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  1. Hey, chasing ke70 manual tailshaft, clutch cable, possibly pedal box and clutch plate that goes on firewall. Also plastic for steering surround. So far thats what i know. In bris/ippy will travel. Thanks
  2. Heres the sheet, still curious to driving characteristics
  3. Gday, finally starting to get sorted and pulled my finger out. Have a 5k bored 40thou. All balanced and lightened. Running flattop pistons machined to 11.6:1 CR. Top end is ported with o/s valves and double valve springs. Have flowtest and info, flows intake 139cfm at 550". Intake is twin 40mm dcoe I have had a cam built and i dialed it in the other day and found it was a little out so had it checked and is 498" lift @305° duration. Now i understand this will be a sizeable cam but its only a sunday driver, cam builder is well known and has built it to suit all info. I'm going to put it in, but curious to see if anyone is running similar size and driving characteristics??? Been told its pretty well a drag cam....
  4. This is my head, still yet to be finished and running
  5. Valve size I can't remember. I bought the head already built and then sunk a heap of more money into it. Will chase emails and measure for you. I remember they were at least 1mm o/s
  6. Be interested to hear compression ratios and what valve springs your all running
  7. Loving the progress mate keep up the good work
  8. I think it's gh sigma lcas are wider than the xt130/kexx lcas. Ball joint can be modified to suit
  9. Take each spark plug out, one at a time. Put it in its spark plug boot and sit it close to the engine block crank the motor. and get it to arc. You will see the little spark, might help if it's darker or shaded. Next when your confident that all your spark plugs are working, Dissy is firing on all 4 report back
  10. Legends. Thanks for the help, yeah curious about the way it switched with the one wire, I'm gonna look at putting one of the radiator hose adaptors for temp gauge and factory sender swapped out for that ae82 thermo switch. Ill see how she goes. Good onya lads
  11. Hey guys i have a thermo fan to setup on my corolla and have a thermatic switch i grabbed from an ae82 i think its on at 90 off 85, can't remember. Any ways looking for ideas on how to wire it into the car. I have found a few ideas and some must run 2 wires. This one only has a spade terminal. This is a pic i found on the net, an i on the right track?? Or is there ways to simplify it? Cheers
  12. Ive used one identical to that chinese one. It had a heater and ultrasonic, seemed alright but wanted the vibration to be more aggressive. I tried to clean up 40mm webers in it with about 70° water and i can't remember the % of tartaric acid. Cleaned up well and left a lot of dirt and varnish in the water but still required longer. I guess a few days and youd be laughing. If its cheap enough should pay for itself
  13. Hey guys thanks for the responses, yep it was missing an eclip on the bottom part of the cable. Pulled it thru the bellhousing and put the clip on, hooked up clutch pedal and all good. Thanks all
  14. Hey dudes trying to getvmy corolla moving and need some help with the clutch cable. I have one that I'm sure i used years ago, i fed it from the back of the box up into the firewall, clipped it on the clutch pedal, went underneath and clipped it on to the clutch fork. Now i have about 3" of slack at the rubber stopper at the firewall. Cable seems loose at the fork end, slides into the box but thats it, i don't have the spring on the fork at the moment but its not moving much either. May have had a brain fart and put the box in without the throwout but the fork seems firm and no slop. Theres no way to feed the cable from the front back as the cable wont separate at the clutch end. I'm at my wits end and the next step is to pull out the box and check throwout. Is there anything else i should be looking for???? Thanks in advance
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