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  1. I was wondering if you were affected by the fires, but do realise NSW is a big place!j
  2. Wow that is a beauty. don't underestimate the 2TC. I had one in a Celica many years ago and with basic head work plus compression, mid range cam, exhaust, lightened fly wheel and twin Weber side draft carbs it screamed. Plus assuming you are US based, a 3TC upgrade gives you 200 extra cc. This sort of work isn’t hard, and is hella fun. The ‘modern’ way is to install a newer EFI engine, but bolting the engine/trans/diff in is the easy bit. The fuel and electrical systems are not. And unless you can do this yourself, will cost quite a bit. And then you may also need to look at upgrading brakes etc. With the T engine, the brakes can probably remain with an overhaul and better pads. Do some reading around the forum and go from there. Oh, and welcome! Keep us updated perhaps with a build thread.
  3. How awesome is that. He has some interesting stuff on there, not much of which I can afford!
  4. Oh my. Good luck with that!
  5. Oh very droll..... Massive huntsman ended up in the car, wasn’t too happy his cosy home was disturbed.
  6. And this doesn’t include all the door and rear quarter glass...... Offsite storage, best money ever spent.
  7. Foxau2 Reproductions - 1st Generation Celica http://foxau2.storenvy.com/products/24515673-ta22-ra21-horn-contact-assembly This guy. Not sure if there is any crossover potential? edit: I suck at faceplant, but think I finally have the link right this time........
  8. I’m sure someone on toymods was remaking them for Celicas
  9. Has to go. If no one wants it I’ll cut the pocket and wheel arch out and toss the rest $50 pickup Surrey Hills 3127
  10. Not so easy if the gearbox is still in the car though! Pig of a job pumping viscous transmission oil whilst scrunched up under the car, trying to see what you are doing inside the transmission tunnel
  11. I heard of these but never actually seen one. What a laugh!
  12. Rear quarter cut in really nice condition. Even the pocket is solid. No I won’t ship it but it’s easy enough to lug about on your own and I was able to fit it in the rear of my SUV Pickup in Surrey Hills Vic
  13. Yep. My wife would however see it the other way, although the shed has been a sticking point in the house search. Plus daughter wants this, and son wants that. Fortunately we are all happy! they can even park their cars in the driveway, or on the street. There is a car pecking order here and Corolla’s take precedence
  14. Stupid parents presumably leased through their businesses I’d say. My kids are pretty spoiled, but your right, that’s ridiculous.
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