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  1. It’s been a while, but finally the TE27 is back on its wheels with the TE27 crossmember and TE27 struts. It had been sitting on a KE25 front end I borrowed from Dave since collecting the shell quite some time ago. So long ago he doesn’t want them back! At this stage just for rolling about the garage and will need to come out for some welding. Now shutdown has eased off, I’ll get the K engine down to the machinists. Have a 3K crank I got out of a 99 cent engine for it so I can keep the original block, plus a Nicely worked head I picked up from a mate a while back. Latest addition to the shed I couldn’t do without is a proper floor jack I picked up at the local auction place for $80. Makes things so much easier. No effort required, lifts nice and high without buggering about. Wish I had this years ago. Old faithful motor guard cheapy jack is pretty piss poor in comparison.
  2. Personal defence weapon? For the forthcoming zombie apocalypse??
  3. I’ve recently stripped down two K motors. The amount of crud in the water galleries is astonishing. Intriguing how the water jackets in block and head are often separated by the head gasket. I was looking closely at this the other day and assume this is to ensure coolant remains in the head, as the simple water pump impeller would struggle to maintain sufficient pressure if coolant could simply drop down into the block. Not sure about that. But otherwise, numerous head gasket passages were completely, or nearly so blocked. I have removed quite a lot by this point
  4. Thanks Stu. Late reply from me sorry. PM’d just now
  5. Have been offered a standard cam for $150 which is of course laughable. Anyone else have anything?
  6. I work in Haematology, blood cancers mainly. Old Toyota's just an enjoyable way to amuse myself. The latest twist to the saga is that the hospitals offered to takeover much of the case tracing and various other aspects of the response. Initially the government thought that was a good idea, but quickly backed away when the public service got worried some people might lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the source of our latest outbreak was happily infecting other people hours after he was identified due to logistical 'issues' within said department. Outcome, longer lockdown
  7. Anyone have a reasonable camshaft for a regrind. Would also be interested in something already done I’m in Melbourne
  8. Another thing he did was carefully drill a little hole near the end of each chrome strip at the rear quarter. I remember Adam saying he was a keen sailor, and I wondered if he might have set up a tarp off the back of the car, secured with fishing line. No self tapper this time
  9. So finally I’m underway. After years of waiting I finally have some space and don’t have to jam cars down the side of the shed. The KE15 is as I got it other than taking the tow bar off which got sent to Harry. and some series 1 RX7 wheels that actually really suit it (and hold air!) I also replaced the seats with a perfect set with headrests I got from Japan. The old ones going to Klayton only needed some small repairs, but I wanted headrests and ended up changing over at modest cost. Otherwise it has sat quietly under cover waiting for some love. Adam had some engines issues in that it started blowing a lot of smoke and struggling under power after running for a few minutes. I’m convinced it has a cracked piston. A quick compression check was even across 1, 2 and 4, but cylinder 3 has nothing. So work started on the weekend with pulling the engine. I’ll whip it out next weekend having disconnected everything yesterday. Planning to stroke it with a 3K crank. I went back to Adam’s original thread to see if he had comp tested it, and realised I bought the car 9 yrs ago! A bit longer than planned. Would of loved to meet the original owner. Went to extremes of screwing self tappers through the boot badges, and added extra bump strips down the flanks and under the guard badges. The body will need a bit of work but is extremely solid And issues are mainly cosmetic though there are a few areas of house paint doubtless hiding things. The bonnet will need a bit of work. Anyway, kids are old enough to amuse themselves, so plenty of time to work through all the spares I’ve built up
  10. On the look out for Pair of front seats and a Rear seat back. Just Melbourne thanks
  11. These are the sorts of one’s I’m talking about. Not my engines unfortunately
  12. Has anyone worked out a source or way of replicating the red moulded hoses used from brake reservoir to master cylinder, and for carb and PCV applications?
