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  1. It’s far more complicated than taking one engine out and putting another one in. Car is likely to be off the road for quite a while, especially if inexperienced. Seriously consider finding an original car and buying that and selling on yours. Will likely save you a lot of money and be worth more in the long run. There are electrical, suspension, brake and fuel considerations at a minimum you won’t expect.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/252712915526?itmmeta=01HZHP4696X085TDDH6HYVVBDJ&hash=item3ad6dd1246:g:TU8AAOSw2xRYb~xX&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwGr7q5cNAPsgLNo666OVeImJHUupAiKbxaNKivMY7q5JrDP7YyvD4sVxDIGOrp2xS8%2BIl46Jk5uxMPE1pXC4Zx0X2wa%2FgbC%2BRYggzXAyW%2FmQDDFnZzRxYETyfjKhZCKXgtncTzapZ6P8RkGtRnE9tVCrWNfQLjgXeQ0pD%2Bq6z%2BS0V3aRirkiTrYeDXjUsO56Afi7NTIHATDf4NaguyDfQtreG2oGFIxUPtKFN6%2FdQUJOlkcyMOCjCSZnbom6ICfLdg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9bkkLb8Yw
  3. Would strongly recommend grabbing that other car if you have the luxury of space. The bonnet is very hard to find in good condition. Some parts are still available from Toyota but you will need to find a parts book. I order quite a lot of genuine parts new on Impex. Essentially sometimes I'm lucky and sometimes I'm not. Otherwise it's a matter of watching out, seeing something, thinking "I will need that one day", and buying it if the price is reasonable. Has been my approach for many years for my three cars. Ebay US can often be good sources of mechanicals like brake shoes. Parts wholesalers and the like. i.e https://www.ebay.com/itm/235381582407?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110025%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.COMPOSITELISTINGS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D266070%2C265705%26meid%3Dc929df1bdd4c4c55815e1a50d5adac70%26pid%3D101506%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D25%26sd%3D134539189491%26itm%3D235381582407%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D4481478%26algv%3DAlgoIndex5SimRanker%26brand%3DMintex&_trksid=p4481478.c101506.m1851
  4. I'm thinking to myself, that will be Banpei. Pop across to aeu86.org and there it is! Longtime since I've been on that forum, but some good guys. Great to see it's still active.
  5. Now thats a good idea. About to do similar so I'll give that a go!
  6. Note the change in specification after certain dates. Don't forget you will need bumper irons. Don't assume the pictured grille is correct for your model, but does at least indicate the various other bits of hardware required. Note the reference to "euro spec" for the front bumper. I have no idea how they differ. But you are unlikely to find them anyway. And apologies for my late reply, I'm not sure how I missed this. Good luck!
  7. Ok. I’ve calmed down now. The bumper and grille won’t be too hard. You need to be sure to get the correct grille though. I’m a KE15 person and tend to look down on KE10’s so am not sure which one is correct. I’ll have a look at the parts book and see if it is differentiated, though someone here will know. The fender will be an issue. I was able to get a NOS item from Yahoo Japan a while back. It’s a matter of watching and waiting for the gems that come up occasionally. You will find a Spanish guy on eBay but all his parts are gold plated and diamond encrusted - apparently. There is a mechanic in Melbourne Australia called Peter Robinson who over many decades has built up a significant parts hoard. And he knows more than most people alive when it comes to Corolla’s. He is old school, a bit crotchety, and works best by phone. He does have a younger bloke who helps out especially with his online presence. He will likely have some good original options, and will make sure they are correct for your model. Search for Peter Robinson Automotive - Kerolla spares. Be careful though, I recently caught a guy in the USA mimicking the Kerolla Facebook persona with a slightly adjusted page title and using Peter’s posts in this fraud page. Facebook has seriously degenerated with fraudsters in the last 6 mths especially, and I will now only deal with people I have been monitoring online for some years.
