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  1. parrot

    WTB: Rear Seat Ke10 seat He's in Sth Aust if it's still available
  2. parrot

    Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    It’s looking fantastic. You must be so proud of what you have achieved, it’s come such a long way. Did you bolt the front bumper to the front guards? You can guarantee you will then crease the guard lip if you ever touch anything with the bumper
  3. I'm sure that back in 1985 we were told that the newfangled 4AGE engines were not rebuidable. I remember Toyota hosted Celica Car Club Victoria for a model introduction night, and everyone deriding the idea, end of the world as we know it etc.
  4. parrot

    Boingk's KE20

    Have you taken the door and rear quarter trim panels off and looked in there? Possibly the fibreboard may also have absorbed odour. I'd maybe take out the seats and give them a good long airing for some weeks, and double checking nothing has burrowed up into the seats from underneath. They were often filled with kapok which would be very attractive bedding for rodents. The floor sound insulation material shouldn't absorb anything?
  5. For what it’s worth, the TRD adjustable cam gear for a K is a twin row. Very curious why they went to a single row
  6. parrot

    Boingk's KE20

    You have to do something with the mouse skeleton! I’m thinking hood ornament. The rat piss was my worry with the floors but it looks good. In fact the whole car looks great A mate of mine left a window down in his AE86 in the garage, and the his cat climbed in and pissed everywhere. The smell still lingers.
  7. parrot

    Boingk's KE20

    That looks allright. Have you had a look under the carpet yet? Bit worried about the floors.
  8. parrot

    3k-c rebuild advice

    This is something you need to have done by someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise you are going to have a disaster. By all means have a go at putting it all together (use a factory manual) but get the block, crank and rods assessed by an engine builder and let them order the correct size parts for you.
  9. parrot


    My car can find its way to David’s all by itself now, with numerous Saturday mornings drives in his direction. A nice warmed 3KB will suit the KE15 nicely, especially as taking 13 yr old to Europe, so crying poor. But so tempting
  10. parrot

    Unknown Front Struts in Ka67 Wagon

    The problem with continually moving the insert up with spacers (you can always add a large washer and see what difference that makes) is that you are limiting your piston travel severely, potentially outside what the spring travel dictates it needs to be. Lots of people blow inserts by bottoming them out on the piston stroke. You can also have problems with the spring itself being no longer captive
  11. parrot

    Unknown Front Struts in Ka67 Wagon

    I reckon the insert is loose in the strut tube. If you are going to put a shorter cartridge in, you have to either space it up or down appropriately or there is nothing to stop it moving about
  12. parrot

    4k spark plug tubes

    Relatively recently they were also available from Toyota, but cost a couple of dollars extra for each tube
  13. parrot


  14. parrot

    Vacuum advance

    Sucking is plenty.
  15. parrot


    Must.....resist..... someone buy it and save me from myself