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  1. You guys know that u can get gaskets made these day
  2. Go buy a 3kb inlet gasket and it will be a good stencil for porting
  3. The valve seats were cut using a 5 angle cutter The valves are 1mm oversize for intake and exhaust Can remember the throat size I havent real got stuck into it but i pulls hard throught the rev range
  4. U will have to space up the rocker gear U have to find valve spring to suit i used holden blue 202 And datsan a12 pushrods That is what i have done
  5. Here is the head off my 5k Ported runners Cleanned up chambers Recut the valve seat to suit A15 valves A12 pushrods 4k adjustable rocker gear Blue holden 202 6cly springs
  6. If you read my 5k build post it tell everything i did I didnt take much off the 3kb head as I'm running a zero deck height and machined the 0 dish pistons down to a near flat top
  7. I have used a15 valves In my 5k you need to use blue 202 valve springs datsan colets and a12 pushrods and 3k adjustable rocker gear and you have to make 3mm spacer to space up the rocker gear You have to get the seat recut to suit the valves and porting the head will also help with flow You have to trim the rocker gear adjustment screw
  8. I'm running a 265 269 104 cam custom grind Running a 32/36 webber 10.6.1 comp Electronic disturtor
  9. U can run any k head on a 7k block as the only difference is the 3 outer bolt holes which u can get put on But you have to work out yoir compression ratios
  10. 5k engine build 5k hydraulic camshaft 269 exhaust 265 inlet 104 lobe center 10.6 comp New rod eye bushes Resized rods Zero deck height Bore and hone Line hone Rollmaster double chain adjustable gear set Crankshaft Reground 10/10 Balanced rods pistons crank flywheel clutch 20tho pistons Camshaft bearings NDC oversized bearings Pistons flycut 4tho Ported 3kb head Machined spring seat wider Match ported 3kb manifold Weber adaptor welded onto manifold and shaped New electric choke 32/36 webber 7k valve guides and seals 5 angle valve seat cut A15/14 valves A12 pushrods Blue 202 valve springs 350 chev anti pump up hydraulic lifters 3k adjustable rocker gear Rocker gear shims Recurved 5k Electronic dizzy MSD spark plug leads V8 coil
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