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  1. parrot


    That car knew something I didn't, and is laughing at me now......
  2. parrot


    Later on we had broken up. Then someone crashed into it as she went through an intersection. Her girlfriend calls me to console her and we got back together. Meanwhile the car gets towed away to a crash repair place where the insurance wrote it off. Last we heard, the repairer bought it off her to become the works loan car. Maybe he knew something and has a warehouse full of cars destined to explode in value. I hated the bloody thing
  3. parrot

    Boingk's KE20

    Did you get that off the NZ guy? The one in Australia was broken where it bolts to the hot box?
  4. parrot


    Years back I was driving my girlfriend’s ( now Mrs Parrot) mk1 Escort back from Torquay late at night when the oil light came on outside Werribee, a sleepy country town in those days. No rattles, plenty of oil on the dipstick. Drove into Werribee and found a servo. Servos carried spare parts in those days, including Escort oil pressure sensors. And a man would put the petrol in your car for you! Swapped it out, and all was well. 7/11’s were just coming in then, and not surprisingly shut at 11! Those were the days.
  5. parrot


    Yep they are really good to deal with. The owner is a member of the forums and has a well deserved reputation as a quality business You can contact him via his Facebook page or website.
  6. Excellent. Make sure you stay on here too!
  7. There's a guy in NZ selling a twin side draft, and a twin down draft manifold on the Rollaclub faceplant page
  8. parrot

    Awesome Engine Upgrade

    I’m a member at both the RAAF museum and the Australian National Aviation museum down at Moorabbin. Both are a great place to look around. The ANAM is great as you can get up close and personal with all the planes, and they have a particular interest in products of the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory. My dad was an engine fitter in the RAAF, and it’s a warm feeling being able to touch planes he personally worked on.
  9. parrot


    Senders are matched to the gauges they supply, so very possible your gauge wasn’t suited to the 5k sender. Check an aftermarket temp sender catalogue. Same story with oil pressure gauges
  10. I'll sneak into the photocopy room now and see what I can do! Let me know an address or email (or both!)
  11. Please don’t delete this thread. Comedy gold!
  12. KE 50 section is 50 pages so worthwhile. It’s for KE7x, TE7x from Aug 79
  13. I’ve got a hard copy T18 manual which has the K and T boxes in it. Happy to post it to you on long term loan, or if you give me a few days, copy the relevant pages
  14. Lets hope it’s true, and Yokohama Australia bring them here I would encourage everyone to contact Yokohama Australia and say what a great idea it is and how many they are likely to sell. Back in the 80’s, Yokies were the only Tyre to have on your hotted up Jap car, especially if you were in to club sport
  15. parrot

    7k Sprinter Build

    Looking good Jono