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  1. The black is more contemporary I reckon. Looking real good
  2. I don't have any room for another car, but would be interested to know what spares are available? I'll message you in hours
  3. Years back I had a TA22 with a worked 2T. My mate had an identical car except his had a 2TG. He could always pull away from me on the front straight at Calder. Until one day I was pulling away from him. Drove him crazy as he couldn’t work out what new modification I had done. All I had done was removed the plastic fan during the race meeting. End of the day, popped it back on and drove home.
  4. I reckon you will use 10hp driving that fan!
  5. My 2 cents. I don't see what you have gained from putting the smaller radiator in. I would go back to what you had. If you are wedded to the civic radiator. check the radiator height relative to the engine inlet/outlets, and work hard to absolutely ensure all air is bled out of the system. You can't afford to have hose distortion limiting waterflow. Sort that out properly
  6. You may rest assured I am absolutely loving your feed. Please don’t stop. Impatiently waiting on completion of a pool which has meant no access to the garage for months, so I can get on with mine. Today yet another concrete pour and an apparent delay with delivery of the tiles…….. cars looking very forlorn jammed up next to each other
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1561101720836678/permalink/3436701266610038/?sale_post_id=3436701266610038
  8. Wasting your time without head work, cam and compression. Fuel economy will deteriorate.
  9. I have to say this is absolutely inspiring as i need to do exactly the same thing on mine. Fantastic ideas.
  10. No problem Philipp I'm in the fortunate position of having been searching for parts for 15 yrs or so. Parts were a little more available, and substantially cheaper for much of that time (generally). Things have gone crazy the last 2 - 3 years. i was fortunate to find a complete uncut console with all the brackets, clock and radio. I think I paid about $AUD 375 plus container shipping from Japan. That was a while ago! I'm not on the NZ forums, and it looks like they may have stopped activity anyway. This was the main one I believe: http://www.club-k.co.nz/Forums/ It is still accessible to search, but is no longer active I mention NZ as they received KE25 equipped to SL spec in the early 70's, so some potential for finding one there. The NZ online auction site is called Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/?bof=jnPRNXjI As ever, it's buyer beware. Long time since I bought anything there, but experience was variable. There is a guy in NZ, goes by the name of Modify who is worth chasing up. He was a good guy, with a strong interest in these cars and happy to source and ship things. He is well aware of what things are worth, and occasionally sourced and sold the bits people are always after, including consoles, clusters, steering arms, pedal boxes and crossmembers. He is/was on Rollaclub forum so if you message him he may still reply. Modify also had a tie in to Grant Donaldson, famous for his seat covers
  11. You long ago missed the chance of picking up a reasonably priced long console. And please tell me you are not naive to believe they are available new..... edit: having said that I plugged the number into Amayama and it came up as $798.38. That doesn't guarantee it is available, and I expect if you queried it they would come back and say NLA. But if you do, and it is - tell me first. But as you asked, the part number is 58810-12080 superseded by 58810-19055. Unfortunately my part book only has the numbers for the wood grain version. If you find one, bear in mind it comes with four brackets, +/- clock and radio. They have a weak point just ahead of the handbrake and are often cracked. Also very common for them to be cut up, drilled into. Best bet is to get very lucky on yahoo Japan, or try New Zealand forums.
  12. I had a look on toyodiy. The part number for a 2000 KR42 Townace (RHD) is 22210-06040 Toyodiy allows you to crosscheck the part number, and the only other model with that TB is a Toyota TUV - whatever that is. It is shared whether MTM or ATM That doesn't mean a TB off a different model 7K won't work, but may not be bolt on. And differences may well be modest. What else did a 7K EFI come in?
  13. Oh my. I have to come back to this and concentrate a bit later. Looks like some brilliant work
  14. So my smallest torque wrench is no where near reading that low. Have now got a beam wrench that can read that low on the way. Amused myself removing the equally hard rear transfer case seal instead. The SST picked up years ago off Allan Taylor worked a treat at whipping that out.
  15. Thanks Keith. That manual is far more detailed than what I was looking at and has some excellent stuff I would have missed. The genuine Toyota AE86 and Celica / Carina manual is a bit lacking here. I’ll go out and give it a go
  16. Hi Team I need to replace the oil seal in my 6.7 inch T series diff. How necessary is the SST to remove the companion flange? Any advice would be appreciated. I have the SST for the seal itself. But the SST 09557–22022, or 09557-22021 are NLA I will also need to replace one in another diff, so if there is a specific tool, i'm happy to buy it.
  17. No stress. It actually fits my xtrail, but probably getting rid of it soonish otherwise I’d buy it myself!
  18. Doesnt appear to be for a Toyota, certainly not a KE55. Looks like it fits a wide range of 2000’s Nissan’s
  19. 8 years later! I reckon you would be adding a 1 to the front of the price nowadays if it was still there.
  20. I have no idea what is going on here. How about some detail as to what you are actually selling and some specifications/description, price, where they are etc etc etc
  21. Not very good photos but condition looks pretty poor. Most people bypass these and go to twin webers as they are too hard to tune. I think you wouldn't get much for these and I assume you are overseas so post isn't really feasible
  22. Too far away for me I’m afraid.
  23. Toyota tend to use common parts across the range at the time. The aircon and heater parts have a lot of commonality. Many cars didn't have A/C, but still had the holes which were simply blocked with a rubber plug which is common across a wide range of Toyota's. if you are going to keep it registered, you need to keep the heater. Not much to be gained from removing the heater fro a weight perspective either if that's your thinking.
  24. Classic Japan is in Melbourne! Run by the Toyota Car club. Unfortunately not this year, but all should be good for Dec 2022. And who knows, I might even drive something there for once. i'm a huge fan of aircraft museums, but find it immensely frustrating when the exhibits are generally in a darkened environment and usually in gloss paint. Moorabbin Air Museum is one shining exception to this, and you can actually touch the exhibits, and some you can even clamber into!
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