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  1. just curious

    Ha! I typed in 'that' word and thought , "hang on a minute", but elected to leave it there. One of the many things I love about this site! Yes, I did hear the car I mentioned went to Perth. Apparently as a first car for the guy's daughter? Strange choice for a first car in this day and age, I would have thought. Do you know anything further regarding the US story? There was another went to the UK quite a few years ago now, and I know the one I bought was close to being sold to the US also.
  2. just curious

    A few years ago now, but a good friend of mine listed a overrated all original KE15 on Shannon's which is the Australian auction house for interesting cars. It sold for something like $AUD1250. And doubtless virtually everyone in the room sniffed and looked the other way and had a bit of a manly giggle. They were there for big Healey's, Cooper S mini's, Falcon's, Mustangs, Toranas and Monaro's. And investment number plates..... He misread the market, where it would most likely have done substantially better on ebay. But most people are sheep and can't look outside convention or what they think their friends will approve of. The costs of restoration if you have it done professionally mean the cars mentioned are unlikely to turn a worthwhile profit unless you have the skills to do everything yourself. These are enthusiasts cars for people who like getting their hands dirty and don't care what others think. If I go out socially and people get wind that you are into cars, their eyes soon glaze over once they hear the word Corolla. They want to hear Porsche, Alfa, Ford or Holden. Having said that, I've been into these cars for very many years, and sourcing parts over that period. There is no doubt the price trend is very definitely way up for TE27 and early Celica parts, and that's clearly based on prices in Japan where there is an appreciation of these cars. Elsewhere, not enough people know what they are. So those in it for profit I think are in it for the wrong reason.
  3. Wtb ke20 guards and a bonnet

    Once your in, you never truly leave
  4. just curious

    I see your posts on JNC. I also follow various faceplant pages mainly for possible leads on parts. However I only rarely contribute to any discussion on any of those sites. Usually when I get frustrated.... I think the value of early cars such as KE1x and KE/TE2x, and the first couple of generations of Celica's are appreciating rapidly, for some reason Corona's are not following the trend. But the pool of actual buyers willing to pay out those prices is pretty small. Your car is done to a high standard and will always pull a higher price - if there is someone out there willing to pay it. i.e. the cashed up hard core you mention. I also think there is a group in the US actively trying to rationalise the inflated value of said cars and parts. People can ask what they like, but if there is no one or only one person willing to pay that price, you may need to wait a while to actually receive it. I'm not saying you are one of that group by the way. Mind you, they have every right to do so. So yes, I think the values are increasing, but the buyer pool isn't necessarily growing with it, so those in the pool can be choosy.
  5. Wtb ke20 guards and a bonnet

    There are two types
  6. 4A to T50 Bolts

    I once walked into Keebles (legendary bolt shop in the city) and said to the guy, "I need the water pump bolts for an 1100 Escort", guy walks off before I even finished speaking. Hmm, that's a bit rude I think to myself. 5 mins later he's back with the exact bolts, and from memory, at least 3 of them were different sizes. And if you try telling the children of today that, they wouldn't believe you. "Unfortunately", the future Mrs Parrot subsequently wrote off her poxy Escort and replaced it with a KE20. If you don't get an answer by tomorrow, I'll go out and measure them.
  7. I had a quick look on amayama. Tube with seal is about $4.50 each, so actually about the same. 11191-22010 for the tube $3.56 90430-31141 for the gasket $1.00
  8. Look upwards three threads in this list
  9. Ke55 speedometer help

    What makes your mechanic think the internal drive gear is missing? Pretty bizarre thing to happen during a rebuild, and that nylon gear doesn't look like it's been out of that box in a while so I can't imagine how he has worked that out. Not sure if its the photo, but is the assembly in straight or at an angle? It sits in there with an O ring to seal it. If you undo the 10mm bolt and wriggle the assembly out with the driven nylon gear, you should be able to look in the hole and see if the drive gear is there. Speedo issues are generally simpler issues such as the cable at either end isn't properly engaged, or is snapped.
  10. Decent trolley jack?

    I also need to bite the bullet. Have three cheapo ones lying about the shed, plus the three separate handles as the handle from each is specific and I never fail to grab the wrong one then search high and low for either the right handle, or the right jack for the handle I have. I think that makes sense. But especially I need one that is low enough to come in from the side, as I generally have to raise the car a little with a scissor jack to get the trolley jack underneath. What's this one like for overall height KE70dave? Plus if spending a bit more coin, you would want to be able to get it serviced if required. Bahco a good brand?
  11. KE 30 / 35 windshield

    Here are the other relevant ones for most of us. Don't assume a listing means the screen is available. Just a reference regarding sizes. i.e the KE15 screen was NLA when I downloaded this quite some years ago.
  12. Engine options or ke25

    Buying and fitting the engine realistically is the easiest and cheapest part of the process. It gets expensive and harder after that with the myriad other items that need to be bought and fabricated. To make it run and stop without breaking anything else. Even with just a 4age. Research hard, and start saving