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  1. You can get one piece gaskets rather than the standard 2 piece which is a really good thing. They are called extractor gaskets, with numerous suppliers on ebay, but repco etc probably have them too
  2. If you mean the levin orange, I can get you the paint code in a few days
  3. The answer is give myself more space (it’s jammed down the side of my shed), wait till daylight, and flick them both down. Bit of a tap with the hammer and we are away
  4. All my manuals are in storage at present. Can someone remind me how to back off the rear drums on a KE1x, they are pretty seized I’ve got it up in the air with the wheel off and trying to flick the notched wheel on the cylinder through the two access holes in the backing plate? Flick it up or down?
  5. Has anyone used the rubbers from Phil’s in a KE1x or KE2x. Interested in fitment. I seem to recall that the RX3 springs are meant to fit in a KE2x so possibly the rubbers may fit. I’ve got some urethane ones I got from Japan, but unsure whether to use those or actual rubber. Have gone away from urethane everywhere else.
  6. Getting ready for our big move to the new three car garage (with attached house). Despite regularly popping out to talk to them all, I’m sure they were starting to doubt me. Reminds me I really should give them names. Here’s no.1 poking her nose out after seeing sunlight for the first time in a long time So a day of freeing up jammed calipers and the like. I did wonder why it was so hard to push, but then found this! It was fine when I last moved it about 3 yrs ago. In my defence, it was hidden up against the side fence. Not looking forward to moving my parts store, but am looking forward to a short blast in the AE86 on a temporary permit, and getting that on a club permit at last.
  7. parrot

    KE2x lock set

    That’s a good point. They KE2x are circliped, and look very similar to the one you posted. Did the KE70 replace the Corona well? There are subtle differences in the profile of the facing I think but I can live with that. No surprise, but the Thai offerings are no good as they don’t sit properly in the hole
  8. Hi all. I’m on the look out for a lock set to suit a 3 door KE20/25. Either with or without the ignition lock and hopefully with a key. Either pickup or post to Melbourne.
  9. Christ almighty! Well one needs to get into the Xmas spirit. What exactly are your plans!
  10. The 4AGE diagnostics manual is still hosted on AEU86.org along with other 4AGE manuals. The link is still working https://www.aeu86.org/technical/ae86-manuals/
  11. Ignore these prices. Usually inaccurate
  12. Was chilling on the couch so looked them up for you on toyodiy This is a 1982 TE72 There are 3 seals inner seal 63252-12010. On search doesn’t come up at Amayama outer seal for glass panel 63251-12010. $AUD250.96 outer seal for metal panel 63251-12020. $AUD270.59
  13. Always interested in parts but am in Melbourne. A bit far to buy the shell unfortunately
  14. Where is it, how much is it, are there any parts coming with it. SL shells are no different to non SL
  15. Is it a genuine sunroof or aftermarket? I recently bought a new seal from Toyota for my AE86 via Amayama. I would be relatively surprised if you can still get one for a TE72 but you never know. Have a look at the part diagrams on Toyodiy.com You can put the part number into Amayama and get an indication if it is still available or not. Exterior trims i suspect will not be available but same story
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