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  1. Hey guys chasing good condition or close to ke20 gen 2 (73) bonnet and guards located Brisbane will travel to sunny coast or ballina
  2. Up for sale is my 1996 ep92 starlet, all I can say about this car is it's in perfect working order comfortable to drive and extremely fuel efficient. 197 000 on the odometer, 2 months rego remaning and will supply a roadworthy with the car. The car has; Air conditioning New 2 inch lowered king suspension, all new bushes. New cv joints Manual gearbox Window tint This is the most fuel efficient car I've driven @ roughly 6-7 litres per 100 combined driving conditions. Located on the gold coast $1700 sms on 0426233585
  3. I accept bank transfer or cash on pickup located Gold coast 4209
  4. Thanks Alex, doing another production run if anybody is interested.
  5. Selling my daily corolla, Automatic Cold air con Good stereo Mag wheels 286xxx ks but still feels tight Problems are that the paint isnt perfect but its not bad, needs 1 tyre replaced Comes withrego till 18/4 passed roadworthy 6 months ago After $2100.
  6. Yes i purchased the outer panel from rare spares and the inner one that sits vertically was bought from an independant guy that presses them up in his workshop not cheap
  7. Whole exterior of the XB is in primer now, have already started high building and blocking straight.
  8. After a ke20-25 boss kit, ke30+ wont fit must be specifically for ke2x Would rather buy one from around here than get one from singapore. Tried autobarn and no go
  9. He said the total bill with everything would be around the $5000. Aussie diff shop quoted me $3000+ to get a diff shortened to the length I want, axles shortened and re splined and leaf brackets put on. It is alot of money there but I guess I can see the value in it as it's a car I want to hold onto - already had it for almost 5 years. Found a 180sx rolling shell that I can use for $600 so there's a start
  10. I found a guy that does race car engineering just down the road from me. Asked him about IRS and he said he's done it before to a ke25 rally car and the price wasn't that much more expensive than the T series so go figure lol. Searching for a S13 whole rear setup
  11. Around $900 for all the skins and door cards Found a Te27 strut brace on gumtree of all places so i grabbed it and I must say it has made a definate improvement on the cars handling. I blew the head gasket in recent times and seal-up has worked for now... Another reason to get my ass into gear and install my 4agze though ^ _ ^
  12. Parcel shelf completed and alot of rust removed from the boot! Removing parcel shelf/window surround. New one sitting in position New shelf and windscreen surround Also stripped the quarters back. One was in really good condition and the other had been in an accident but we hammer and dollied it until I was happy with it There is no rust in the car at all now which is a feat in itself for those of you who know how badly they rust. Next is getting everything prepped for epoxy primer.
  13. It's just gonna be used as a weekend driver, want to keep 4x 114.3 for wheels and disk or drum doesn't matter, Has ae86 discs on the front. I never do burnouts or launches, just open the accelerator on straight roads really.
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