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  1. Brake swap KE16-KE38

    Welcome Jon Have a look here which is quite a good start
  2. What a classic. i reckon that bloke is paid to stand there and his left foot stops the whole lot from collapsing outward.
  3. AE92 4AGE fuel pump fuse location

    They are meant to be a tight fit, but once it gives they should separate easily. Be super careful not to round them off...... Edit, or twist the hard pipe!
  4. Some good bargains there
  5. New gaskets for a 3k

    Same. But I reckon the one piece manifold gaskets are a good extra
  6. AE92 4AGE fuel pump fuse location

    Ideally empty the tank as it can be surprisingly heavy when manoevering around under the car
  7. AE92 4AGE fuel pump fuse location

    That’s the pressure line. The small nut as you call it is like a large brake line fitting, and screws into the body of the larger ‘nut’. To undo it, hold the larger ‘nut’ with a spanner and undo the smaller ‘nut’
  8. The Golden Hoonicorn-

    Wife and I currently not talking after I told her yesterday I need to knock down the original garage as it is sinking to the point I can’t open the doors anymore! Predictable response really.
  9. Needed 4K water pump pulley (KE55 style)

    My stepfather put a 1600cc Mitsubishi Saturn engine in a Midget. A gear went in the original gearbox, and it was cheaper to swap in the Galant engine rather than get the gear fixed. Goes like the clappers
  10. WTB Altezza 3SGE coil pack

    Have you tried Celica_RA45 (Glenn Booth)? He has a garage full of assorted Altezza stuff. He isn't on here I don't think, but is definitely active on the Toymods facebook page
  11. Oil pump failure

    Years ago my best mate and I had essentially identically modified TA22’s, except he had an import wrecker 2TG which was presumed stock. I had a 2T with moderate head work, modest compression, exhaust and twin 40 dcoe’s. At Calder, he generally had just enough over me to pull away marginally on the straight. The next time we went, I secretly removed the non clutch fan, which had the effect that I could now gradually pull away from him. Drove him insane, trying to work out what had changed.
  12. Bellhousing question

    I should have woken up to that! In Australia bells with the clutch fork on the opposite side to the starter are relatively rare as they only came here with later imports of engines/transmissions by parts importers. We never got rear wheel drive 4AGE engined cars sold here. So all our bells have the clutch line running close to the exhaust.
  13. Bellhousing question

    Left hand bellhousing is from a 3A or 4AC engined car. In Australia at least, it is a common bellhousing. The clutch fork on the drivers side is from a 4AGE engined vehicle
  14. Items identified as sold are paid for and gone. Front springs and rear traction brackets still here
  15. Alternator Options

    and when you turn on whatever it is that requires 300A, the K engine will come to an abrupt halt!