bit so it would need replacing or recon ) new clutch new gasket kit through out motor if i rebuild new fuel pump new radiator carby would need a rebuild find some new extractors overhaul suspension clean and rebuild diff tidy up interior new wiring throughout (really bad to drive this in dark as lights are really bad and wipers are slow) new wiper motor possible new paint job new panels new bonnet so got a massive project already and will take time to get it done will tackle one job at a time looking at buying spare parts and replace when refurbished eg ( buy another interior and get it re- uplostered before taking the old one out) get another engine and rebuild it before taking the one in the car out as i plan to keep it on the road and want to have minimal down time painting will happen at the end got a mate that will paint it and only take about a week or so to do big plans and lots to things to do but it just takes time and money so now on the hunt for 55 parts more for driveline stuff and interior for a 55 coupe WATCH THIS SPACE IN THE FUTURE any help would be much appreciated
  9. Love ke70 thanks for the offer but no thanks MartyJ also thanks for the offer but no thanks
  10. very nice little project keen to see the end result
  11. yea went last year and my mate took his MR2 and they are definitely a crowd attraction
  12. What i have noticed since being a member here for a while is that i didn't own a corolla but had a passion for one and well back then they weren't so expensive in particular earlier models but i still managed to get a good deal on my current 55 coupe with just a trade at the time many years ago. I am now looking for a Ke70 project car as i like them alot but have noticed that there are lots of them with huge price tags, Now i am not saying they are not all worth some dollars but some are way over the top in price but then in saying that so has older holdens and fords they fetch quite a big dollar value. Most of us on here enjoy Toyota's in some form from loving the car or just having a sentimental connection to them its what differs from a car collector from a enthusiast.
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