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  1. KE20 bits

    Ill take the under grill trim
  2. 3k-c rebuild advice

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that for your purposes, you wouldn’t need to go down that route. Its fascinating though
  3. 7k Sprinter Build

    Details Jono?
  4. 3k-c rebuild advice

    3 k-b engines were 10:1 compression from the factory. 50 years down the track, your best bet is to find the best condition head you can, and not get excited about whether it is a C or B head. Get it shaved, ported matchported to the manifold etc. etc the rollaclub wiki has some useful info too
  5. 1982 manual 2-door KE70 God only knows what goes on in that shed of yours!
  6. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Phew! You need to get your nan to write up a tutorial. I think we all have those little areas to blend in
  7. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    I hope you didn’t break your original screen as they are completely unavailable....... A few years ago a group of us got together and had to get a special run made to order.
  8. Urethane lower arm bushes

    Got the lower arms out today. I should also add, I had these pressed in when new at a bullish nationwide suspension specialist, so that presumably doesn’t explain it. There is no doubt the urethane is very dry and crumbles away. Had planned to press them out as now I have a big enough vice, but can’t find a large enough section of pipe and of course everything is shut because of Easter.....
  9. Project Bambie (KE35)

    That is a serious effort. Very impressive. Edit: Bambie?
  10. Twin Carbi Sprinter

    SL versions in either KE15 or KE17
  11. R31 Skyline Diff

    Seriously. Ring the guy
  12. And of course the old street directory! Getting dirtier and dirtier and the outer pages falling off, not helped by getting wet from leaking seals, whether it was tossed on the floor, or wedged in a crevice somewhere!
  13. Well the AE86 is sitting in the shed with a set of Weds Albinos in the boot. The KE15 & TE27 also have a selection of spare parts awaiting their respective rebuilds. The reality of life means my choice of daily is currently the workhorse xtrail. As this has the false floor sliding shelves in the boot, it means I can carry all manner of stray tools, odd parts and bolts, occy straps, rags, stuff I might use down the beach and god knows what else. But the other reality of modern cars is that it never breaks down in any fixable way on the side of the road. So most of this is just a mobile shed. What does get used are the zillion reusable shopping bags and old fruit boxes for the shopping, foldable school branded chair for hockey, cricket, football athletics etc. Most of the time I am lugging about cricket and hockey bags! Back when old Corolla’s and Datsun’s were my lot, I always carried a substantial tool kit, axle stands, jumper leads, oil, water and often a stray starter motor and assorted other spares like points, alternator brushes, lengths of wire, radiator and heater hoses, and so on. So much in fact, it is a wonder the car moved with all the additional weight. The other key difference is that back then, this stuff actually got used reasonably often. Cars really have come a long way. Even now, when I see an old Jap car at a pickie wrecker, I always check the boot to see what has been left behind
  14. AE92 4AGE fuel pump fuse location

    Actually I had a quick look on the picker wrecker sites in Melb and there are a few AE92’s about. Can’t remember if all AE92’s are EFI however. Most pickies have a website with stock listings and even photos of the cars, and price lists these days. Not sure where you are, but in Melbourne we have pickapart, imlachs, jolly’s and Harvey’s. All of them do this.
  15. AE92 4AGE fuel pump fuse location

    Hmm Dave hasn’t had his coffee this morning. But yes, you will have to trawl the wrecking yards or look out for the possibility someone is breaking one via the various forums. Realistically, these cars are getting pretty old now and getting harder to find in yards. Price will depend on whether it’s some bloke breaking a car in their backyard, a pickapart wrecker, or a Toyota specific yard selling gold plated tanks. Make sure you get the pump and sender included.