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  1. On that note, does anyone have a toyota ke20/ke26v parts catalogue that they are willing to part with? I have the collision parts manual but that only covers the body parts. I am looking primarily for the suspension parts and the interior parts.
  2. That looks great, the toothed wheel turned out better than I would have thought being laser cut too. But the efi conversion is certainly coming along, should be enough to set up the efi now
  3. https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/04122-0855662115-9780855662110-Gregorys-Repair-Manual-Book/ZPN-25461..._ There's plenty around, Google will be your friend in this one. Also a few on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233607922634
  4. I had the same with amayama, they have cancelled the order as the parts are no longer available. Now I'm waiting for the money to be refunded... Not a great purchase experience
  5. I just had the same experience with amayama. They couldn't confirm the frame number, so I sent them pics of the chassis plate. Then they asked for payment but haven't confirmed of they can get them yet However apparently the seals I want are in stock, so I've paid and will have to wait and see.
  6. Otherwise i was looking at something like the datsun 1200 wagon which has similar windows. ive seen replacement rubbers for those and so just trying to find out if its a roughly equal size. then i might be able to make them fit, but a direct replacement would be better. SO maybe ill keep up with toyota heritage and see what they come up with too
  7. Hey Pete, according to amayama they are available. So ive put the order in and I will see whats available. thanks again for your help. Toyota heritage are looking at making reproduction seals, so i will wait and see what they come up with. cheers for all your help, if youre in sydney ill buy you a beer or two!
  8. Hey pete, so if in reading this right, the parts I'm after are the 68188-13010, 68189-13010 (for the door quarter windows) 62743-13030, 62744-13030 (for the rear sides windows) is this correct? sorry ive never used the parts catalogue so just making sure that I'm seeing this right, thanks for your help though, greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey Parrot, if you do have the part number of the side rear window seal, and the rear quarter window seal that would be great. this part just seems to be as rare as rocking horse poo... I have highlighted the two seals that i need on both sides of the car. I'm just about to put the new shocks in the rear, but i was going to replace the ubolts and shackles. So i am looking for replacement shackles, if anyone knows some that fit it would be appreciated.
  10. hey parrot, their shipping seems to have come down. only cost me $30 to have shocks, bolts, lug nuts, and some seals sent over. came via fedex and in about 1.5 weeks so i can't complain. given their prices are generally pretty good, if you have a list of parts then you can buy a few things and it all balances out. i shudder to think how much shipping in individual ebay items has cost me. but the hunt for parts is real, like finding replacement shackles for the rear leaf springs, and don't get me started on the rear side window seals for the ke26 4dr wagon. but i will keep searching, its all we can do
  11. hey dan, I'm busy looking for the same rubbers, i have the front and rears but then rear quarters are like finding gold. If i manage to find someone who can custom make at a decent price, i will see if youre still interested. But please PM me if you find any.
  12. hey k3twent, i purchased these ones for my rolla, the bolts where a little on the small side so i had a little trouble getting one nut on. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/COROLLA-KE20-TE27-KE25-KE26-TE28-TE21-STRUT-MOUNT-MOUNTING-SHOCK-LH-RH/160821043550?hash=item2571ae615e:g:VnQAAOxyFjNSPpkL&frcectupt=true they did fit well but i will be upgrading to coilovers at some stage (who knows how long a build will take) and then i will use camber plates. if i had my time again i would probably just order from rockauto, i know ive said it before but they are a good resource for you https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1974,corolla,1.2l+l4,1367614,suspension,strut+mount,7600
  13. hey banjo, i would be interested on your thoughts on the quality of the trigger wheel. if you give it a thumbs up then i might order one as well, cheers G
  14. i just purchased some kyb for my ke26 wagon and they we $36 per shock and the shipping was about $30 all in AUD. but looking at the monroe website, you can find the struts that should fit your car. if you are in australia then monroe list the 805014MM https://www.monroe.com.au/trade-corner/catalogue-search.html?cat_make=TOYOTA&cat_model=Corolla&cat_year=1974&search_type=make_model_year&form_used=sidebar doing a little google you can pick them up from $100-$160. the $160 was from supercheapauto if that helps
  15. hey k3twent, welcome you can generally buy the inserts, check rockauto.com. you can also buy the inserts from monroe (the gt gas series from memory works), kyb also do direct factory replacements something like this search will help, obviously search for the year and style of your car as this search is for my car: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1974,corolla,1.2l+l4,1367614,suspension,strut,7584
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