  13. Just like Dr Dog (that’s a dad joke for those who read to their kids) I’m in Madrid at a bone marrow transplant conference. Or I would be. Instead I’m doing it remotely over a live stream in chilly Melbs till 2am each night. Fascinating the ways covid has affected people around the world in just this one small area of medicine. Australia is well placed, but we really need to keep our borders closed till effective vaccination is available. And I mean closed closed. Please don’t see that as some sort of racist perspective because it isn’t. Interesting to see Frydenberg ranting on the news about the current grade 4 restrictions in greater Melb. Not sure what he expects Dan to do, but at least on this occasion Dan has got it right. He just has to hold his nerve. I know the advice he is getting is to hold, remains to be seen if he does as he didn’t follow the advice last time. Financially of course it’s a disaster on many levels
  14. I should add I’m in health, and we are kept fully informed of where we are up to, and Dave is right, misinformation is rife. I will tell you this is a very real, and very serious issue, and I have no wish to end up a statistic
  15. We can ‘eliminate’ it, but that refers to removing it from circulating in a specific area, then stop it being reintroduced. NZ have proved this, the question is how did it get back in there again. Of course this raises hard questions about economic impact, and my Teenage daughter getting upset she can’t go to parties and see her friends. Unfortunately this is the goal until such time as an effective vaccine is available, as only that will break the cycle. And that’s likely to be a good 9 mths away. It’s the same as polio, small pox etc. All virulent deadly diseases that killed millions and severely harmed others. But in our first world bubble, we forget these realities. In some areas of the world, vaccine preventable diseases continue to kill thousands.becaude of political/ideological resistance
  16. Sorry guys, but this is semantics. This is a highly virulent virus, which means that if you are exposed there is a high probability of infection. There are complex reasons why some people are severely affected, yet others may only be mildly affected. But that relatively unaffected person can easily pass it on to multiple other people who can also be variously affected. For example, the moron security guard I spoke to in the servo last night who doesn't need to wear a mask. You know what dumbass, yes you do. When this originally came out, I was not especially worried. Masks are essentially about minimising droplet spread into the air or onto hard surfaces that other people can then come into contact with. Back in March there was no presence of the virus out in the general community and therefore they were of no benefit. Kids could still go to school and people could largely do normal things. But since the virus entered the community from the overseas travellers quarantine farce, things are very different. Masks are very important to minimise spread. But continual hand washing, not touching your face after touching a potentially colonised surface, and by far - minimising contact with other people, is crucial. I am now very worried. Infection can result in a severe inflammatory response which leads to lung damage. If you already have existing lung damage or other health issues, your ability to cope with infection is highly compromised and risk of death or serious consequence of infection dramatically increases. The nursing home situation has come about from one person being infected via the security guard farce, taking it home to a family member who works in nursing homes. The casual nature of nursing home work means it was easily spread. Same story with abattoirs. If the virus gets out of control, thousands of people will die. Including people just like you and your family. Some people who survive will be left with prolonged serious consequences even after clearing the virus. We are seeing younger people being left with ongoing cognitive effects (i.e brain function problems), ongoing lung and heart damage. It's like the road toll. 300 people die from road accidents, but others not killed outright are left with long term injury concerns. Don't assume you will be OK just because you're not in a nursing home. Younger people die too. This is exactly why we need a government. Failures in government allowed it to escape into our community from quarantine failures. Success in government have so far limited the spread. Make no mistake, if we fail to restrict the virus, people like you will be at risk. Hard decisions are required to limit mobility of infected people and therefore the spread of infection; and lockdowns and curfews, along with stopping more infected people arriving from overseas is the only way to ELIMINATE the virus. Only by eliminating the virus can we ease the restrictions. Then we need to stop more infection being brought in. The eventual defeat of the virus will be effective vaccination, but it is unlikely we will have access to effective vaccination before May- June next year earliest. So we will need to maintain high levels of vigilance, and international travel restriction until at least then. India and Indonesia are a huge concern. Understand the problem, and deal with it. To have any prospect of returning to lower restrictions, we all need to do these simple things.
  17. Do you take him on occasionally (and get whupped by the look of him)? Looks a lot of fun
  18. Number one, you need to put a price. Number two, they will be illegal in Australia without ADR compliance. I wouldn't have these in my car if they were $20 each
  19. My thighs are sore just watching
  20. FREE driver side window to anyone who can use it. Pickup only obviously. Burwood 3125. I’ve also got the door frames driver and passenger which are no good to me
  21. You are very unlikely to find a better bonnet unfortunately. Best bet is to get it repaired. It's also missing the trim across the front of the bonnet which will be difficult to find. Be very careful if you are removing any of the plastic trim, it will be pretty fragile.
  22. It's always a good idea to query the postage cost with international sellers, especially if you are looking on ebay. You may find they can do it substantially cheaper as often postage is calculated by ebay automatically, and sellers are not aware of what postage costs come up in other countries.
  23. Congrats on your purchase, and welcome. Ideally your best bet is to try and find a parts car, but they are few and far between. If you need specific parts, it can be a long, hard and expensive process. Everyone wants grilles, bonnets, grille filler panels and front guards. As well as the plastic corner trims and tail light surrounds. interior stuff is a bit easier Put a list of what you need in the wanted to buy sub forum and see what turns up. Unfortunately a lot of it involves trawling various Facebook pages, gumtree, ebay and yahoo japan. Mechanicals are not to hard to find. Expect to be asked eye watering prices and go from there.
  24. As above Pickup Burwood 3125 $100
  25. I can tell you 100% that if you put a 4AGE in it, it requires engineering. Purely and simply because that chassis never came out in Australia with that engine in it.
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