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  1. Indeed, after we got the timing right, and the carburetor good and clean, the car had quite a punch. Well, after the "testing" stage was done, and the car didn't fall apart during the shake down, It was time for me to start the voyage to my parents house 92 kilometers away. The day started early, checking everything from the night before first stop, was take one of the wheels that was leaking to the tire shop to get it fixed. another quick fix in place for the fuel cap, I had to break the actual fuel cap since I didn't had the key to open it, and after I broke it, I had to made a plug with the first thing that I had in hand. and we where ready to got!... well not quite, the car didn't wanted to start, so a quick jump and it was runing my view from my command center for the next hours and off we go! my look from another car, given that I didn't have any windshield I had to wear a lot of clothes due to the cold first stop, fill the tank (you can also see my friends lovely Civic EF) my friend in the civic was the backup/chase car (and the one in which we will return home) the car was working quite flawlessly through the trip, and we made a stop half way, to check the tires and everything else, all was good and while I checked the tire pressure found out that two of them had 51psi and another had 53psi! I lowered them to something more reasonable, and returned to the road... just to stop a few meters after with a non runing engine the issue turned out to be (again) the filter on the carburetor that got clogged and starved the carb. So I dismanteled the carb, cleaned the internal filter, and we continue with the trip just eating miles the second part of the trip was, without any other issue and we arrived to my parents house, where we parked the car and started to take it apart. and another video with all the trip, enjoy see you next update.
  2. I also have been looking for something and apparently the easiest/best way is to go with the KP61 Starlet steering rack and steering column. You still need to fabricate the mounts for the steering rack, and mount the steering column, but I think that is better than other options that you have to modifiy que actual rack. In this post are some pictures for reference http://www.3tcgarage.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=826
  3. Thanks for all the kind words, indeed it is a big project ahead Some footage, sorry guys that everything we speak is in spanish (more so, in uruguayo). But you'll get the feeling. The car wasn't running as it should, but at least it run. It was boggin' and cuting, and wasn't idleing as it should. After the ofending carb was removed and inspected, I decided that it will be a great time to do a quick rebuild. Also this carb, isn't original to this car, it was adapted sometime in the life of this car I took the carb home, and what you do? Of course that you rebuild the carb in the kitchen of your house after that the car was rebuilt, I started to get everything together. I bought new studs and gaskets for mounting the carb and after a while, It was done! do you think it worked? you bet! (that's a faint mark from some tire spin) After the carb rebuild and a new vaccum diafragm was installed the car was running much much much better and we where able to do another bit of testing.
  4. thanks ms85er This one is the only one that I know of in my country, I tracked a little of the history of this car and apparently it came imported from Miami in 93' and in 94' que PO bought it on a Customs Auction because nobody had claimed the car. But we have a lot of KE70's, KP61, TA40 (Celicas and Carinas)Any way continuing with this story, after the car was legally mine I went there to pick it up with my other Corolla, and tow it to a friends house that's a mechanic in order to do a little tune up and get the car ready for a 100kmts trip to my parents house.I'm the bald guy over there The AE101 and the TE27, only 30 years apartafter we enter the "garage", and the *E7* Corolla badgehood off, and you can't really call that a windshield, right?pay atention to my friends foot coming through the floorchecking the front brakes, and doing a fast oil changenow trying to get the engine to idle correctly (sorry for the blurry photo)since I couldnt get the engine to work properly I took off the carb, and got it ready for a rebuild. Also find out that the distributor vacum wasn't working as it should so I needed a new one, and there were a lot of parts very very worn, but the car strangly enough, was mecanically sound. It just had many and many years of neglected manteninance
  5. Hi over here, long time no see, I'm back with another car. I already was here but no pictures are left on the old threads Many moons ago I had this KE71 That after a lot of hardwork came out looking like this And after a while without a RWD Corolla (I had an AE101 Corolla) I came across this, and I'm the proud owner of an 1973 Toyota Corolla, also known as mighty TE27. As a bit of history, the Toyota dealer for Uruguay is AYAX and it didn't import any Toyota until the 1980's so anything before that is very strange, so when I came across a sale post that reads "Toyota Corolla 1973" I had to have it, so I went to see the car, this are the first pictures I took... the previous owner fidieling with the engine interior shot After working for a while under the rain we made the engine idle and sort of run as it should, quite a feat considering that the car haven't been started for almost 5 years, after it heat up a little and it was not dying, we took it for a "test drive" given it very sorry state the car run great, much better than what one would thing after those pictures, and with that the deal was made After almost a month of back and forth with the notary, all the paperwork came clear (very important and tedious step in my country) the car was legally mine, and so the journey begins. As you can see the car is very very very (did I mentioned very) rusted, but is the only one that I know of in my country so I will try to do my best to restore it to it's former glory. I have many pictures to update this thread so I will try to do my best.
  6. teddy look where you are http://buildthreads.wordpress.com/2009/12/...up-restoration/
  7. nice a W58 in my country, who would think that thanks for the quick reply people
  8. people long time no writing but here I'm i the question as stated on the titile, one guy in this side of the planet sells a gearbox but i don't know which one is it it looks like a K50 but he sais that it came out a 1C (1.8 diesel) so here i am asking to the people to know
  9. well following your advise i lift the engine to change the gasket, but one nut didnt colaborate so i have to remove the engine and as is said in the rollaclub faq i increase the oil pump pressure as well i have no pics of the first part :D so here we go it looks good not the best place to put an engine, but... there is something missing here check out the gearbox :sob: :o the competition extractor :evil: :( the starter new gasket in my help, my grandfather 89 years old after 8 hours its back in BONUS a 4Kless *E70 the new Corolla "Powered By Trufaz"
  10. in a web where a guy put an engine in the trunk of his acura, he do this with the brakes and then says the ones not painted are form a CE110 and the red ones from a KE70, can something be done??? and for the record I'm form uruguay so, no AE86, no RX7, no Silvias/200sx to take brakes from thanks in advance Sebastian OUt
  11. hello to all my 4K is leaking trough the oil pan gasket and i have to change it my question is... do i have to remove the engine form the engine bay or i can change the gasket from below??? thats it, thanks in advance Sebastian
  12. Well the question as the title says is very easy, i have a KE70 with the stock (ugly) cluster, and i want a tacho in the cluster but here in uruguay, no tacho cluster :) , so let the mods begin one cluster that i have in mind is the AE92 cluster because is easy and cheap to find here. Conectionwise will it be difficult to conect??? how about the speddo read??? BTW i don't know if this goes here
  13. Yesterday driving arround my town i found an old toyota hilux practicaly destroyed, but it has the front (ifs) and rear (solid) axles there, a closer look revealed that the front discs where vented with two pistons and the rear diff was much bigger. the engine wasnt there but i think that used to be a 2.4 diesel in there, because the rear axle was big but no so big as the diff on the 4Runner now in to the questions: Can the discs and the rear axle suit the corolla? how hard will it be?
  14. and adding one more question.... an 4AF and K50, can it be possible? because here is imposible to find a T50 with 22splines, here only the T50 with 20 the one that is behind the 2T, and those are quite hard to find
  15. I'm interested too, because here you can't find any 4AGE but you can find 4AFE every were and very cheap too
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