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  1. Pick up this 15 inch Saab Carrol Shelby rims for $60 dollars clean them up and install new 195 45 R15 tires I thinks they look pretty good. Just need some stance.
  2. Hi guys first of all thanks for the warm welcomed fronm the family of Rollaclub, I glad to be part of this group. I want to share se pics of my new addition, is my 1969 Corolla sprinter that I picked up few months ago definitely feeling very bless. I've own lots of old school corolla's but not a first gen because they hard to find up here in the States. This is a work in progress that may take me few years to finish but I'm glad that I get to save this car.
  3. I be driving like and old man not, really not looking to race or drift this car I just want it to stop and don't worry about having and accident on the road with this car. This cars are hard to find here in the States. I only be driving it every other weekend on good weather.
  4. Thanks Banjo I will do my homework. I'm glad to be part of this community 👍
  5. Thanks man, but I got rid of them few days ago. The last owner enlarge the holes to make them fit to 4x110 and they didn't look safe, so I had a set of Saab Carrol Shelby 15x5.5 that I'm going to refinish and paint them first. Also bought wheel adapters 4x110 to 4x114.3 15mm just to make it right. Is hard to find rims 4x110 here.
  6. Hi Guys new to this forum and new owner on and 1969 Ke17 fastback here in N.J USA. I'm a big fan of old school Toyotas and I've had own lots of TE's xx but never corolla this old. Currently not running yet but let me cut the chase and jump to the main question, is this car in stock form the brake system/ brake drums are safe to drive and how they perform? Can I get a feed back from you guys if your still driving your KExx on drum brakes all around please what's your opinion thanks in advance 😊 Here's few pics of my lil project I will soon post my own thread of the progress.
  7. I found one online. thanks for the help if I need anything I will let you know.
  8. Hi Guys I'm new on this site, i need some help locating a thermostat housing with temp sensor and water neck for my Ke17 3KC engine. . I bought this project car and unfortunately is missing the thermostat housing 😩 please PM me with picture and price thanks in advance.
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