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  1. Sold 4x used Yokohama A048, 205/60r13 Tyres only, no rims included. Located Sunbury 3429 $250
  2. megamannz123

    Sigma LCA’s $100

    Sigma lower control arms, used. $100
  3. megamannz123

    4x 225/45r13 Toyo Proxes

    I have four Toyo Proxes for sale. 225/45r13, Two are in good condition with about 75-80% tread, the other two are basically done but might be useful if you want them. Located Sunbury Vic, 3429 $200
  4. megamannz123

    13x8 4x114.3 Rims

    Hi all, I'm looking for some 13x8" 4x114.3 anything out there?
  5. megamannz123

    KE20 Fibreglass?

    Hi all, does anyone have fibreglass bonnet, boot, guards or bumpers available? Or know where to source them?
  6. Has anyone come across a pulley from another vehicle that fits the 20v water pump? something larger to reduce the pump speed. Cheers
  7. megamannz123

    20V mid timing belt cover

    Hi all, I'm looking for the middle timing belt cover for a 20v 4AGE, I assume the silver and black top are the same? Cheers
  8. megamannz123

    Sold 3K engine and carb

  9. megamannz123

    Sold 3K engine and carb

    Hi all, I have a 3K engine and carb if anyone wants it, missing the cam and rocker assembly, but could be useful to someone. $50?
  10. megamannz123

    K series button clutch $300

    New. Clutch Industries (made in AUS) Button clutch for K series. No longer needed as bought as a spare. Heavy duty pressure plate 20% over STD. Sprung ceramic clutch plate takes some of the harshness out of shifts compared to a solid ceramic plate but can also handle far more power than a normal clutch plate, very little slippage. Similar to the Exedy TYK-6036HDB which sells for about $400 Perfect for racing, or modified road car. $300
  11. megamannz123

    SOLD SC14 Supercharger

    Hi all, SC14 Supercharger for sale, not going to use it as I have bought a different vehicle. Was taken off a running vehicle. offers, $450?
  12. megamannz123

    2009 WRX

    Hi all, Selling my 2009 WRX as we have no need for the vehicle. Optioned with leather interior and sunroof, WR Blue, 139km, full Subaru dealer log book service history, cam belt done, climate control, cruise control, stability control etc. Excellent condition unmodified vehicle. RWC asking $14000 on Carsales but I'm open to reasonable offers, cheapest 2009 WRX in Vic. Cheers
  13. megamannz123

    KE25 wanted

    Sent you a message mate.
  14. megamannz123

    Decent trolley jack?

    I ended up with this one, on sale at super cheap at the moment, seems to be good quality.
  15. is it possible to fit the head gasket backwards? not familiar with the engine but can be done on others and causes issues. Just a thought.