  8. I thought more about it, and decided I didn’t want to have to drive 400km on a space saver again. So thought I would look around for something Volkswagen in a 19 inch wheel. Not sure why, but I see very few Mk8 GTI’s on the road. And these are an option wheel too. Stunned on marketplace to find 3 of the same wheels for $200 each. Some poor P plate kid hit a pothole on the way to Adelaide and destroyed a wheel. Brand new from VW they are $1500 each. I saw his quote, and the wrecked wheel. So not unreasonably he bought a set of some aftermarket wheels for under $1000 and sold these. 2 of them are as new, while the third had a little gutter rash. So that one is my new spare for when I go outside the metro area. I couldn’t get around to his place fast enough. The other two can go up in the roof just in case. It has been a new experience watching like a hawk for any potholes.
  9. I have to say i was very impressed by how well it handled, until i got the deflation warning. Oh well. The reason i was going so fast is I was concerned about someone coming the other way and chipping the paint. My avatar i have to admit is some mad Irishman I found very many years ago. This was the first opportunity I've had to really open her up on some challenging roads after 10 mths of ownership. And I went nowhere near it's outlet limits. Amazing that something you can potter up to the shops in can be so incredibly quick and raucous when given its head. You really do see a different side of the car other than just blasting away at the lights. Phenomenal. I had been aiming to buy a GR Corolla for a couple of years prior to giving up on Toyota and buying this. I see one in the carpark at work regularly, and it's actually a damn ugly looking thing.
  10. As long as you are having fun! I have had a solid stream of 'family stuff' delay me for years..... But if I wander out into the garage, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. My kids laugh at me, but I'm happy, and now I'm finally gettiung somewhere. Don't stress, you will get there.
  11. Don't drive down dirt roads at 100km/hr when you have 235/35 R19 tyres! $440 lesson after puncturing at the bead. Also, google maps doesn't differentiate between bitumen and dirt roads. My Volkswagen GTI Mk 8 however is a phenomenal car, and had the best day driving around the King Valley in Victoria yesterday on way to Winton Historics. Best $440 I ever spent!
  12. The panel van guys will be in a frenzy if they wake up to this. How do you find someone to remake a seal?
  13. That makes no sense. Read it again and correct it with a proper question
  14. It pops up occasionally, then disappears.
  15. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Was lying bed last night thinking about getting a bigger fan. Oh well, better welds or better lungs? Perhaps I’ll just be sensible and allow the fumes to clear before looking at the weld!
  16. Thanks for that. I had a fun afternoon. The key thing I found was keeping the mig wire short out of the gun to the contact point. And starting the next spot off the edge last one. And as you say going slow and giving it a chance to puddle. I have a fan to blow away the fumes though as it means i am getting pretty close to the weld, and when I lift the mask to have a closer look i was getting a good breath of fumes. Love watching your work!
  17. It's behind the rear seat tank. This is the part number. 83320-19205 If you google it various options come up pretty cheap.
  18. I'm getting stuck into my KE15 at the moment, dealing with the rusted area inside the scuttle panel at the heater air intake. Very much a beginner welder and learning as I go on an area that won't be visible. I've quickly learned with butt welding not to have the two pieces of metal flush, as the penetrance isn't there. Soon as you grind it off, the joint is week and you are pretty much back where you started. Back out to have another go.
  19. Sounds very reasonable
  20. Is it just me, or has this section disappeared from the forum?
  21. There are a lot of parts to hunt down for the AE86 aircon and they are old, worn out and expensive. If you can find them. But the upsurge in AE86 prices has people looking to restore to factory. If there are modern alternatives in a complete kit you can retrofit I would be doing that. What has your research thrown up so far.
  22. 12 years later I’m tipping he no longer has the car! What’s your indication for thinking you might need them?
  23. The airpump is part of the emissions so you don't need that, or the cat con. Cut your losses and put a non pollution engine in it. These guys have a KE55 listed on facebook right now. Gamage Motors Corolla ke 55 parts available 0773180126 Galle
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