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  1. parrot

    Ke10 Strut Insert - URGENT

    Currently on eBay You may find he will accept an offer of $95.
  2. parrot

    Toyota 7K Motor & SC12 Supercharger

  3. parrot

    K inlet manifold for 2x downdrafts carbs

    This was listed on yahoo japan earlier this year
  4. parrot

    K inlet manifold for 2x downdrafts carbs

    Does such a thing exist?
  5. parrot

    WTB - Starter Motor to suit 3k

    Pm’d You on a possible source
  6. parrot

    Toyota Corolla Sedan Ke70

    Rear guards usually require refabricating inside the guard.
  7. parrot

    Carina II '91 in United Kingdom

    I should add, after a speed event we would swap the spring back so the second Venturi only opened as per factory, or you lose flexibility for around town driving.
  8. parrot

    Carina II '91 in United Kingdom

    I assume that’s the old “swap the spring from one side of the diaphragm to the other” trick. I’d forgotten all about that. We used to do that back in the 80’s club racing days. But soon it was a slippery slope to twin side drafts Ah the memories!
  9. parrot

    First start for a while

    Yes definitely agree with the oil in the plug hole. I left that out
  10. parrot

    First start for a while

    I would take the plugs out and turn it over in bursts of about 5 seconds about 7 or 8 times. Then put the plugs back in. Should have oil pressure by then and fuel to the carb. Double check no fuel leaks then fire it up
  11. You have to question why Toyota ever went with that design in the first place. I can’t recall ever having seen another 2 piece manifold gasket.
  12. Shouldn’t be too hard. Lots of later corolla’s had cable release. I would visit a wreckers and take something complete from the earliest toyota I could find with it. For example, ae86 coupes have them, and I’m sure our AE82 seca had one. Your hardest task may be getting the cable length right.
  13. parrot

    ca18det ke20

    That’s an amazing story, and congrats on getting it this far without being shot in the process. The install certainly looks looks pretty neat
  14. parrot

    Boingk's KE20

    That's awesome. You shouldn't have told people about the pineapple tins. You could have started a business and retired on the proceeds! Great to hear it is running so well. As a boy, dad and I used to do an annual Melbourne - Labrador - Melbourne trip and his KE20 just ate up the kilometres along the old back route through Dubbo, Goondawindi etc. Good times