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  1. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    I know Harvie went with KE2x struts when he built his (work done by .T.) 4AGZE KE15. I gather it wasn’t simple but not aware of the specifics. Stu, I have some NOS KE1x lower arm bushes if that helps your measurements, if that is what you are making. Happy to send you one.
  2. Ae82 1985 spares

    You're nearly there. This is the For Sale - Cars Can sometimes be a bit tricky on the phone
  3. Ae82 1985 spares

    Welcome Bilby. You need to post in the For Sale - Car Parts forum
  4. AE82 4age lack of power

    The yellow plug on the left with the rubber cap edit: the black cap. Use a short piece of wire with a male crimped terminal at each end.
  5. AE82 4age lack of power

    Sorry, let me clarify that. Toyota ECU’s don’t fail. Mindful that you’re the guy who modifies carbie jets with an angle grinder as I recall.... Stupid app won’t let me put an emoji in, but I’m a bit old for all that anyway.
  6. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    See bilsteins fitted in a Datsun 1200 strut here
  7. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    These ones One of the links I posted earlier does comment that some brands seem to have a slightly narrower fitment, whilst as Jono says, other don't fit There are also some KYB excel G's But yes, they would be a punt to buy unmeasured. And we don't even know anything about these regarding length or stroke.
  8. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    I had a look at a Tokico listing I have. Unfortunately it doesn’t include any measurements as I had hoped to isolate some options. And interestingly has no listing at all for an RX7. There are some rabbit bilsteins in Ringwood on eBay, but looking at the pics, I’m not sure how they locate in a macpherson strut. I think the rabbit inserts sound most likely to have upgrade options that are also available, at least after a quick look on eBay, as long as they can be installed in the strut and aren’t too far out in the other measures.
  9. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    Some interesting stuff here and explore the links. Bilsteins!
  10. Replacement struts for KE20

    Actually looking just now in the Tokico catalogue, TE20 & TE25 inserts are the same size. Only TE27 are larger
  11. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    No, that is what Cameron said in his ad for the springs. He is pretty clued up though, and I wouldn't be surprised if Stu is looking into the options now. The main problem of course is finding something with the right diameter. It's easy enough to space something up. Spacing down is a little harder unless you know someone with a lathe. Essentially you need to find something that will fit into the strut tube, with sufficient stroke. If you are going sporty, you won't need as much stroke, but you need to match it to your spring compression range so you don't bottom your inserts out and wreck them. And in a model that can be obtained in a sport or adjustable option. Shouldn't be too hard.....
  12. AE82 4age lack of power

    Well there are mechanics, and then there are mechanics. I would do a compression check, make sure the cam timing is right, ignition timing is right & replace the fuel filter. Then I would go here and download the 4AGE Diagnostics manual. It looks complicated, but really it isn't. Make sure the throttle position sensor is set properly and follow the various diagnostic charts. You will need a multimeter but they aren't expensive. These engines are pretty foolproof, as long as the sensors are set correctly and the basics like compression and timing are correct. ECU's don't fail, neither do coil / igniters. Keep it simple and work through methodically and it will run great.
  13. Replacement struts for KE20

    Do you mean the shock absorber within the strut tube? That shouldn't happen unless the top nut holding the strut into the tube comes undone. Or has the nut that sits at the very top of the shock absorber piston rod that you see from inside the engine bay come undone? Either way it should be possible to put it back together again. Original fitment didn't have a cartridge insert inside the tube, rather a piston assembly that sits in a bath of oil. Unless either nut has come undone, I fail to see how the strut can seize on full droop, and if the nut has come undone, it should be repairable. If it is a KE20, the strut insert cartridges that go into a TE21 which is the other Corolla model that came out in the states, will not fit.

    Problematic sizing though in 110
  15. Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    Measurement of a NOS Tokico strut cartridge S1002 Standard fitment Body length. 430mm Base body to top piston on maximum compression 495mm Base body to top piston on maximum extension. 685mm Piston stroke 190mm Body diameter 38mm