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  1. Genuine NOS Rear mudflaps, AMI dealer fitment option. Specifically for KE 10, 11, 15 , 17, but I would fully expect they will also suit KE 20 and 25 also. winter will be here before we know it and who wants mud on their precious machine? $60 plus post. Melbourne pickup is fine Postage $15 extra
  2. parrot

    What Grinds My Gears.

    That’s fantastic news! Hopefully they have been able to identify the cause to prevent a recurrence?
  3. parrot

    Aisin Carby Alternative

    How does it determine fuelling? Is there some sort of rudimentary ecu?
  4. parrot

    Ke55 Oil Pan gasket

    That's awesome! And scary at the same time!
  5. parrot

    What Grinds My Gears.

    Ask the social worker for information about VPTAS (patient transport assistance scheme). Hopefully you live more than 100kms from the hospital, if so you are eligible. I’ve attached the link, and you can get hard copy forms from the social work dept Provides reimbursement of travel costs and contributes to accom costs. You do have to pay upfront then claim reimbursement but it does help. You may also be able to get a discount parking voucher from social work also. Ask the ward clerk to chase them up for you.
  6. parrot

    What Grinds My Gears.

    Not good. Fingers and toes and everything else are well and truly crossed. At least you are in the right place, and she will be treated and cared for amazingly well.
  7. parrot

    BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    I reckon they would contribute to your overall downforce
  8. parrot

    Lowering a KE16

    I assume you mean AE86?
  9. parrot

    Ke70 Diff??!?!

    Can I google Kahili Blundell at work. I don't know who she is
  10. parrot

    Ke2x Members Page

    That’s a great looking car! Hopefully the paint isn’t hiding too much. What’s a MAACO paint job?
  11. parrot


    If they have faded that quick, I would wonder if anything will help? Pwrhaps worth chatting to Toyota Heritage. They have a range of lenses made I gather to a higher standard, and there must be a market with all the 70 series getting around. See if Gary will do a run of them. They presumably wouldn’t be so cheap, but there is a reason these are so cheap
  12. The latest Shannons club email has just come out with a really interesting article in Racing Garage on the Gemini domination of the 1979 Bathurst 1600cc class. There is also quite a bit said about the TE37 Levin that was entered. Worth a look.
  13. There is one getting around in Melbourne that was imported from Japan. The guy also rallies a converted local car. Mind you, we TE27 owners tend to sniff at TE37's as the somewhat inferior cousin to our thoroughbred's But then, as mine is still a shell and boxes and boxes (and yet more boxes) of parts, perhaps I shouldn't be quite so judgemental..... In reality they are probably somewhat rarer.
  14. parrot

    Ke20 new old stock - where?

    Google his name. I understand if you pickup in person and can view before you pay, he is ok.
  15. parrot

    Ke20 new old stock - where?

    If that’s Gordon Cross you might want to think twice. More a Celica guy though. The answer to your question is no. Keep an eye on the usual suspects on eBay in Spain and UK but expect to pay lots.
  16. parrot

    TA22 crossmember - Melbourne

    Went out in the recycle bin yesterday morning.
  17. TA22 crossmember free to good home. Someone has tried to fit it (badly) to a KE25 by trimming each end, and elongating/reaming out two of the mounting holes. Probably only useful to someone who wants a pair of T engine mounts to fit in something else. Pickup in Melbourne only or it goes to be recycled.
  18. parrot

    4K-C Timing and Jetting DCOE 45

    It will run poorly and you will struggle trying to get small enough chokes. You need to dramatically increase the airflow to make it work. This was a thread I posted years back with some suggested settings on various applications. I can’t open the thread, not sure why, but if you can it may help
  19. parrot

    4K-C Timing and Jetting DCOE 45

    I dot know. But need more info - cam, compression, porting, valve size etc.
  20. parrot

    SR20DET ke70 question.

    And don’t put stupidly wide tyres on it
  21. parrot

    ke30/35 meter cluster light

    I’m sure it has been discussed previously, not necessarily in a KE30 but the concept is the same no matter what. You will have to search the forum for the threads. May be easier searching in google but add rollaclub to the search terms for forum specific threads edit: and when you find it, add a link to it here so it’s easier to find next time
  22. parrot

    What RPM to drive when facing oil problem?

    Another thought, if you were on mars with zero gravity, would you even need an oil pump?
  23. parrot

    What RPM to drive when facing oil problem?

    I’m thinking higher rpm is the exact opposite of where you would be going. My trusty 2T in my TA22 years back was struggling, but after a can of slick 50 it was reinvigorated. It was smoky and not good beforehand, and great for years afterward. But oil pressure in a can? I can’t see it holding up for long. Welcome back by the way
  24. parrot

    Ae95r strut replacment

    Not sure where you are, or if they are the same, but a 92 model has gone into pickapart Kilsyth today