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  1. hi mate did you find any parts nubers ?
  2. hi guys looking for a ke70 or ae71 not really fused about condition cheers
  3. yes it is posible reply if you'd like some info on how to do it p.s i have done this setup on my 4k ke70 cheers
  4. look mate realisticly you'd be better off just putting so ke20 or ke30 brakes on it i have a ke15 sprinter an will most likly go with ke20s on the front and ke30s on the back
  5. G'day guys looking for a cheap ke16/18 or ke26 in need of resto cheers
  6. theres on on market place in sydney for $300 aperantly runs
  7. does any one know what the best rings are for a 3k
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