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  1. I remember having the alt go on my old KE55 From memory I didn't replace it, I just got the brushes? rebuilt They took some guts out of a bluebird alt or some such Weren't there two alts on a 4K - a bosch one with an internal reg and a mitsubishi one with an external reg?
  2. As promised, here are the pics!
  3. Well after a 5 year hiatus, I'm back behind the wheel of a Corolla again. a 2007 ZRE152R Conquest sedan in shimmer. It's a beautiful car and even though it is 27 years newer than my last one, the Corolla 'DNA' is still there. Will post up some pics soon!
  4. in my spare time, i calculate it has been over 4 years since i owned a toyota and i lurk on rollaclub just to remember the good times and snigger at the people with five digit user ID's
  5. Two really good tool brands i've had success with over the years have been 'Drop Forged' and 'Chrome Vanadium'. Sorry, i had to do it. Personally, i'm a big Kincrome lover. (no g, no h).
  6. yeah thats my memory too colonel. extra holes for KE55 CS, otherwise the pov pack short bumpers were the same the only other thing would be any liquorice strips on the side that would be different
  7. i bought my manual corolla whilst i only had an auto licence. best move i ever made, forced me to learn the manual and get my manual licence.
  8. if you're in QLD then i'd say no thinner than 15w40, possibly 20w50 for that added bit of protection.
  9. yeah a 3-speed auto trans won't help. but do a full service on it: oil, oil filter, air fiter, fuel filter, plugs, perhaps leads, points and get it tuned. should make a huge difference. but at the end of the day it's a 1.3L, quarter of a century old carby fed 4cyl, its going to be slow by nature.
  10. Name: My name or the car's name? I used to call it little champ Car: Well i sold it over two years ago, but here it is anyway. October 1980 KE55 Toyota Corolla Sedan Motor & Driveline: 4K-C replaced with a 4K. Reco'd 5-Speed Stock Manual. Suspension & Brakes: Yes. I believe there was. Umm, leaf springs. Oh the axle tramp. Wheels & Tyres: Stock 13" Steelies with Chrome trims, polished every fortnight with an old singlet Interior: Usually pretty clean, but not always. Body: Straight, repainted May 2006. 'Devil Yellow' - A new-gen Holden Monaro colour. Got it off the table for $50 at Protec in Geebung lol, painted it in a paddock. Cut all the rust out and filled it with plate and bog. Other: It was a good car. I was the 5th owner. Still had the original owner's manual and sales brocure in the glovebox with price written on it. And cost of the 4-speed to 5-speed upgrade, it was $135 if i remeber correctly. Has a few special features, like a kill switch, floor mounted high beam switch (like an old holden) a head unit and tempramental 6-stack CD Player out of a VQ Statesman. I owned it from June 2004 to July 2006 and put 24,000 klms on it. No matter what i did, it seemed to never change from doing 11.2L/100klms, which used to frustrate me no end. I probably should have overhauled the carby. The speedo is always out by 10ks, it over-reads. ie, if you're doing 60, it says you're doing 70. For some reason it really liked a new set of spark plugs every oil change. I used to run 25W60 oil in it to stop the rattle at startup in winter. Headlights were pitiful. Whilst owning it i replaced brake master cylinder, water pump, clutch and accellerator cables, drivers seat (the base snapped - i'm only 70kg!) and a steel fuel line. Used to ping if you tuned it perfectly, you just needed to retard the timing a few degrees. *Put pictures here*
  11. hi there zoidburg i believe the ke55 and ke70 both came out with a 5-speed option from the factory. you should be able to source a 5-speed box (i think its known as a k50?) for relatively cheap from a wreckers or from a forum member here.
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