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  1. You either need to fit flares after major surgery on the rear guards, or get the diff narrowed. Fuel tanks are the same
  2. I’m also of the view they are too big, and with modern tyres unnecessary. Having said that, I ran 225’s on 7’s on a TA22 years back and had no end of grief with the rear guard lip fouling under load and the fronts on lock. Made the car not fun to drive. Fitting flares is a major exercise of fabrication on the rear, and a key difference between KE25 and a TE27 levin is the construction of the rear wheel tub and outer skin. I don’t see how you can do it otherwise, unless you shorten the diff housing or change to significantly different offset rims
  3. I wouldn’t have thought there was a need to fiddle with camber for the sort of work the car gets used for. I would wonder if he had the specifications in his computer to know where to set toe in and castor at, and to check camber is within spec. I remember sometime back someone being told their car was too old to appear in the system. Ill have specs in a Toyota manual if you need them.
  4. My 2 cents don’t do it. The various sensors are there to give the ecu info it needs to run the engine optimally, and keep it idling properly. It probably already has a cold air feed from inside the guard. Pod filters make it noiser, suck hotter air inside the engine bay, plus it’s a defect if you get pulled over. A better bet is to find a high flow element for your stock airbox, and change it regularly
  5. Same same. But most importantly (besides pics and a write up) what brand and part number were the inserts!
  6. His phone number is there, ring him
  7. Here’s some info after a quick search of “KE20” with bananaman as author Also have a look and see if he has a build thread
  8. And straight away, what do I find on the Facebook page. I reckon you would get it cheaper than that, but looks to good to use as a donor. Not what you want to do perhaps, but that’s the reality of a 4 afc. And in the long run it will always be worth more than your Nova I’m afraid, as tidy and cared for as it clearly is. Think hard before you go spending much on yours, as $3000 won’t go far unfortunately
  9. That is incredibly clean!
  10. As someone who has fitted 16 valve 4AGE’s into an AE82 and an AE86, do bear in mind it isn’t simply a matter of swapping the engines along with a few extra components. There are very many differences, especially with wiring looms, fuel systems and don’t forget suspension and brakes etc. If you are paying someone to do it, it will cost an absolute packet. Depending on what model Corolla you have, if there is a 4AGE equipped model in the same model range, think VERY seriously about finding one with a rough body and swapping EVERYTHING across. It will be far cheaper for you, and mechanically not too hard to do yourself. Its also a lot of fun
  11. Hi Team Trying to work out if there are any practical differences in the clutch release cable between KE1x and KE2x? I would imagine fitment and length would be identical?
  12. An honest appraisal, realistic price and photos!
  13. The ad contains not only his location, but also his mobile. But since it was also 12 years ago, it’s unlikely he still has it anyway!
  14. I can’t fault you there. It’s bloody awful having petrol dripping all over you. And running into the inevitably skinned knuckles
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