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  1. I notice the Motorsport Australia office has relocated to around the corner from our place in Canterbury. Only high end real estate for CAMS who previously were in Camberwell
  2. It was shared from the original face book post. Go to that starlet page
  3. There was a guy in the Netherlands selling a used U code LSD centre a couple of weeks ago. BUT he was asking €750 for it if it wasn’t so expensive I probably would have bought it myself
  4. Lynx filters sold
  5. AE86 aircon unit $20
  6. Assorted bits and bobs $10 each
  7. Standard AE86 fronts springs $20 Bit of an assortment with a few AE82 bits in there as well plus an AW11 relay. $10 each except for the 4AC dizzy $20 AE86 side protection strips $50 set. One of the small ones is missing
  8. Set of front AMI belts. The webbing is toast but the couplings etc are good and could be used to get a set refurbed with new belts $50 KE25 Coupe Deluxe badge no pins an someone has previously glued it on. Face of badge is in good condition $75
  9. Box of AE86 aircon hoses, both metal and flexible SOLD mainly AE86 bits. I think there’s a TA22 accel pedal in there too. All items $10 each edit: mudflaps, AE86 accel pedal and footrest sold
  10. New house is great, but have had to be pretty brutal with part stores. Sold a few things, thrown out a few things, and Peter Robinson came past with Ute and took a few other things away. Now crating up various spares and a huge amount of NOS stuff accumulated over the years for all three cars. I’ve always known what I had, problem was knowing where it was. Popped over to a mates today who has an amazing and varied collection including a fantastic AE86 Trueno, and near on 50 Honda cub bikes, and mini bikes. He is also cleaning out, so came home with another spare guard, another T50 and another fuel tank, having just thrown out 2. They will all get stored away somewhere.....
  11. As I rearrange my garage I will pass on some stuff and add as I go pickup is in Burwood Vic AE86 underdash aircon and heater unit You will need to replace the foam which has perished. Comes with two condensers with dryers SOLD
  12. As I rearrange my garage I will pass on some stuff and add as I go pickup is in Burwood Vic KE20 console in really good nick. In particular the beading strip is intact and has only lifted very slightly. There are two minute cracks at 3 and 9 o’clock where the gear boot would sit. So minor I only noticed them now when taking the photo. No idea if manual or auto SOLD 2 KE20 front looms. They have both been mucked about with by someone else but may be of use. $40 for both KE20
  13. Steering column sold
  14. Steering column with pitman arm. Seems nice and tight. SOLD Front Transverse leaf spring $50 Pickup Burwood 3125
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